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Sahara Reporters shut down?

Sahara Reporters. The site has been shut down and SR believe President Obasanjo is behind the action that has been taken. If true this is more evidence that FREEDOM OF SPEECH is merely an illusion in today’s Nigeria and that the same tactics of the Obasanjo military dictatorship continued to be used today.

Dear Readers:

As you must have noticed, our dear websites: “” + “” + “” has been shut down.
Since we published the story effectively and undisputably linking President Obasanjo to the Andy Uba money laundering scam, he has used every means available to get back at us.

You are all aware that he has been using a lawyer based in Maryland, USA to harass our publication, but since we sent an appropriate response commensurate with his legal threat, they are possibly up to other tactics.

First, our site was shut down on the day we published the Andy Uba story for two hours.
However, we restored the site as soon as was possible.
Yesterday, just as President Obasanjo admitted to accepting close $46,000 “gift” for his Obasanjo Farms from Andy Uba And Loretta Mabinton through his “International Legal Counsel on Persoanl Matters” Mr. Kunle Fagbenle, our webhosting company complained to us that our website was ‘abusing their server and using their cpu at 100%’ and as such had to shut down SAHARAREPORTERS because it was rendering others sites on their server ‘inoperable’.

Again, these are technical jargons that points to one direction only: There is a conspiracy to put our site out of existence.



  1. I got the same mail. I think the server simply caput because it couldn’t handle the traffic…

  2. I doubt Obj or his people could do this – it probably is just a technical hosting issue. SR should migrate asap to a better hosting company (will involve paying more money for a dedicated server – rather than what is clearly the shared server arrangement at the moment).

  3. Well am not sure that they couldnt do it – its quite easy to take a site down if you want. however i do agree that they probably need to sort out their server issues – its difficult to call which one is the guilty party?

  4. They are back in business….

  5. Dear Sahara Reporters. Are you serious about having a 99.99% up website? I will give you free hosting on profit sharing basis!

  6. Comment by post author


    Beauty:) so BL has now become an advertising site – anyway no problem go for it. I actually think it is a good idea at least the site will not go down and end up with me publically condemning Obasanjo for blocking the site when in fact he is possibly quite innocent! OBJ innocent – imagine!

  7. mountain top

    I enjoy every bit of your news, please keep it up!

  8. Lateeph Onik

    All the people that escape Nigeria for better life are now advising on what to do

    Imaging Nelson Mandela running away from SA

    Fellow Nigerians we all going to die one day, let face these bastards that denied us basic things in life and the next generation we thank us for a job well done.

    After all, what good is life if you can not die for what you believed.

  9. Dooba

    I still can’t access saharareporters.
    Can anybody help?