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Breast Cancer

October is breast cancer month – the month to remember breast cancer, something I had forgotton. Not the cancer but the month.

There are a couple of post on Nigerian blogs (Bella Naija and the World According to Adure). It’s great that the awareness around breast and cervical cancer is increasing but I cant help but think of the millions of women who dont have access to basic information let alone mamograms and smears. Just one note and sorry to be scary BUT……..although self-examination is better than no examination – not all breast cancers are lumps that can be detected that way. In cases where the cancer is a mass rather than a lump you need an experienced breast nurse and or a mamogram to get a decent reading of what is happening in your body. So if you can afford one of these then great. If you live in Britain where there is the NHS, free mamograms are age related – you have to be 50 or over before you are selected. So you have two choices either pay or do what I did – make up a story and go to breast clinic – dont even bother with your GP. Alternatively you can wait for a mamovan to appear in your local neighbourhood.


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  1. Thanks breast cancer is one issue needs to be addressed