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Ousmane.jpg“The father of African film” has just passed away. Senegalese writer and filmmaker Sembène Ousmane died in Dakar yesterday following an illness. He was 84.


  1. Sokari

    Annie@ This is so very sad. Africa has lost a great person, film maker, writer a true human being. I was talking about him last night, about his film Moolade – how strange that he came to mind.

  2. Sokari

    I have searched for an obituary for Sembene Ousmane and so far this has been the best I could find.

    Sembene Ousmane


    Not sure what the point of saying he had 3 children out of “wedlock” has to do with an obituary of Ousmane and his life’s work! is it not sufficient to say he is survived by his wives and his children?

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