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* Evangelicans keep faith with hatred

The Anglican Church stoking up homophobia and united in their hatred

The idea of a gay bishop in faraway New Hampshire is an enormously useful tool of unity for otherwise fractious conservatives. They purchase their togetherness with the suffering of gay Christians, especially in places such as Nigeria, where the church is egging on a violent and aggressive homophobia. It’s textbook scape goating

* US universities divesting from Sudan

There is a split amongst US universities that are divesting from Sudan –

Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and the University of California system have divested their holdings in companies doing business in Sudan, the University of Chicago has refused to divest

What is even more disappointing and shocking is that not one of the UNCF colleges, the establishment Black universities such as Howard and Spelman. There is also another China/Africa story here with Petro China [PetroChina, a company widely criticized for its partnership with the Sudanese government and alleged complicity in human rights abuses.] involved in as one of the major investments – on the US side Fidelity Investments are one of the major funds that deal with Petro China and other Chinese investments.

* Ben Goldacre has a really big rant on VitC and HIV

A couple of weeks ago it was the President of Gambia claiming he could personally cure AIDS this week it’s one Patrick Holford claiming “that vitamin C is better than the Aids drug AZT“.

Dealing with Holford is like playing Bad Science Bingo. He promotes fish oil supplements by Equazen, the company behind the Durham fish oil “trials”. He is feted by Tonight with Trevor McDonald, the people fisked by Ofcom for inappropriately promoting the Dore “cure” for dyslexia. He runs his own prominent, methodologically inept experiments on schoolchildren. He has a non-qualification (an honorary diploma conferred upon him by the Institute for Optimum Nutrition – which he founded – when he was director). And so on.

* Black Folk and Richie Havens


Legend Woodstock opening act, Richie Havens relives “Freedom” and other stories of life

* Check out Muti – Africa’s answer to Digg and Rojo and not just for South Africans:

What I don’t understand, and what I hope will change, is that there are many many outstanding African bloggers that don’t take part in this free platform. There is nothing stopping them from submitting news stories and blogs from their own countries.

The Challenge
If you write a blog about Africa, or you read a news article or blog post about something interesting in Africa, post it to Muti. Share it with everyone else. Don’t standby and let one demographic take ownership of a platform that belongs to all of Africa.

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