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* Uppity Biscuit – You are a rapists if……..

As it stands today, the justice system is seemingly irritated that one of their brothers was so dumb as to get caught raping, so they push him through the legal system, sometimes being able to help the guy out with a technicality and a dismissal, a slap on the wrist and sometimes convincing the female that reporting rape and pursuing justice is a rough road to hoe, convincing her to just drop it, not report it, just ‘deal with it’.

The male version of what rape is lacks depth and serves only males…………….Below is a list of what rape is and who is a rapist.

* Nigerian anti-LGBTI bill update

In the past days the bill has been introduced into the Senate, and passed through the first and second reading. We got information from some newspapers that reported the facts in details. We do not know what version of the bill has been voted, but it is VERY likely to be the old version. In other words, it seems that the process is moving forward on
two independent routes in the House and in the Senate (which is technically possible). My guess is that the executive is willing to get the bill passed before the elections (therefore it looks like Obasanjo, or another “mastermind”, is still plotting).

[Global Rights]

Global protests over the bill

Local responses – Vanguard – some hope

There can be no harm, I believe, in Nigerians taking a closer look at the matter. For whether we like it or not, situations around us will not permit us to remain impervious to the questions raised by the issues any longer. For whatever it was worth, let’s not forget there was a prominent, religious gay lobby, from Nigeria, at the Dar conference. As I pointed out above, that homosexuality is a closet issue is no reason to believe that the practice is totally alien in these parts. Like in South Africa where HIV positive men sleep with under-aged girls in the mistaken belief that sex with virgins cures HIV/Aids, homosexual acts are, in certain cases, believed in our part of the world to confer mystical powers on its practitioners. In some cases, it is seen as the harbinger of great wealth.

* The Benin Epilogue Part 1

Has a nice series on African women in business

This is the type of practical initiative that I think will over time help transform Africa’s small business sector’s into powerhouses. The other positive by-product from such initiatives is that in addition to empowering women to more directly influence their local economies, greater reign over local business efforts might also translate into greater say-so in their own respective societies.

* Source Code – Reboot the System

Activist site that uses video to expose the faults in the System –

* Other Ways of using video! – This is Nollywood
A film about Nollywood – check out the photo gallery and the film trailer!

Armed with a few thousand dollars, digital cameras, and some lights, Nigerian directors have created a $250 million industry, thousands of jobs, and a sense of hope on a continent better known for blight and despair……………….This Is Nollywood tells the story of the Nigerian film industry–a revolution enabling Africans with few resources to tell African stories to African audiences. Despite all odds, Nigerian directors produce between 500 and 1,000 movies a year. The disks sell wildly all over the continent–Nollywood actors have become stars from Ghana to Zambia.

* The Blog and the Bullet

An aggregator blog

“The Best Blogs Concerning Racial Issues, White Supremacy, and Other Radical Musings”

* Pambazuka Podcast

Robtel Paley talks to Caine Prize winner Segun Afolabi who also reads an exert – Also Pambazuka first edition with photos including my blog roundup – Review of African Blogs

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