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Out of Africa, well almost: 4

I normally write this on a Sunday but am away so it’s early and long as I get carried away.

The dilemmas of blogging – serious or not to be serious? Well a bit of both. It’s been a tough few weeks so am turning to the big story this weekend. “When Saturday Comes”. The season started on a positive note with Liverpool beating the West London Chip Eaters (hoping they all choke in the first couple of weeks); The Rashley Cole saga continues and Reyes – well who would want Reyes? This is a blog roundup so enough of that. Those of you who are Arsenal fans probably already know

The Arse Blog – newly relaunched in WordPress and apparently the 6th most popular blog in England – definately the best Arsenal blog – though he gets carried away with the usual footy 4-letter-words one of which is particularly offensive to me – cunt – that is such a vile horrible word.

The Global Game
has some alternative World Cup awards such as the “Best shoe award”; “Best use of Flash animation in depicting immigrant football cultures”; “Most embarrassing perpetuation of hooliganism stereotype in the guise of irony-laced witticisms” and loads more.

Byron Crawford reports that the US Homeland Security is considering – “Arab only Airlines”

Tell the truth – would you want to fly in a plane or even get in a car with this guy? Is that an EVIL face or what – the face of terror and nightmares?

Of course, some French types – none of whom, I’m sure, would actually like to ride on a plane full of Arabs – go on to suggest that this would be a constitutional issue. But I like how they conveniently seem to forget that the government can already kidnap Arabs and lock them in Gitmo for no other reason than the fact that they’re Arab. Here, all we’re asking is that they all ride on a plane together.

Pro Blogger has a moan about people stealing other people’s content and lists some of the “you wont believe it” excuses

1. “I was just testing a new template with your posts.” (all 100 of them)
2. “I just couldn’t resist – it was too tempting.”
3. “We just installed a new plugin that promised to give us new content without lifting a finger, I didn’t realize it was using other people’s content.”
4. “Sorry, my Son was playing with my blog and did it without me knowing.”
5. “Oh, I didn’t see any Copyright notices.” (he was republishing my RSS feed and in doing so was republishing my copyright notice on every post too).
6. “I was just doing it to see how long it would take you to realize I was doing it.”
7. “Sorry, but can you tell me whose site you’re scraping your content off?”
8. “But I just don’t have enough time to write my own content for all 279 blogs that I run!”

Rachels’s Tavern
reports on yet another Hollywood “whitewash”. Remember the Brangelina story from a few weeks ago on Jolie playing a Black woman (apparently someone got to Hollywood and there are now questions whether she will actually play the part). Well it seems she is not the only one trying to tell BIG FAT LIES. Oliver Stone has a movie on 9/11 duh duh duh – anyway he changed the race of one of the characters to read WHITE instead of BLACK.

More on the “Into Africa” Hollywood gagging theme over at Hysterical Blackness – Madonna obviously feeling a bit left out with all the Brangelina / Namibia hype has joined in the “Let’s go African”

“Madonna has been riffing on crucifix imagery for two decades. What hauls the entire tableau vivant into the present are the images flickering behind her on screens: close-ups of African children, staring with mournful eyes, superimposed over crackling flames and a running ticker, which tallies at 12 million the number of children orphaned by AIDS in Africa.”>Madonna has been riffing on crucifix imagery for two decades. What hauls the entire tableau vivant into the present are the images flickering behind her on screens: close-ups of African children, staring with mournful eyes, superimposed over crackling flames and a running ticker, which tallies at 12 million the number of children orphaned by AIDS in Africa.

That Madonna should suddenly be casting an ice-blue eye toward Africa should hardly be surprising. After all, she has always known how to spot a trend. […]

Jaywalks – Blasphemous Madonna on the Cross


Black Feminism comments on “blogging misconceptions” saying she is not gay and has come out of the closet as a straight woman

You see, I do/did a lot of blogging about gender, sexuality and orientation. Plus, I’m an afro-wearing feminist who supports gay marriage and believes black gay people are still black. And I talk about Sweetie, rather than My Boyfriend (although I think I referred to Sweetie as a ‘he’). And someone, somewhere along the way saw a blog post and thought that I was gay. Or bi. Or perhaps closeted. Or something.

I’m sort of okay with that. And I’m sort of not.

