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Blogs to think about!

My Realities – poems, stories and photos from Latifah – between a rock and hard place but surviving all the same.

Mama’s Junkyard – on her “Leap of Faith” – we all need this at some time, read, share and believe!

Fleur d’Afrique /Blog – Sometimes I wish I was from a normal country – (not the DRC)

This is not my country – Rape and racism in Greece, a 16 year old is raped by 4 fellow pupils and people have to question whether it was rape? .

And how do you go about Raising Yousuf in Gaza? “born Palestinian, born cursed”

Music – well its just music and it get us through the dark and the light. Benn loxo du taccu – who is this guy anyway and where does he get this music? This week Benn Loxo du Taccu features two songs from African women – “Zaire Diva” Abeti Masikini – Yamba Yamba
and Mama Balla, “Beautiful

Kampala and Port Harcourt Blues – This is not our country but we love you anyway, especially your chicken feet


Well don’t you love chicken?


  1. Thanks Sokari…off to read them..

  2. Sokari, I have reproduced part of your post on my blog. Very good stuff!