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****Ecology magazine interviews Wangari Maathai

Speaking on the launch of her memoir “Unbowed”. On Carbon off-setting schemes and the planting of trees..

Now let me say this. There are some people who really criticise the whole issue of carbon off-setting and carbon trading and they argue that it’s a way of removing the guilt from the Western companies or governments, who feel that they can tell the people ‘okay, you can go on and pollute the environment, because we are planting trees somewhere in Africa.’ Now, there may be some legitimacy in that, but on the other hand, we in the south need to plant a lot of trees. Definitely in Africa, we need to plant billions of trees to off-set not so much the carbon but to halt desertification processes. We don’t have resources to do that, even within the Green Belt Movement we don’t have the resources to do what needs to be done. So if people come and say ‘we want to help you plant your trees; we have money and we think that if you plant more trees you will not only be helping yourselves but you will also be helping us trying to remove the carbon that is already in the atmosphere’ — even if you are only thinking about what is already trapped in the atmosphere – I would say, yeah, come, let’s partner.

****African women activists speak at Havard

The Bridge Builders Conference presents both public events where the Bridge Builders share their own frontline experience with the Harvard community and private classroom sessions where the Bridge Builders hear from Harvard faculty about topics such as fundraising, leadership development, and strategic management.

****3 Women and 7 mountains

3 South African women from an informal settlement in Cape Town, set off last November with the aim of climbing the worlds highest mountains and join an elite group of less than 200 people across the world who have climbed 7 summits.

****Out in Africa film festival reviews

**BLACK BEAULAHS – Dir: Fanney Tsimong South Africa

Having been involved in the making of this film means that my review may well be biased. Nevertheless, as one of the very few local films on offer this year, it’s certainly worth checking out. This almost hour-long documentary explores the lives of three black gay men who live in Soweto. You’ll meet Somizi / Gigi – a performer, dancer and talk-show host, the bodybuilder Chix and DK the funeral director. For the most part they are openly gay. Narrated by the director, it’s really a personal character study from the filmmaker’s perspective; unabashedly and positively depicting black gay life — something rarely seen in Africa. While it’s played at film festivals internationally, this will be Black Beaulahs’ South African premiere (a contractual dispute with the SABC has seen the film held back from being screened on TV as intended). Director Fanney Tsimong, who is a guest of the festival, will introduce screenings of the film.

****New Internationalist Online on corruption across the globe

The corruption Busters – lessons to be learned – in 1992 a group of women in Palermo, Sicily took on the mafia..

In the July heat, the women staged a hunger strike in the centre of Palermo and demanded the resignation of ministers who had failed to protect the judges or take any action against their killers. ‘We women felt our responsibility very keenly,’ says Piera Fallucca, a long-term member of the Association of Women Against the Mafia. ‘Men are inside the system of death and violence — it is their system; at that time, women stood outside it. We wanted to break the chain of death and violence… I think we shamed people into taking action.’

****My Video

A South African video portal to challenge You Tube will offer South African users their own space to upload local content.

****Bar Camp Nairobi More blogging innovation from Kenyan bloggers – another excuse to visit Nairobi? If only!

an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos, and interaction from attendees. Everyone should come prepared to stand up and talk about something – this is interactive