One of my favourate bloggers, Jay Sennett on Homofactus Press (who also blogs at Jaywalks) is the editor of a new book called “Self-Organising Men” – which is free to bloggers BUT 1% of profits are being allocated towards the legal fund of Juliet Victor Mukasa.

For Self-Organizing Men, we will be donating one percent of our profits to the legal fund for Victor Julie Mukasa. Victor Julie is a Ugandan lesbian and human-rights activist currently in hiding in Uganda under the auspices of Amnesty International as she fights attempts by authorities to jail her illegally for being a lesbian. Please stay tuned to this blog and Homofactus Press for more information on Victor Julie’s case and how donations are going.

Nappy Diatribe on BEING BLACK – what is it? ok great post except for all the ‘bitches’ this and ‘bitches’ that maybe that is how Americannnnnnnnnnes speak, I dunno but its like cunt – but then I find there are a lot of two legged dogs that cunt and bitch all over the place – no matter because we are all FREEEEEE and must talk how we want to talk.. …… back to the story …………..

“What is being black to you two bitches? Broken English, some exaggerated walk, being able to do that dreaded chicken soup dance?? That’s not being black!! Let me ask you, how many kids to you too ladies have?? Woman 1:Five Woman 2:Six I continued, “Ok, treating your vagina like a clown-car, is that “being black”?? No. Your colloquialism, the way in which you speak, does that make you black?? I mean, Arthur Ashe might have spoken “white” to you, but he was a million times “more blacker” than most of the substandard Hip Hop artists that you listen to based on his activism.” That’s when one of them asked me, “Ok HumanityCritic, what are you into now??” as if to imply that there was a possibly that I had changed from that “whiteboy” that they once knew in the early 90’s. I said, “Ok, even though you two broads have a warped sense of what being black is, let me hip you to some of the things that I’m into. I’m doing this to enlighten the both of you, and since I haven’t had a decent piece of ass since the first Clinton Administration I still want to, simply, fuck..”

Black people are really into that -“oh you’re white’ crap because you happen to like classical music or ride a horse – like you cannot be black unless you dumb yourself down and act like a first class lob sided fool with medallions of gold hanging round your neck…….

My godson KL, sent me this (Banksy) “If you want an audience start a fight” – not sure if it is a blog or what but he sent it to me and he is a good kid so here it is.


And nearly finally the 2006 Black Weblog Awards


We woke up this morning to an inbox of complaints, carps and curse-outs about the finalist list. 21 categories and 63 finalists. There’s some overlap there between categories, which is cool, but…well…these are a few of the e-mails we’ve received.

“You guys have lost any credibility you might have even had.”

“Who the fuck is [insert finalist name here]. I never herd [sic] of them before.”

“You and these awards are a gotdamn joke.”

“I really don’t think people shold [sic] vote for me in [insert blog category here].”

“Can’t yall [sic] put [insert blog here] instead of [insert finalist name here]. that makes more since. [sic]”

We have blogs denouncing their nominations, others asking their reader base not to vote for them (although their fan base voted for them–now what does that say?), and others calling the Awards just straight up bullshit. It’s always good to know that hard work goes unappreciated, or–
even worse–for naught. Then again, we received this same treatment last year when the winners were announced. Quel suprise.

Now we know how the people behind American Idol feel: the people vote (or don’t vote), and then get pissed at the results that they seeded.

Of course, you can’t please all of the people all of the time. Or in this case, even some of the time. So you’ll excuse us if we just look the other way until voting closes on the 31st. Vote if you like. Or don’t vote if you like. We’ll have some winners and we’ll have some losers. Prizes will be awarded. Others will bitch and moan. Then we’ll all have cake and punch and go home.

There you go, there is just no pleasing everybody – Three African bloggers are included in the nominees and since everyone who is ever nominated makes a song and dance about it, I am going to be a sheep and SING AND DANCE ABOUT BEING NOMINATED also: They are Black Looks – thats THIS BLOG by the way, Soul on Ice A GREAT BLOG that just gets better and better…. take that how you like (International Blog) and Kenya Unlimited (Community Blog) which deserves to win for all the hard work and the community that has been created by this group of bloggers.

Ok am going to round up with Obi as the “almost” in “out of Africa” cause I really like his blog which is so bloody refreshing and innovative.

