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Bag woman


As well as “Moving On” I have been Moving UP – into a new apartment – one with a view – of roof tops that is. This is 1/3 my “load” of plastic bags – some are already unpacked, some stored away with “just in case” stuff. What would we do without thiese bags? I know what they are called in Nigeria but I wonder what Ghanaians or Kenyans calll them? Have you ever carried one on a plane? How many do you have in your house/apartment right now?

PS: FootballTo the English fans: the aim of the game is to put the ball into the opposite goal NOT to stamp on the balls of opposite players –



  1. hehehe, you also have one of those bags..i have two huge ones for laundry, i like how big they are, i have no idea what their called, laundry bag? thought about you yesterday while france kicked brasil’s ass.. sweet!

  2. “Ghana must go” is what they were called during the various refugee expulsions that Ghana and Nigeria engaged in during the 1970s…

    They came back in fashion during the Rawlings Chain lean years in the 1980s but were then simply called “refugee bags”.

  3. Ms K

    Wow, that is a LOT of those bags!! I don’t know what they’re called in Kenya (and in fact haven’t seen one in a while!) but in Ghana they’re called Ghana bag. LOL I always thought it was because they’re made there.

  4. Clair

    I know what this is called in English..this are called ‘Hey Sokari thats a LOT of bags!’

  5. I don’t have one of those bags, and it’s leaving me feeling a lil un-Nigerian.. I must go and find one lol.
    You look soo organised nice one Sokari and the new place sounds gorgeous.. I can imagine you putting a mat on the floor and just chilling in the evenings.

    Be well

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    Koranteng: Yes I know in Nigeria they are called “Ghana must go” or plain “Ghana” for short but thought the Ghanaians might have some other name – but refugee makes sense.

    Clair /Ms K – Yes there are a lot of bags:) the new place is great – so much space for so many bags –
    Soul – we decided not to get any chairs and just have long mat type cushions which is nice and cool. btw – its not me that is the organised one!

  7. Wow!, quite a lot of bags, Sokari!! I make a conscious choice not to call those bags — Ghana must …. I hazily remember the events that surrounded the deportation of Ghanaians from Nigeria, and without knowing all the facts; it is something that some of my Ghanaian friends still hold against Nigeria.

    The bags are now so popular here in the UK. I even saw them used in a recent episode of Eastenders. Yes, I do watch Eastenders.

    “To the English fans: the aim of the game is to put the ball into the opposite goal NOT to stamp on the balls of opposite players” – TELL THEM!!1

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    Aba Boy – that is why I wrote “I know what they are called in Nigeria” to avoid the horrible “Ghana must……..” name. Its also why I wondered what Ghanaians call them “Nigeria drove us out”?

  9. best wishes with the move”s”.

  10. Here in Trinidad I’ve heard those bags called “Guyanese Samsonite”….

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    Georgia – almost if not as bad as “Ghana must go”. Seems the names of these bags are used to insult other nationalities as well as to pack up one’s “load”!!

  12. Rosie

    I have seven right now. Geez…it’s a must have for any African, ya know…

  13. I know there is connection between women and handbags; however, I didn’t realize the connection extend to this type of bag. Wetin you carry Sokari?

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    ma load! tings – stuffs – clot….

  15. hahahaha…you this woman. These pics are too funny!