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Not sure if this is posted anywhere else but thanks to Abdurahman of No Longer At Ease for sending me the link…………..Warning – this may make you puke so have a bag ready!

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  1. Thanks for you work, Sokari. Great work!
    Have a good weekend.

    Desde Portugal.

  2. Why would anyone spend valuable time listening to this man that see himself as god of Nigeria? I beg change the channel!

  3. soul

    This doesn’t make me puke at all.
    there are many things and reasons why I salute OBJ and some reasons why I want to knock him on his head and scream at him.
    I have never really understood the intense hatred that people have for him with regards to this 8 year term that he just completed.
    In these 8 years he has done more for Nigeria than most.
    I just don’t get it.
    National debt has been paid. there is re-influx of the ‘brain drain’ people are coming back to the country not because they are being driven away, but because they can and they want to.

    It almost seems like people finally have the space and room to believe that they can and should demand better, that they can have more, that their officials should serve them and not themselves.
    They can actually protest, they can vehemently disagree..
    Is there corruption.. yes. Oh God yes there is and it is still appalling, BUT at least we had in OBJ someone who was willing to admit the problem and make steps towards tackling it.
    Is the tackling sometimes uneven YES it is. but damnit he did something, he did more than Abacha ever did.
    He laid foundations that no-one ever thought or dared to dream could be laid down.

    I thought the video was interesting, I never knew 13% of monies goes to the communities where the oil is being farmed from.
    What is happening to that 13%. Which of the elders are responsible for it and what are they doing with it?.
    And yes he was correct!.. The Delta crisis is a crisis for foreigners because of OIL.
    If I were president, the crisis is would not just be about oil, it would be about people and the stability of my country and government.

    There is oil in texas, Texas also has some of the poorest, most down trodden, depressing, backward neighbourhoods in the USA. Why?. Wasn’t it because most of the governors of Texas were more interested in lining their pockets and satisfying the needs of big business?.
    Isn’t this similar to what is going on in Naija?.
    What happened when it was revealed that the governor of delta was mismanaging funds.. what did the deltarians do?

    I don’t profess to know everything about the delta crisis nor about the struggle of Nigeria as a whole, but in my book.. OBJ’s second go at running the country will go down as a key turning point in Naija’s history. It will go down as a time when we finally elected someone who helped us find our voices of discontent again.
    This is turning too long. My apologies

  4. Comment by post author


    Imnakoya@ I believe Soul above has answered your question. It is sad to read how someone can actually justify this man’s term in office including the conduct of the elections and responding to the ludicrous is a waste of my valuable time.

  5. soul

    I guess I’ve just been told then. Despite acknowledging what I do not know, you feel responding would be a waste of your time?.

    I guess that’s it then isn’t it?

  6. oh one more thing before I leave Sokari..
    I just wondered when you stopped engaging. When you stopped looking at an opportunity to reach out and inform opinion.
    I came from a different angle, a different way of seeing it. I admitted what I did not know, how I saw events.

    When did you stop wanting to inform and correct?.
    If there was something wrong about what I typed, why not show me why and tell me why there is nothing positive to see in the past 8 years of Nigeria’s history?.
    i did not justify the conduct of the elections.. and if you think I did.. you could point out where..

    Just as I won’t justify the conduct of the scottish elections where ballot boxes were stolen and tampered with.

    I personally think that it is a great thing that we as Nigerians can and do have a little more freedom to complain and condemn what we see as incorrect as well as call our leaders to account.
    I just remember a time when we couldn’t do that at all.

    But Sokari, you know what?, blogging has taught me a heck of a lot and I am contantly learning.
    Thanks for the lesson.

  7. Comment by post author


    Soul@ I agree with you on Nigerians having the freedom to complain and condemn and if you look through this blog you will see much of that coming from me.

    In this instance I felt that OBJ’s responses to the questions were so ludicrous and full of blatant lies that I could not imagine how he could be defended.

    Nonetheless I apologise for dismissing your comment and take your point in my choosing not to specifically respond to you. I dont see this as my starting to “disengage”. On the contrary anyone following this blog and reading my posts on Nigeria and the Niger Delta would know my position and opinion on OBJ and these can be accessed via the archives.

    More people have died and been injured under his leadership in the Niger Delta than during the years of Abacha and Babaginda.

    Why because he has refused repeatedly to engage with the activists and people of the Niger Delta and instead chosen to continue the militarisation of the region and use the armed forces and mobile police to attack villages and towns in the region.

    OBJ’s leadership was supposed to be a democratically elected one therefore I dont see how we can begin to compare his leadership with that of former military dictatorships. He has to be measured against other civilian regimes not military ones.

    The 13% you mention is a paltry sum as far as I am concerned and does not compensate for the huge sums of monies earned by the Federal government nor the environmental destruction of farms, rivers and creeks in the region. The leaders in the Niger Delta both elected and traditional are no less corrupt than the rest of the country and they too have to take responsibility for the misuse of funds – again I have criticised the ND leadership on this blog many times.

    When Alamieyeseigha returned to Nigeria and tried to return to his position as Governor, the Niger Delta people refused so it is not true to say they did nothing. The man was thrown out.

    If the ND was only a crisis only because of foreign oil why has the Nigerian government for the past 15 years colluded with the oil companies in destroying the environment (ie not enforcing environmental standards on the oil companies, sending out troops to defend the oil companies and attacking innocent people etc). Why were the Ogoni 9 hanged by Abacha? Why have towns and villages in the region been levelled to the ground by Nigerian mobile police and army? Nigeria is a rentier state that lives off oil to the detriment of all other industries and the agricultural sector. Is it not oil that has made the leaders of the country including OBJ richer than they could have ever dreamed of? So to say that the ND is in crisis for foreigners is to ignore the fact that Nigeria’s sole income is through oil. Everything is reliant on the sale of oil. Yes there are poor in Texas but the level of poverty in the ND is the worst ever seen in an oil producing region throughout the world. That is a fact that cannot be debated.

    As for irregularities in Scotland – No country including the US is without some degree of irregularities in their election process. But this past election in Nigeria stands alone in the sheer level of fraud and disenfranchisement of people – even if one compares it to previous elections in the country.

    Nigeria’s record of human rights is one of the worst, the press are not free, people have and continue to be tortured by the police and security forces – the list goes on.

    I am not sure what you are saying in your last sentence but hope I have responded to some of the points you raised.