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  1. What a wonderful woman!!! Thanks for sharing this, Sokari. It sure made my Monday morning. Wonderful.

  2. A living legend..Thanks

  3. she is so damn amazing!!! i love how each speach of her’s is poetry–she doesn’t just speak, she *sings*–and it looks like she didn’t even have nots or anything!!! to give a speach like that, i’d have to spend HOURS writing things down and preparing!!! 🙂

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    Yes me too – a week of anxiety and the sweats!

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed this. Truly inspirational.

  6. Sunshyne

    This was FANTASTIC! Definitely inspirational. Today my life is forever changed. Maya Angelou has been a light on my path. More importantly, Sokari, you have been a light as well for exposing this wonderful message. Thank YOU…

    This lil light of mine…I’m going to let it shine! 🙂

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    Sunshyne – thank you. She is truly an inspirational and courageous woman.