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For better or for worse?

UK firm Tullow Oil has announced the discovery of 600 million barrels of light oil offshore from Ghana.

Tullow chief executive Aidan Heavey said it was one of the biggest oil discoveries in Africa in recent times, but warned it could be up to seven years before the oil started to flow.

Ghana’s President John Kufuor told the BBC that the discovery would give a major boost to Ghana’s economy.

“Oil is money, and we need money to do the schools, the roads, the hospitals. If you find oil, you manage it well, can you complain about that?

“Even without oil, we are doing so well, already. Now, with oil as a shot in the arm, we’re going to fly,” he said.

Culled from BBC Africa news.


  1. Sokari

    Annie @ For better? They have enough examples of “Worse” to learn from and not make the same mistakes.

  2. ah, the old “oil = schools” argument.
    btw, you’ve been tagged

  3. Ah, the curse of oil. I hope they never have to wish it wasn’t discovered in the first place — afterall, Nigeria was ‘doing so well’ before the discovery of oil.

  4. Well, considering how little we’ve managed to do with gold, diamonds, aluminium, manganese and cocoa I’m not holding out for any miracles here. I just hope it doesn’t make things worse