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Liquid Plastic: Sisterhood is Everything

I came by Liquid Plastic through Nasra Al Adawi’s blog “A Window Within Myself”. A beautiful blog of poetry and journaling on her thoughts and experiences which she describes as a “poetic diary” – it is one of my favourite blogs, and visiting is always a very soothing and uplifiting experience. Nasra is editing a book of testimonies survivors of cancer called “Brave Faces :The Daring Stand Against Cancer” – the proceeds of which will go towards spreading cancer awareness in Tanzania.

Women are made up of Liquid Plastic, they can shape and mold themselves into anything they desire. They have the ability to be as moveable as water or hard as steel. Women are all things, and have been called by many negative names because of it.

There are 9 members so far but all women are free to join – you just have to write a short piece about yourself and why you want to join – not an easy task I admit which is why I am still pondering the idea. Even if you dont join up the poems and stories are all very beautiful and inspiring.

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