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German NGO trains monkies

Currently there is an interesting “flame war” going on regarding the website of a German NGO involved in the German president’s visit to Ghana between the 11th and 15th January. The website of the NGO, EDEJU (The International Institute for the promotion of Youth Development) depicts a white man holding a monkey on the front page, which has enraged members of the African Youth Forum listserve.

Members of the AYF have written to the German President’s office as well as an open letter to the Ghanaian government minister responsible complaining of the photo and the NGOs association with the German Presidents office.

I was invited as a young African, to participate in a forum that was
sharing ideas regarding issues that had to be solved and how the
African Youth could be developed for global competition. I checked on
the website of this NGO which is alleged to be the youth organization
representing African Youth and working in partnership with President
Kohler’s office, especially for this very trip to Ghana in January 2007.

To my surprise, the index page of the website of this organization,
had a picture of a white man with a MONKEY in his hands, and that is
supposed to be the organization representing African Youth. I can’t
tell if the monkey is the symbol of an African youth or the white man
(the director of this organization) is training monkies which he
assumes are African youth. Please check the website up for yourself

The letter concludes that African youth in the Diaspora do not want to be represented by organisations that trains “monkies – EDEJU” and if the German President wants African youth to be involved in his “African Partnership” programme then they want African organisations to represent them and not white organisations who know nothing about African issues.

If one places this matter next to the piece posted earlier this week by Rethabile, Castrating Africa in which the French TV host, Pascal Sevran said “The black man’s dick is responsible for hunger in Africa.” then it becomes even more worrying. Despite letters from members of the list (who come from across the continent) to the NGO itself it has still not removed the photo from the front page of it’s website. My suggestion is that readers join with the AYF members in writing to the NGO and the German President and lets get rid of the monkies!

The address of the German President (Mr. Horst Kohler) is:

Herrn MühlmanstadtReferat 22BundespräsidialamtSpreeweg 1, 10557
Berlin, Germany

The NGO address is on their website.

For the AYF listserve discussion on the matter see here

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  1. will link to your piece on my blog. at the africa forum in which i participated in a couple of months ago, i was unimpressed by the letter president köhler had sent to be read. it was disturbing that at a conference here in germany on global cooperation and entrepreneurship someone would write a letter that enumerated an overwhelmingly negative list of points about africa in general and barely touched on the positive goals of the conference.

    but this is germany in 2007:

  2. Comment by post author


    Sattva@ I had read your post on “public service announcement”just after publishing this and wish I had referred to it so I will do so now.

    Check Rascal Trippin “public service announcement to euros on “integration”

    “Dressing up your white children, smearing them with brown and black paint, and trying to pass it off as any form of cultural tradition, commonly known as blackface, is usually not the way to go.”

    Clearly a need for some serious anti-racism training in Germany right through to the highest levels of government!

  3. I don’t get it…I really don’t get it. A monkey? Is there a logical explanation? A monkey?

  4. JKE

    ROFL! The whole website (a blog, did u see it?) is just ridiculous.

    Whenever I read the word “Afrika” (= as a name to sum up the whole continent & its people) i tent to think WTF?

    The pic of that dude with his monkey is just embarassing for us Germans. Pole sana!

    @Sokari: sorry for not responding earlier, i was on holiday. When are you in NBO?