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WSF – few final words

Well thats it then – the last day – I finally have internet access in the hotel which is great – have started to edit my podcasts. One blip is that one of the videos we hired for Fahamu/Pambazuka doesnt want to upload my videos so they may never be seen ah well. The Q Spot was the place to be – seriously I am totally amazed and uplifited at the number of people who came to the Q-Spot to discuss LGBT issues, we talked in groups every day about homosexuality with Kenyans and other participants at the WSF – nothing absolutely nothing like this has ever ever happened before. It was amazing. I bumped into a guy outside the forum with my “Coalition of African Lesbians” T-shirt who said that the Q Spot was the one place to be, the best place to be, and he was so happy that we were all out and about and he thought it was the most interesting and exciting place in the whole forum so big up to Q-Spot!

So final thoughts – the LGBTI / QSpot what did we achieve – see above. We came out, we dialogued, we spoke out, we challenged, we danced and sang and we are here and we will reclaim – because homosexuality HAS ALWAYS EXISTED IN AFRICA – we are proud and we shout out loud.

photos will be posted on Flickr once I am back in SA along with pods, videos and everything else. Tomorrow is the closing ceremony with various bands and speakers etc but I have some great clips from an Indian group which I will post at the weekend once back in Cape Town.

Made lots of new contacts, saw old friends, made new friends, had a learning experience, beautiful to be with so many radical progressive black women!




  1. Sokari,
    Your coverage of the WSF has been amazing. I loved reading your posts and I have learned a lot. Blogging your experience in Nairobi is so important and crucial. Thank you.

  2. JKE

    Next time make sure to stay longer! Have a safe trip to CT. And yes, homosexuality has always been part of this world.

  3. Good work covering this important event.