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Out of Africa: 3

Island of Spice posts an indepth interview with Black American environmentalist, Leslie Fields who is involved with “Indigenous Environmental Network” and the “National Black Environmental Justice Network”.

An international attorney who takes on the likes of Shell Oil and powerful government interests on behalf of unknown, powerless people. Yet throughout her career, Fields has found herself tirelessly admonishing, cajoling, exhorting and otherwise influencing an extraordinary array of ambassadors, cabinet ministers, senators and congressmen, CEOs, community leaders and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) on environmental issues.

Republic of T
– on how children learn homophobia

And that was it. If kids learn homophobia as early as three, my experience suggests they learn it from their parents. If the parents are cool with it, so will the kids be.

What’s strange to me is that there would probably be an outcry if a program like the one in the UK was proposed here. Because the reality is that gay people have kids, even moreso now that in years before. Kids are going to learn about same-sex relationships anyway, because they’ll live next door to and go to school with our kids, and we’ll be active parts of our kids lives as parents.

Basically, it boils down to this. We exist. We aren’t going away and we’ aren’t going to be invisible. Kids can’t help but see that. What they learn about it, and how they treat us and our families as a result, depends largely on what they’re taught. If you ask me, teaching hate to a child that young constitutes abuse; or it ought to.

Pam’s House Blend
on the burden of “acting white”

This NYT article by Paul Tough is absurd; it postulates that the phenomenon of black kids experiencing grief (claiming one is “acting white”) for excelling academically by their underscoring peers is a myth. It’s no f*cking myth — I’ve experienced it first-hand.. Read this crap, and then my personal encounter with the phenomenon…

OUP Blog (Oxford University Press) publishes an essay by Charlayne Hunter-Gault “Changing the Rules in Africa” which discusses African Americans and their knowledge of Africa.

Despite their diversity and pre-existing connection to Africa, however, my dialogue with Americans on Africa has only confirmed my suspicions, not to mention my motivation for writing New News out of Africa. Many people say that they want to visit Africa for the adventure, for some of world’s greatest natural wonders, and because it is the last best place to see animals not in a zoo. Many tell me they are making plans to go there, especially to South Africa, whose struggle against apartheid engaged so many of them. Then, in the next breath, they express concern about the reports of crime they’ve heard. One caller shared with me the report his son came back with that “everyone” in South Africa carries a gun, which was news to me, a Johannesburg resident of almost ten years. Very few Americans, even those with close emotional, spiritual, or historical ties to Africa, know about the new developments on the continent that hold out the promise of an African Renaissance.

Dropping Knowledge
on questions and answers on hostilities between Hezbollah and Israel published by Human Rights Watch

From this war nothing good will come – not for Israel, not for Lebanon and not for Palestine. The “New Middle East” that will be its result will be a worse place to live in.”

The 16th International Aids conference is taking place in Toronto from 11th-18th August. Lives in Focus is an Indian blog that presents the stories of “those who are rarely given space or time in traditional news media”.

The current effort focuses on the Impact of India’s New Patent Law on the Treatment of the Country’s HIV+ Population. We document the lives of families struggling to buy anti-retro viral drugs to keep a family member healthy; the challenges that stigmatized AIDS patients face in trying to earn enough money to buy the lifesaving treatment.

Raising Yusuf publishes photos from Rafah Crossing into Gaza.

Direct from Fida, who recently was able to make it into Gaza, shortly before the border was re-sealed.

News Dissector Blog has a critical review of the mainstream media reporting on the Israeli / Lebanon war.