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Zimbabwean civil action group, Sokwanele have not posted on their website or blog This is Zimbabwe since June 6th and are not responding to emails. Their absence is worrying as only recently Mugabe’s government (see RSF report) is in the process of enacting the “The Interception of Communications Bill”

The Bill will include the monitoring of email and there is no doubt in my mind that the government will seek ways to block internet usage and particularly blogs from operating within the country. In truth the Bill is simply another tool for the government to continue its repression of the people of Zimbabwe and places Zimbabwean bloggers at an increased risk to their personal safety.

If anyone knows what is happening please contact either this blog, Blogswana or Enough is Enough.

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  1. Thanks for this info. I have some friends here in the US who are Zimbabwean, but their families are all in Harare. I will see if they know anything. Their seems to be a deafening silence amongst African-American Left who supported Mugabe, but either flat out deny that what he is committing acts of violence against the Zimbabwean people, or they don’t know how to respond.