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Put your money where your Lexus is!

I first wrote about the Blogswana project back in April. In their “About” page the project is described as

Blogswana is a one-year pilot project. Our plan is to work with a group of about 20 college students from one of the major universities in Botswana, and provide them with blogging and journalism expertise and guidance. They must commit to a year of “blogging for others.” Each student participant will start one blog for themselves and another for their “partner” (the person for whom they will blog). Each partner will be one of the many people in Botswana who has been affected in some way by the AIDS virus.

Curt Hopkins of the Committee to Protect Bloggers and partner of Zimbabwe Group Blog Project “Enough is Enough” had hoped to raise some funds for the project from some key players in the blogosphere and Web2 scene. But as “tech gossip blog” ValleyWag points out and OUTS those that didnt come up with the goodies – it has been a case of put your money where your Lexus is rather than put your money where it is needed.

Chris Anderson (Wired)
Ted Leonsis (AOL)
Steve Johnson (Ookles, Feedster)
Craig Newmark (Craigslist)
Craig Mundie (Microsoft)
Esther Dyson (I have no idea)
Joi Ito (goes to lots of Blogger conferences, other than that…visits diaper hookers in Kabukicho?)
Michael Arrington (Techcrunch)
Steve Wozniak (Apple)
Tim O’Reilly (O’Reilly Media)
Kevin Kelly (Wired)
Jason Calacanis (Weblogsinc/AOL)
Nick Denton (Gawker)
James Hong (Hot or Not)
Max Levchin (Slide, Paypal)

actually [they] are not really rich people (not by any standard) and you may find some of them sponsor Ugandan, Indian and Bolivian babies and go to church and bake cookies for charity AND some even claim to have a social conscience EVEN when they dont have two dimes to rub together. Well if you are not in bleeding heart land by now, crying your eyes out and snuffling all over the bloody place YOU SHOULD BE – cause these people are the Lexus of the earth – people that live on the cutting edge of technoland, the driving force behind social computing blah blah blah………..