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Sunday’s news

Yesterday was human rights day. African Media asks if the “diamond cartel’s propaganda war against “The Blood Diamond” succeed?” The usual Hollywood hype follows the film so will it make a difference?

Can the star wattage of Leonardo DiCaprio, Djimon Hounsou and Jennifer Connelly projected by a leading Hollywood director defeat a real-world billion dollar evil empire? With this weekend’s opening of “The Blood Diamond,” the film about African conflict diamonds, we’re about to find out.

I generally read the UK papers online but decided to buy a paper edition of the Independent on Sunday as part of my preparation for leaving Spain next Sunday and on to London for a couple of weeks. Seems like not a lot has changed since the mid 80s/90s and probably even before then. Instutionalised racism in education is STILL being reported by yet another report. The difference this time is that the government is refusing to accept the term “institutionalised racism” as if by refusing to accept it will somehow change that it exists!

The Rape of Darfur” – the talking continues and the AU troops are unable to protect the women and children. Meanwhile it just gets worse and worse each day with mass rapes and children as young as 8 being raped by militia. Thousands marched across the world but the silence remains deafening.

In other news, Madonna is caught wearing a “Chinchilla” coat – £33,000 for the blood of 40 animals “killed by strangulation or electrocution”

“madonna is showing herself up to be shallow and selfish and lacking in all compassion which particularly in this season of goodwill is regrettable” spokesperson for Respect for Animals

Whilst I am revolted by the battering to death of animals such as chinchilla’s, seals, minks to make coats, bags etc, it is unfortunate that Madonna only looses her compassion when it comes to her lack of concern about cruelty to animals. Only a couple of weeks ago she was being praised for her “compassion” in adopting a poor Malawian boy and saving hundreds of orphans by donating money to orphanages in Malawi. But nothing gets the Brits going like cruelty to animals so Madam M you lost it now. It will be interesting to hear what her adoption supporters have to say now she is wearing coats of blood. Putting it another way she buys a coat for £33,000 made of animals that have been stacked in tiny cages and some skinned alive and then gives £100,000 to an orphanage in Malawi. Compassion indeed!

And so it goes on. I thought I was going to sit eat my breakfast and enjoy holding a real paper edition newspaper. As it turns out there is no good news. Ah well there is the whale story. Apparently whales like humans fall in love and are wired for romance. Ah but even here its not really that great news as they are in danger of becoming extinct. And this is only the half of it. Beware picking up the Sunday papers or any paper for that matter.


  1. I’m actually surprised Madonna’s coat isn’t made out of human skin.

  2. Sadly, this is hardly surprising. I remember back in the winter of 2000-01, there was huge international outrage about the Taliban’s destruction of the country’s cultural heritage. You’d think that this would lead to a segueway about, oh I don’t know maybe the Taliban’s obscene oppression of women? But no it didn’t (except for a few NGOs who were fighting the good fight long before). At least not until the 9/11 attacks made attacking the Taliban’s human rights’ record fashionable. Oppress human beings? Yawn. But don’t touch that statue!

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    Brian@ Exactly – the animals will get them going and as you say statues! I mean the woman can throwaway £33,000 on a coat and we are supposed to be impressed by the donation of a couple of hundred grand to orphanages. pesonally i feel sorry for the kind of upbringing Malawi David is going to have under Madonna – what values will he be learning?