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On Being Tired

An old friend is on the way to visit – I wish s/he would loose their way before they arrive. I have been listening to Nina Simone in the hope that she will put a spell on the old friend and s/he will never arrive. How much TIME do I have? Soul rememinded me of another Diva, Billie Holiday and I add to them Cassandra Wilson. Women who along with THE VOICE were revolutionary radical in your face women. Women who survived the VISIT and the VIOLENCE and the SHIT women who some people did/do not want to HEAR because they speak to the TRUTH.

Redemption Song – ironically this was filmed in Espana, a place I will not be sad to leave!


  1. Nina simone, Billie Holiday and Cassandra Wilson. Great voices. And to add a few more names – Carmen McRae, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Dinah Washington and Sarah Vaughan

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    yes, they are all UP THERE!

  3. For me, when the old friend visits, music can move the friend out for sure.

    Peace to you.

  4. The trouble talking about that old friend is nothing we say seems worthwhile.

    How much I admire you! You are courageous and kind. My world is richer because you’re in it.

    Jay Sennett amplifies your point about how music can give us fresh perspective about what’s old and tired. Just as they haven’t figured how aspirin works, I’m not sure how the Blues works, but know it does.

    At least you should know there are so many of us grateful to you.

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    Thanks Jay and John for your kind gentle words.