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Photo Activism: Zanele Muholi

Met Zanele Muholi, a lesbian photographer-activist. Progressive, radical, beautiful, challenging. Zanele took the photos behind “Tommy boys, lesbian men and ancestral wives” and is also the Community Relations Officer at FEW (Forum for the Empowerment of Women).

Hate Crime Survivor


She is behind the Visual Literacy class which “teaches womyn visual documentation skills”. The idea is to use photography to document activism and the lives of the womyn. Another FEW project supported by the Women’s Net is the Digital Story-telling workshops where graphics such as Photoshop and Adope Premiere are used by the women to write their “own lives, stories and experiences”.

Damsel’s Planet


  1. I LOOOOOOOVE that second picture. I love it. that is probably the most interesting and beautiful picture i’ve seen in a long time…

  2. really cool web dev

  3. this is quite some beautiful photography.

  4. I am actually a phoptographer in my spare time and everytime I see photography that’s different and unusual, I am inspired…

    Very, very nice!