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Al Jazeera goes English

Finally Al Jazeera broadcasts in English – 128 on Nile Sat.

Finally a credible alternative to Western media, Al Jazeera broadcasts in English. Described by the fallen Rumsfield as “Vicious, inaccurate and inexcusable – what better testimonial could the broadcasters wish for from Mr Fox TV himself. Since I dont speak Arabic I cannot make a comparison between the Arabic and English versions. However I am told by Arabic speaking friends that from first impressions it looks pretty much the same which in their opinion is postive. So we will see how it goes – personally having only just acquired Nile Sat dish and having spent 5 days watching BBC World and Euro News, Al Jazeera will come as a relief.

There is also an online version which has been in existence for a while. Clicking on the Africa section the news covers: The Niger Delta, DRC – Kabila holds on to the Presidency – no surprise there but what will be the aftermath with Bemba’s thugs take to the streets to meet up with Kabila’s thugs? The displaced of Darfur, Gay marriage in South Africa.




  1. I understand why the English Al Jazeera won’t be broadcasted in the US. And I think it’s a shame. Once more paranoia takes the best of this country.

    Al Jazeera might be unfair. It might tell the news from an obvious anti-west perspective. But last time I checked, we were fighting in Iraq for freedom and Democracy.

    How can we fight for something we don’t believe in at home?

    Thank god for the internet.

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    I did not realise that the English version would not be shown in the US – as you say so much for freedom of press/expression and democracy – the very thing it accuses Al Jazeera of doing is what it is doing itself. I dont think Al Jazeera is unfair. It simply has a very different way of presenting the news both in its actual visual presentation and the commentary that goes with it. It also does not hold back on viewer sensitivities rather it shows the realities of war and conflict when appropriate instead of sanitizing news as the west does. What a shame on the US.

  3. Yeah! Al Jazeera English is the same as the Arabic one from first impression, as I’m Arabic and eagerly watch the Arabic version of it, though, the English version of the website is dramatically different from the Arabic one, just wanted to make this clear. btw, great blog you got here, keep up the good work.

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    So far over the past couple of days i have been quite impressed with the variety of reports and particularly those on Africa such as Darfur. There was a very good piece with an interview of the General in charge of the AU forces due to leave in 6 weeks who said he was completely under manned and basically able to do nothing. He had between 120k and 250 between each company which was one man for about 2 sq km. He was unable to responsd to any crisis or incident as he had no air view of what was happening on the ground. Sounded like a complete waste of time and money. Either send in an appropriate number of soldiers or dont bother pretending that this paltry force can do anything to aid the people of Darfur.

  5. anengiyefa

    Aljazeera in English is wonderful news. This provides credible competition for CNN, the BBC, SKY and Euronews all of which frankly are so unrepentantly pro-Western, before now most of us had been denied an alternative viewpoint on the reporting of world isues. I am just so excited.

  6. Sewere


    Thanks so much for putting this up. I’ve been trying to find a clip of the debut, but didn’t think I’d find it on Youtube. As you said, the most significant part of this is that it is the first time that international news will be brought from a non-Western perspective. Additionally, the cast of reporters and news anchors, are people of color; a truly refreshing perspective in delivery of global news.

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