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Migration management

Nigeria! What’s New left this link to a photo essay on a comment to the “Gold Diggers of the Sahara” poem. I wrote

“this is a lament – a dedication to those men and women who spend their lives toiling for little or nothing – for all those that walk the desert and foreign lands in search of the means to support their families – exiles from their lands – young men and young women.”

The photo essay is testimony to these people. A couple of weeks ago a local Granada paper had a story on a Spanish NGO that was opening a school in Senegal for 800 students. 50% women and 50 young men to educate them but more specifically to train them in the hope that they will find jobs at home and not be compelled to make the journey to Europe. There are millions of young people presently trying to migrate to the North – this new policy would have to replicated hundreds of times in countries throughout West, North and East Africa as well as S E Asia, the Middle East and beyond. The school is a positive step but the reality is it is a bag of flour amongst a million people and where are the jobs once these young people are trained?

The EU is planning and funding a series of transit camps across the continent and North Africa (from Ukraine to Libya) as part of a holistic “system of control” along with the Schengen agreement, the closing of the two Spanish enclaves in Morocco, Ceuta and Melilla, that will effectively “barbed wire” Europe. The contradiction is that many European countries such as Britain and Spain are in desperate need of increased migration due to falling birthrates and emmigration of their own indigenous citizens. There are some 4 million Spanish working abroad and only 2 million foreigners in Spain. The way around the need for migrant labour – professional, skilled and unskilled – is to dress wanted and therefore “legal” immigration in terms of economics and meeting temporary needs, whilst using asylum seekers and refugees as a way of rejecting “illegal” migration on ethnic and nationalistic grounds.

In terms of legal rights and status, migrants can be divided into three groups: the educated elite and experts, who are subject to very few restrictions and social disadvantages; the mass of migrants who usuallly seek seasonal work, whose rights are severely restricted and whose situation is characterised by poor working conditions, high unemployment, and poor living conditions; and “illegal aliens” who are needed on the labour marked, but are politically excluded and have no rights whatsoever”.

The irony is that only 30 years ago thousands of seasonal Spanish migrants especially from Andalucia spent their summers in working in northern Europe, in Germany and France mainly picking fruit but also working on building sites and as casual labourers – just like the Moroccans and West Africans are doing in Spain today – the same jobs but in those days the borders were open and movement between countries was not controlled and of course skin colour was not an issue.


  1. In the meanwhile, however, Shell, NAA, Chevron, Exxon, GM, Coke and many more sponsors another “lets rape Africa” summit, scheduled for Abuja from July 17 to 20. Former President of the United States of America, “Randy Bill” Clinton, President of the World Bank, Dr Paul Wolfowitz and 15 presidents and heads of government are among dignitaries who have confirmed their participation at the Sullivan Summit.

    “Continent of Opportunities” or “rape of a people”. It is billed to facilitate communication between participating investors, African governments and corporate leaders in strategic area representing oil and gas, energy, telecommunication and agricultural sectors. Sorry boys, China has been here and gone!

    Who is interested in stopping these few from stealing our wealth and stashing it in “the West”? The West should refuse to see any African leader (including the presidents, governors etc) for 24months until they have shown measurable benefits to their citizens in terms of basic infrastructures like schools, universities, roads, basic medical care, water, public transport, security, and life and power generation.

    Migration management will work when there is a two-way traffic, our people (life) will always find a way out of poverty, despair and disease.

  2. Migration management that is based on skin colour is prejudiced. The migration of people is a natural process. People move to simply satisfy a need (either theirs or that of their host). Artificially stopping it by building schools or holding places doesn’t address the problem. Assuming migration IS a problem.

  3. The Spanish, Portugese, Italians, Poles, Hungarians, Czechs, Russians, Turks, Croats, Bosinians, Serbs, etc. are still here in Germany doing jobs that the Germans once wouldn’t do and still refuse to do. Can’t get rid of them (immigrants) either which makes a lot of people here totally upset.

    Of course, with an unemployment rate averaging between 9.5-11.5% for the past decade or so and a birthrate hovering around ZERO, the Germans are in a real bind with this immigration controversey (issues). I mean, who’s gonna pay (via assorted taxes) for the Germans’ retirements when more than half the population will be over 55 years old within the next few decades?

    I just love watching this from an American point-of-view, since the Europeans have always pretended to be so advanced in their cultures and social politics in comparison to the U.S.A. Now they just look very screwed up. Of course, watching 10’s of thousands of Africans (North and sub-Saharan) risk and lose their lives trying to reach Europa in shoddy boats and suffocating cargo containers is no laughing matter, is it?

    Then you have the huge number of very desperate people trying to migrate to Western Europe from Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and parts of Asia. Are they building any “holding areas” for potential illegal immigrants over in those countries? I doubt it even though it may appear in the EU plans.

    Looks like a clear-cut case of selective immigration to me. I wonder who is going to be “selected” by the Europeans in the long run, the educated elites or the downtrodden masses?

    P.S. The H.L. Sullivan Foundation is the organizer of the 2006 Sullivan Summit taking place in Abuja, Nigeria this month. Andrew Young (U.S. civil rights leader and former head of the SCLC with Dr. Martin Luther King, former mayor of Atlanta, GA., former U.S. Ambassador, etc.) along with the daughter of the late Reverend L.H. Sullivan are in charge of organizing and running this yearly trans-Atlantic business summit for Africa.

    I don’t think that either of these leading African-American figures are into “raping and robbing” Africa, but heh, I could be wrong. Your readers can read all about the Sullivan Summit here:

    Now the PR China in Africa, that’s a whole ‘nother bowl of Chop Suey.

  4. Comment by post author


    BRE – Andrew Young? His real self was exposed recently over at Black Commentator: – Andy Young, The Shameless Son

    Also see my post: Loads of $$$$ in which i comment on this article:

  5. The Aspen, Bill Clinton, Sullivan and many more Foundations, now add Arthur Anderson. This is a basket of failures. Management consultants and international advisers have for many decades helped African leaders grapple with their acquired power. Who are these shameless consultants? “Nigeria is a country that does not work, Schools, universities, roads, hospitals, water, the economy, security, life.” lamented Chinua Achebe. Yet these consultants continue to milk the situation. “I don’t think that either of these leading African-American figures are into “raping and robbing” Africa, but heh, I could be wrong.” Oh yes, you ARE wrong.

  6. Ooops! I hadn’t seen that article about Andrew Young over at the Black Commentator website. Maybe we should all look at the L.H. Sullivan Summit in Abuja, Nigeria a bit more critically?

    Another African-American icon bites the dust. First O.J., then Michael Jackson, and now this. What’s the world coming to?

    P.S. I thought that the financial consulting firm Arthur Anderson bit the dust during the Enron scandal… or at least they changed the corporate name of what was leftover after the breakup of the firm.

  7. Nice Topic… this was a great Idea that what went wrong with the immigrants…my contention is with the illegal immigrant… that is eating our labor market