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Not a lot happening!

3 days into Cape Town and I really have nothing much to say – no exploring – don’t want to be negative but this place just doesn’t grab me in the same way as Joburg. Still waiting for my luggage which was supposed to have arrived yesterday but didn’t. Haven’t done anything of interest except try and sort myself out personally and focus on what I will be doing at the World Social Forum where I will be part of the Fahamu Team that produces Pambazuka News. Trying to figure out what to attend in Nairobi is impossible. Everyone I speak with is confused with the sheer numbers of people, events and activities. Kameelah has written a a critical piece on the WSF which is worth reading. Criticism of the forum flows into three specific areas: firstly that there is a lack of an agenda and lack of action; secondly that it is dominated by NGOs and Civil Society organizations neither of whom do very much for the people they claim to represent; and thirdly that the forum is neither progressive nor transformative but merely following a liberal agenda of “humanizing capitalism. This is my first attendance so will have to wait and observe for myself before coming to any conclusions.

The only events I am clear on are the ones being organised by the African LGBT community (and of course Fahamu) :

Gender and Sexuality;
The right to be different: Plurality in Diversities Proposal (LGBT South South Dialogue);
Sexuality and Social Justice;
Book launch: “Defending sexual rights in fundamentalist contexts”;
Reclaiming Our Sexualities;
Human Rights, Sexual Orientation and Gender Ideology: A dialogue between activist from the Global South;
IV Social Forum on Sexual Diversity;
Sex, Law and Human Rights;

There is also the “Q-Spot” which is a safe area for the LGBT community and which will show films and host poetry and drama by anyone who wants to perform.


  1. Jay

    Uggh! I hate the times when I’ve travelled and had lost luggage

    I’m enjoying your travelogue and wish you safe travels.

  2. Comment by post author


    What is my problem with CT that I havent really even explored? It is just so European whereas for me anyway Joburg is a real African city, the vibe is different, the people different – it has a buzz when you are around the city – cant really explain it and also there is so much going on. I hear there is a “vibrant” LGBT community here – well I will have to wait to find that until I get back from Nairobi but not really holding my breath – just looking forward to my first weekend away in Joburg! Still the beach here in this sleepy village is peaceful, the water delicious, i feel quite safe and its fairly mixed on race and class so thats something – CT is 35/40 on the train so quite a ways really!

  3. you know i share your sentiments abt cape town. i cant wait for you to get to joburg. i finally conquered the externally imposed fear of walking alone in the city and now walk around a lot and will take my camera out soon.

    i am glad you will have a chance to escape for a little while! and i hope the LGBT community is just as amazing as this person is making it seem.

  4. Ore

    Wow, so you have moved? I am sure that will be a great adventure.

    I am presently in Uganda for the workshop organised by Harambee, which I mentioned to you. I met 1 or 2 people here who are attending the WSF in Nairobi. I spoke a lot about Fahamu and Pambazuka News and their support of BAWo, so you maybe you will run into them.