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Young Nigerian blogger Edward Popoola of JANGBALAJUGBU has won the award of Top ICT Educator in Africa. Unfortunately Eddy could not make it to the award ceremony in Johannesburg due to not having the time to get a visa for South Africa.


I got invited to the award ceremony, but as a result of the lateness of my visa application, I couldn’t make the award night in J’burg. Though it was not a case of visa denial, I was not happy all the same. I was however able to get Titi Akinsanmi, my sister from another mother, who is based in SA to accept the award for me.

Kameelah Writes has been wondering whether to attend the World Social Forum (WSF) in January so decided to do some research on the WSF and discovers a mass of critique of the forum’s “format, purpose and general epistemology”

before i go into what i found, i am going to call on audre lorde for a quote that frames the critiques that i was able to find: ‘the master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house. they may allow us temporarily to beat him at his own game, but they will never enable us to bring about genuine change.’

The Michael Richards story continues in the US and Blac(k)ademic follows up with a story that various celebrities are calling for a ban on the use of the word “nigger”. Judging from the comments the general consensus is not to ban the word. However one young man has started up a campaign to “consign the N-word to personal history”.

Know Prose posts on something called “Farming in Virtual Worlds” where people seem to be making huge sums of money from GOLD FARMS.

By the segment’s estimate, an astounding half million Chinese now make a living – about $100 a month – from the acquisition and sale of WoW gold to US and EU gamers. Why is this is the future of work online? Consider the numbers, youth, and low wages of the gold farmers, and the growing interest in outsourcing tasks online.

To be honest I cant quite figure out what is going on except it is something to do with gaming where people are made 56cents an hour to work in a “videogame sweatshop”. KnowProse asks whether this trend is a “Virtual Sweatshops Or A Digital Solution for People in Developing Nations?”. I ask, will those living in the global South with access to the internet quit blogging and google ads and instead enter the world of digital sweatshops?

From Wordsbody – a link to Black Biro the only “online literary magazine published within Nigeria”

Stubborn Dreams (for BN & SA)
a dream that fails to die
mounts into garbage
looking for pack rats
making the best of waste-days
dry and ordure faeces
and sticking
into the soil
and fertilising

Late edit – just found this blog via African Media………Kenya Toons

News from The Association of East African Cartoonists (KATUNI) on the Kenyan Cartooning Scene

Great Stuff – Kenyans are really leading the way with this, the cricket blog, Kenyan soccer and also Kenyan politics at Mzalendo


  1. I don’t think you accomplish anything by banning words other than to allow people who don’t deserve it to paint themselves as martyrs.

  2. I have seen little in the Kenyan media in what I think will be one of the largest events in recent Kenyan history. With an estimated 100, 000 people expected to land in Nairobi, one can only imagine the impact this will have on the community.

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    Kenya@ yes thats true but maybe nearer the time as its still about 2 months away yet.!