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Dictionary of African Women

The African Studies Quarterly has a review of a new publication “An Historical Dictionarly of Women in Sub-Saharan Africa

“The volume consists of a chronology of African women’s history, a brief (13-page) introductory essay that traces broad developments in African women’s history, 276 pages of dictionary entries, and an extensive (115-page) bibliography. The dictionary entries are wide-ranging. Sheldon covers prominent female politicians, activists, writers, artists, and historical and religious figures; historical and contemporary women’s organizations; and more general topical entries (e.g. missions, nationalism, structural adjustment programs, and shari’a law) that emphasize how these topics have affected women in Africa and/or how women have participated in these movements and processes. The bibliography begins with a brief–but but quite interesting and useful–essay on the evolution of scholarship on women in Africa

Sounds like a worthwhile reference and it will be interesting to see who is and who isnt included.