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Nigeria’s “unsolved” murders

Sabella Ogbobode Abidde writes in Sahara Reporters asking the question who killed these men and women?”

Instead of legal action in the court of law, people resort to extralegal actions. Instead of justice, there is jungle-justice. The level of intolerance is such that unknowingly stepping on toes could cost one his or her life. Living is so expensive; life has become cheap….

In the case of Dele Giwa, I have yet to meet a Nigerian who does not think that IBBs finger prints or shadow were not on the parcel bomb.

You cannot think of killings in Nigeria and not think of this pairing: Babangida for Dele Giwa; Abacha for Kudirat Abiola; and Obasanjo for Bola Ige. They may not have pulled the trigger, but they know or should have known and then brought justice to bear on the murderers. And because they failed or refused to resolve the matter, Nigerians hold them responsible for the loss of these and other lives.

40 years of killings and unsolved murders continue and we expect more to come as the election frenzy takes hold of those hungry for power and the opportunity to line their pockets with the blood and sweat of the people – oil!



  1. Herebert

    The list of unresolved murder in Nigeria goes on and on.
    Sadly,people tend to turn a blind eye on the issue.
    As we speak,political assasination and killings continue unabated.Obasanjos dispensation will go down in the anals of our political history as most murderous regime.
    The WEST on the hand shows little or no interest.They pretend not to be aware of human right abuses and intimidation and killings of opposition politicians by Obasanjo and his cohorts since 1999.
    What we rather see everyday in the news is Mugabes Zimbabwe.
    What is happening in Zimbabwe is a tiny fraction of the shameful woes which Nigerians have endured since 1999. Enough of these hypocrisy.
    Where else in the world would the president take total control of OIL sales.Since 1999 Obasanjo has single handedly sold and managed Nigeria oil.The recent appoinment of oil minister is a complete farce.WHAT STOPS BOTH CNN AND BBC AND OTHER CABLE NETWORKS FROM COVERING THESE ISSUES?
    I do not support Mugabe by any means neither do i support any sit-tight leader any where in the world.But it is evident that the Western media have collectively been bias in their coverage of events in Zimbabwe and by extension Africa.
    They should look out else where in Africa.Nigeria is undergoing the most troubling moments in her history and yet,it is not in the news.They should expose the excesses of Obasanjos misrule.

  2. In Nigeria, after the murder of a prominent Nigerian(still sizzling: Funsho Williams), or after any major trajedy(Nigerian airways), the government usually sets up a Committee of Investigators. The first and primary duty of such groups of people is to investigate. Usually the reports of such investigations come out in a year or two after the murder or major disaster.

    Story story, story!!