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Action Alert, Haiti

Struggles of Solidarity

The 7th February marked the International Day of Solidarity with the Haitian people. The action alert was posted on this blog here and here and a number of other blogs across the blogosphere. One of those blogs was Blackademics who pointed out that much of the violence taking place including that committed by the UN force (United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti – MINUSTAH) is not being reported in the mainstream media.

Haiti is under occupation by the UN and US these are facts and the whole point of the Day of Solidarity is to tell the world the truth of the violence – murder, rape, beatings, poverty, HIV/AIDs that represents the lives of the majority of people – poor people in Haiti. Three comments were left on the post of 7th February at Blackademics including mine. The first, and the one I take issue with was left by Nubiano or the Nubian Project.

“Not to ignore the posting, but I just wanted to mention that today is Black AIDS Day, go to
Black AIDS Day

What was the point of that comment? That Blackademics should have posted something on Black AIDS day rather than solidarity with Haiti? The comment shows a lack of understanding of the meaning of solidarity – “not to ignore the posting” as if posting on Haiti is not posting about Black people and AIDS, Black people and poverty about occupation, about repression of an African nation.

Our struggles are multiple and diverse. Instead of compartmentalising issues as if they are stand alone boxes with no interconnection are not underpinned by the same global power structures we need to be moving towards building solidarity amongst all transformative grassroots movements. Black AIDS Day and Solidarity with Haiti are one and the same – to think different is divisive and plays into the hands of and only benefits the very power structures that must be dismantled.

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  1. good point sokari– we need to think more about solidarity and the reality that apartheid in israel is inextricably connected to un and us occupation in haiti as well as the hiv/aids epidemic among the diasporic black community