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John Amaechi


Former NBA player, John Amaechi has come out of the closet as a gay man.

Amaechi played for five seasons in the position of center for four teams, including a brief stint with the New York Knicks.

Amaechi has written a book about his life called Man In The Middle. It’s due to be released on February 14.

John Amaechi was born in the UK and has a Nigerian Father and a white mother.

Congratulations to John. It takes courage to come out of the closet, especially if you are a celebrity and a macho sports figure.

Sports Illustrated; John Amaechi



  1. You can check out the John Amaechi “Man in the Middle” book at Amazon here:

    P.S. The book is coming out February 20th so it’s available for preorder.

  2. If the link above doesn’t work, try this one:

  3. Sewere

    Much love and support to John Amaechi…

  4. Gutsy for him. Though it’ll be interesting to see what happens the first time an active major team sport male athlete comes out. This may offend some people but whoever’s the first is going to need the thick skin of Jackie Robinson.

  5. “John Amaechi was born in the UK and has a Nigerian Father and a white mother.”

    Though it did strike me as odd that his father had only a nationality and his mother had only a skin color.

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