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“We are dead people” Darfur

Is there a connection between Gaza and Darfur? Yes – in both places people Speak the words “WE ARE DEAD PEOPLE”. Like the Israeli government the Sudanese government “can be wonderfully polished” .. “as it scoffs at accusations of genocide and denounces calls for U.N. peacekeepers in Darfur”

Unlike in Gaza – in Darfur we do not have daily photos to shock – to tell the visual more powerful story of death and starvation…………..but like Gaza people’s lives are destoryed and they die – die everyday killed by so called GOVERMENTS – STATES OF TERROR!

In isolated villages, everything is more straightforward – like the men in Sudanese military uniforms who on Tuesday captured Abdullah Idris, a 27-year-old father of two, in the fields as he was farming. They tried to shoot him in the chest, but the gun misfired.

“So they beat him to the ground,” explained Osman Omar, a nephew of Mr. Abdullah who was one of several neighbors who recounted the events in the same way. “And then they used their bayonets to gouge out his eyes.”

Mr. Abdullah lay on his back on a hospital bed, his eye sockets swathed in bandages soaked in blood and pus. A sister sat on the floor beside him, crying; his wife and small children stood nearby, looking overwhelmed and bewildered. He was so traumatized in the incident that he has been unable to speak since, but he constantly reaches out to hold the hands of his family members.

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