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Shailja Patel – Kenyan Performance Poet and Theatre Artist:

She is currently creating a one-woman show, Migritude:

Migritude is the mantra to unlock
unlock the suitcase, relcaim the voices and
stories of migrant colonial subjects
from erasures of “official history”.
The six yards of a sari both reveal
and conceal the female form;

is a metaphor for what
is revealed and concealed by
“traditional” migrant narriatives
The word itself, a play on Negritude
and Attitude, asserts the dignity of
outsider status.

Shailja will be performing at the Khanya College in Johannesburg on the 18th, around midday – if you are in town this is not to be missed!

Feminist Dialogues

“Feminist organising has been on diverse levels aimed at transforming personal, domestic, community and public power relations. Feminist mobilisation has produced complex forms of organising to tackle psychological, sociological, economic, cultural and political discrimination that oppresses women of different class, race, ethnicity and sexual orientation……..The Feminist Dialogues (FDs) provide an important space to examine our experiences as feminist activists living in different regional realities working towards cultural, social and economic transformation.”

Globalization and social exclusion: An alternative proposal for LGBTs

“….the lesbian movement needs to accept the fact that it cannot be assumed to be homogeneous, simply on the basis of their shared lesbian identity. She also declared that the lesbian movement should seek to gain entry to other social activist groups, such as the campaign against the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA).


Journal, Essay and Writings by Del Hornbuckle:

“Another purpose of the site is my personal quest to “un-American” my thinking and how it informs that ways I move in the world. The life changing journey for me was my first trip the Africa with two friends. Mali. The trip was my first taste of the motherland, unchartered (I traveled with two girlfriends) and we’d all been inspired by Maryse Conde’s Segu. She’s a master scribe and opened the window to a way of life before the “Middle Passage”. Mali is off the beaten path of typical West African sojourns of black Americans but the country captures almost every aspect of West African life, culture and art albeit the francophone remnants. The trip brought my spirit back home and helped me understand my “human-ness” and how I am truly a citizen of the world and how my struggle and grievances as a “black American” is melded into every human struggle, no greater or lesser”.

My Haven

Blog by 23 year old gay South African SABC journalist – Who are you calling a “Bitch”? Nasty, yes it’s that old thing about WORDS again – I am not a bitch, do not want to be called a bitch, do not want to hear the word bitch, bitch is offensive to me! Bitch belongs in the gabbage can of words!

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