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Scribbles from the Den has two posts (from the New York Times) on the Death of Prudence which highlights the disregard for the poorest of the poor by both the West and the donor recipients countries – in this instance Cameroon.

Prudence, 24, was from a small village and already had three small children. As she was in labor to deliver her fourth, an untrained midwife didn’t realize she had a cervical blockage and sat on Prudence’s stomach to force the baby out – but instead her uterus ruptured and the fetus died.

Prudence’s family carried her to the hospital on a motorcycle, but once she was there the doctor, Pascal Pipi, demanded $100 for a Caesarian to remove the fetus. The fetus was decomposing inside her, and an infection was raging in her abdomen – but her family had total savings of only $20, so she lay down in the maternity ward and began to die.

The NYT also published a video of the last hours of Prudence life which I have not watched. Although one could say that showing such a video would have a stronger impact on people to act either as donors or activists in bringing about change, I still find the idea of producing such a film offensive and unnecessary.

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  1. Damn — I had not heard about the video. That is disgusting — I don’t care how “sensitive” they were.

  2. I am wondering if the video crew had $100.00 between them. Would the video have been considered “senstive” if a reported had filmed an American Soldier bleed to death on the side of the road without calling for help. Reporter objectivity can only go so far. It reminds me of a wild nature documentary where they don’t save the zebra from the lion. Geesh! Don’t they know a human when they see one?