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Social Movements

Reproductive Justice

Sister Song presented two excellent workshops on reproductive justice and neo-liberalism. We had presentations on neo-liberalism, reproductive oppression, health rights justice and eugenics. The eugenics or “Emerging Genetic Reproductive Technology” was really scary stuff. Incidentally eugenics started in the US not in Nazi Germany as I had thought but the “movement” came to a close with the rise of Hitler in Germany. The Sister Song collective are engaged in some excellent action orientated work in communities of colour across the US. Anyone interested in reading more on Reproductive Justice and there other work can do so at the Sister Song site “Understanding Reproductive Justice”.


Personally , the Africa Tent has been a bit of a disappointment as the workshops tended to be on an introductory level so for me and those familiar with the issues, there hasn’t been much to learn or gain. Still there have been some good informal post workshop conversations. Yesterday I stayed for the Liberia workshop which was based around how to start a campaign to highlight Firestone’s abuses over the past 100 years in their rubber plantations. For more on the campaign to date see the “Stop Firestone”