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The post on Professor Ngugi Wa Thiong’o racist incident at a hotel in San Francisco has been picked up by a range of blogs including Gradiose Parlor and Naijablog who with a number of other bloggers and people took up the call to write to the management of the hotel. They have replied via Naijablog that a public apology will be published:

On Friday I met with key members of PAN (Priority African Network) and we came up with mutually-acceptable means of making amends to the community. This will include a public apology ad in a local newspaper, a donation to an anti-racism local non-profit, and deeper anti-racism training of staff (beyond just normal diversity training).

Thank you for expressing your sadness, anger, surprise, and anguish. We are using it as a continuing “wake-up call” to assure that every one of our employees respects every single person they come into contact with — whether they are a customer or not. Every human deserves to be respected and acknowledged.

Reading Grandiose Palor’s post led me to a piece on blogging over at Renegade Eye: WHY BLOG which was a piece originally posted on Annotated Life
From Renegade Eye’s post I came across The Red Bolivian (a good source of Black nationalism and colonial history of the Americas) who blogs at Black and Brown Power, COMITE UNIVERSITARIO DE IZQUIERDA (in Spanish) and S.A. S.L.C. His reasons for blogging….

I am a young Xicano militant who is sick and tired of all the eurocentric and racist shit I see and hear everyday. I want to show the peeps that Latinos see the world differently and that our way of looking at things is in no way less correct or valid as anyone elses. Its a way for La Raza to get its voices heard. Thats also why so many young gente do the myspace thing.

I blog for La Raza and for liberation. Para un mundo Socialista. I blog to get the ideas of my indeginous ancestors a place to be heard. For the Carnales and especially for the Xicanas who struggle through so much. Viva La Causa!!! Hasta La Victoria Siempre!!! Venceremos!!

So Why Blog? I cannot come up with anything that answers this better than Annoated Life

“Blogging is oppositional because it is an alternative vehicle for the dissemination of information. It represents a small but significant cultural evolution of the working class without the sanction of the ruling elite….The most politically developed within the working class have a tremendous responsibility set out by history to lead society in a new direction. The Internet offers us a wealth of potential which would be foolish and even tragic to forgo.”

The main reason I wrote this piece is to point out how little we in the Nigerian, African blogsophere link to each others stories which reduces our voices and the power of those voices in the blogosphere. Conversations do not just take place via comments but also by building and commenting on our blogs about what other bloggers are saying. There is a whole global space full of a huge variety of voices – we in Nigeria and other African blogospheres need to come out of our own houses and connect with our neighbours and our community. Once we begin to do that we will be a much stronger force than the lone voices we are at present. The great thing about blogging is it is or rather can be a form of social netowrking and not just a space to write for yourself – write for others as well.


  1. that’s a really great point sokari–i’ve noticed that about women of color as well, that we don’t spend a lot of time linking to each other and writing about each other’s stories…i think you’re right, it would absolutly increase our community–

    thanks for the food for thought…

  2. I write this with a big smile on my face; well-done!

  3. Question for you if I may, did someone try to contact the professor or send him a a copy of the apology?


  4. The people at PAN would no doubt have informed the professor but I did send an email to the Pambazuka staff group on this subject so hopefully by now he is aware.

    Thanks for noting this.

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