On Damilola Taylor
– the 10 year old Nigerian kid that was stabbed to death on the stairwell of his council block on 27th November 2000……………..LIFE ON THE MARGINS OF BABYLON – SOME GET CAUGHT – SOME ARE STRONGER AND LUCKY AND ESCAPE. I brought up 3 kids on my own – latch key kids who were totally incapable of behaving civily to each other. They get home at 3/4, I get home at 4/5 with even more work to do from work and home – aint got no time to deal with “issues” – just cook, homework, my work – panic when one is sick and have to stay off work, out late on a Saturday night and feel like crap on a Sunday morning, got to get the ironing done, cook for the week, play, kids fight, make a noise, chaos blah blah blah – not sure how but somehow (fortuantely never had to live on a council estate so am sure was a great help) everything worked out OK and more. Racism at school from teachers trying to put your kid down because smart know it all black kids arent allowed or your kids is acting like a right royal fool but you still have to go in there and be the MUM “my johnny wouldnt do that” then box his ears on the way out! Police accusing you of stealing your own bike or a can of coke and some nutter trying to strangle your kid because he thinks they were laughing at him – There were battles to be faught but my kids were lucky (bring out the horns) they had a mother who knew the deal and wasnt afraid. Seriously though in retrospect it could have been a disaster and for many it is – many of my kids friends ended up in Feltham and later prison, petty criminals, handbag snatchers (how low can you get?), junkies, babies at 15. Your kids get harassed by the police cause they are black kids and we all know black kids are DANGEROUS so if you are the police and you see one you stop them or if you are an elderly lady you cross the street……… yes I give thanks and praises to all of us for that. People do what they do. Obi explains and nothing has changed ……….

It’s easy to say watch out for your youth but the reality is different. People holding down two jobs to make ends meet means the kids gotta grow up quickly and cater for themselves. Too quickly. School finishes at 3pm, Mum and Dad (no papi in most cases) gets home at 7pm. So four hours to kill so the kids have to find something to amuse themselves. The streets. You have to become street sharp fast, adopt a mean mug, get all colors and sorts of hoodies. The streets start catering for the kids and soon strange behaviours start to manifest. I’ve seen kids as young as nine smoking weed. I’ve seen mugs getting mugged. You dare not say anything cos in a flash you’ve got like ten of them arguing with you. dangerous situtation. My wife summed it up nicely yesterday when we were chatting about it. The council estates consume you. From piss in the elevators to mad people and drunks living on the 10th floor you get sucked in. You start to think like them. With all the madness around you silence becomes golden. You see people getting chiefed you say nada. You see mothers throwing out nappies and diapers from the 5th floor you say nothing. You have some neighbour playing loud music at 3am in the morning you say nothing. You get asked by a potential employer where you live you say nothing. You see the Feds (police, po-po, 5-0, blufoot, the pigs, the filth) chasing youth down the street you say nothing. You actually start to hate those charged with serving and protecting you. You get asked if you saw anything you say nothing. You hate the council estates. And this is grown up me musing on this shit. What would Damilola have done back then? What would he have done now?


damilola taylor, skinnyman, north peckham estate, stonebridge estate, council estate of mind, council estate, south central, hip hop, the plague

Via Soul on Ice


  1. heh about the awards i really don’t know what to say. made me smile. not quite sure what an “international blog” is (havent read the descriptions as yet).

    voted for you. the only vote i’ve meaningfully cast in 4 years. based on your GV work and other endeavours I think i have a better handle on what international is. i hope the others do (and appreciate it).

  2. Best International Blog Award nomination.


  3. uaridi

    Hey, as soon as I saw your name, I pushed the button IMMEDIATELY.

    Congratulations even on the nomination. I hope you win – so that we can all bask in your reflected glory

  4. Comment by post author


    Thanks – never heard of the Black Blog awards till now – guess it is a Black American award thus the “international” ie outside the US = a couple of good blogs mentioned such as Blac(k)ademic and the community blog – Kenya Unlimited. I feel kind of ambivalent about awards as one person wins and all the rest loose and anyway awards tend to be subjective and arbitrary at the same time especially when there is no clear criteria or guidelines on which to base a vote. Still the nomination is appreciated and it is good to know that one’s blog reaches across the oceans so to speak!