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Righting the Weblog Awards

Well it’s that time of the year – weblog awards have been floating around the blogosphere since September and one wonders who exactly are behind these awards. I know of the BOBs of course and thank everyone who voted for me on that one. And then the Weblogs are also well known.

The Weblog Awards are particuarly interesting. I remember last year getting irritated at the way they join up regions such as Mid East/Africa and Latino/ South America/ Caribbean and writing to complain. WHY, it lacks imagination and is patronising to all the regions and makes no sense whatsoever. I cant remember the response but it wasnt satisfactory. On another note just a cursory glance at the nominees in the Middle East/Africa and Latino/Caribbean/ South American categories reveals a list of pro American and pro Israel blogs – no radical progressive thinkers out there! take a look at the nominees for Best Blog Award – Instapundit and Michelle Malkin to name a two. Nothing wrong in any of that – free speech, blog what you like. But when you find a list of nominees all having the same leanings then you begin to wonder on the agenda and objectivity behind the award. A bit like the Reporters without Borders – superficially independent but dig a little and you find a different story – so what is the story with these guys? Is there a financial angle here considering the amount of google ads displayed on the website. The sponsors, Blog World seems to be focused on branding and advertising and blogging as a source of income. There is nothing particularly negative about this but I just wish they would come out and say it openly that hey we have these awards to give away and meanwhile we are going to make a bunch of money from voting clicks and through out ads etc.


  1. M

    There are so many blog awards that they are swiftly losing any meaning.

    I also deeply resent the sweepingly obtuse classifications that are used. Why Middle East And Africa and then UK and Europe?

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    M@ I quite agree – The classifications are also very Western (meaning English UK/USA loaded) I do not see the connection in the Middle East And Africa and as you point out is the UK not in Europe?

  3. Yeah, I don’t understand why they have a category of “Middle East and Africa”. Why can’t they have that particular group of awards categorized by continent.
    This is not the first time I’m seeing this form of categorization too. i’m on a forum that has a sub forum as “Middle East and Africa”

  4. Gymrat

    You Trippin’

    It’s a popular vote. You apparently isn’t popular. Don’t take it personal. Black folks have always ran from struggle and towards entertainment.

    Don’t be so negative. You should have energized your base.

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    Gymrat@ If you are going to leave a comment please leave one that makes sense!

  6. Yeah, Gymrat@ is trippin’…yo!

    Who judges these blog awards anyway? Is it really just by the vote of the random reader? I guess that’s democratic.

    I also think it’s interesting that many of these blog awards require you to pay to enter. Seems like a scam.

  7. I have always found the entire “award” culture antidemocratic and antithetical to the free use of the internet to inform, communicate, argue, and banter. I love what most of the African bloggers have been doing and their wide spectrum in terms of political orientation.

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    Don@ I am not sure about the “undemocratic” since most awards are done by vote – in fact the only Jury based award I know is the BOBS Jury award. However despite being nominated once and winning one award I do think that there are so many and most times you don’t know who is behind them. But then again for winners there is an advantage even though it never seems fair. There are so many excellent blogs out there that don’t get nominated, chosen or even read much for that matter despite their hard work. I actually think the BLOG DAY idea is far better when every blogger has the opportunity to list 5 blogs they read – its interactive and communal and more culturally suited to the blogosphere. I also think we are getting to the point when there are two separate blogospheres out there – commerical ones and non-commercial ones which I think are they kind you are referring too.