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2 South Africans

Met up with South African blogger Tristan of Contrary to Authority last evening. Thanks for the all the background history on Joburg and the reparations work you have been involved with. Also your perspectives on SA which basically are the same as everyone else I have spoken with.

The great news is that quite a few women are seriously interested in starting to blog – if that works out then my trip here will have been worthwhile for that alone then it would have added to the value of my trip to South Africa. We want more and more for the voices of Black women and Black lesbians to be heard.

The first is Latifah is a 24 year old black woman from Soweto. We worked today on starting her blog (My Realities) She is highly motivated despite the barriers of unemployment and lack of funds (She presently works as a volunteer at FEW three days a week).

Latifah’s dream is to be a photo journalist and she has already started on that journey through attending the FEW workshop and working with the help of Zanele Muhole. She is also a POET and a storyteller. It will not be easy for Latifah because of the cost of internet access but I believe she will do her best when she can. She has a store of poems, stories and photos but unfortuantely they are not digital so putting them online may be difficult untill she can access and afford to get them scanned. Meanwhile I will be working with her to help get the blog organised etc in the way she wants. Please give her your support over at the comments page.

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  1. Check Latifah’s link.