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No land, no house, no vote


Interview with System Cele frontline activist and member of Abahlali baseMjondolo Women’s league


System on Police Brutality


Nowadays police brutality has become a daily bread, especially in the informal settlements. Whether you are a male or a female to the police it’s the same. I don’t know where did the police bury their conscience.

A time ago when you see the police van you felt that you are now safe, but now things have changed. In the Kennedy Road informal settlement they come when ever they want. They go door to door searching men, beating them without reason, making them to do ‘push ups’.

On the 19th March 2005 we were having a big march against our councillor. The police where there to play their role. They chased us with their vans and grabbed 14 comrades including 2 teenagers still schooling and pregnant woman. They took them to the police station and beat them. One of the teenagers they let the dog loose to bite her in the leg. That was abusive. Once again, above all that, they sent them to Westville prison. They were in that place for ten days. But ‘Our 14 Heroes’ won their case.

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