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“My Realities”

Please check out Latifah’s Blog – She is a courageous and beautiful woman. Below is her latest entry which she has asked me to cross post. If you have any comments please leave them on her blog not mine.

“I’m Taking Over the World”

Oh! What an honour it feels
What an achievement it is
It has never happened before
Someone realised something in me
It is so amazing,it makes want to pump up more energy
It says to me “Go on , drink those ARV’s no matter what pains they cause to your body-you still have a lot to achieve”
First time doing something that has a meaning
At home- they stare, confused, they look
Why is she excited?its just a piece of paper with pictures she took
It was never easy at first, being who I am
It has been a short space of time but the fruits are beyond imaginable for me
I am a photographer- I keep telling myself
One day, just one day the name will be written on the
Star Newspaper, picture by-”Busisiwe Sigasa”
This is a beginning of it , the beginning of greater things to come.
Good things comes to those who wait
I have waited for so long and this is my calling,my chance
It feels so good
Cant wait to see her and show her what I just received today
From now on its working forward and no stopping
I can still do more ! Its all up to me
Im taking over the world !!!!