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Telegraphic plagiarism

Approximately one year ago some readers may remember a post I wrote “Bag Woman” which included the following photo of all my bags during my move to a new apartment. The comment received various responses referring to the “names” of the bags from different parts of the world.


On April 13th this year Koranteng’s Toli wrote a piece “Bags and Stamps” – a brilliant piece in pure Koranteng’s form and in which he referred to my piece “Bag Woman”

Last year Sokari Ekine revealed her own bag woman tendancies and opened the discussion – she’s a connoisseur. In response, Georgia Popplewell noted that “in Trinidad I’ve heard those bags called Guyanese Samsonite”. We learnt that in Germany, per contra, they are known as “Tuekenkoffer” or Turkish suitcase. In Boston I’ve heard them referenced as Chinatown totes, and called Bangladeshi bags in England, presumably after the 1970s influx of Bangladeshi immigrants.

Koranteng and I are not the only ones writing about “bags”. He has picked out a piece in the Daily Telegraph written by Liz Hunt titled “Immigrants have bags of ambition“. In a letter to the Telegraph, Koranteng writes

I noted with interest that Liz Hunt’s recent opinion piece – Immigrants have bags of ambition (June 2, 2007) – was a nice reworking of my April 13, 2007 essay, Bags and Stamps, published on my blog, Koranteng’s Toli.

While I appreciate that this means that I have readers in high places, the norm when remixing on the web is to include a link to the originating source of the material.

I’ll assume that this was a minor oversight on her part and, for what it’s worth, she adds a little colour, her personal perspective and indeed some original reporting – not a bad remix – she certainly channeled my words and ideas quite effectively.

Still one wonders about these things… A cursory examination reveals wholesale, shall we say, lifting of said words and ideas……………..Continue

He has posted a short comparison table so it is clear to see where the plagiarism lies.

So friends and blogging comrades, in support of Koranteng, myself and all those whose comments were plagiarised in this article please spread the word and watch out for the MSM in case they eat your words next time.

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  1. Gosh! I read the Daily Telegraph and they have just been trying to introduce their readership to blogging.

    This does not augur well if part of the exercise does not include warning against plagiarism – one must always attribute if the thought is not original, even if you have a wide circulation and clout like the Daily Telegraph.

    Bill Deedes would be far from impressed by this rotten development, he is 94 and was editor from 1974 to 1986, he still writes for the paper.

  2. funny… was just talking about these bags the other day after renting paris je t’aime on DVD. they made an appearance in one of the short films. sad that people can’t bother to write their own material. she even copied the misspelling of türkenkoffer…

  3. The article “Bags and Stamps” — is simply brilliant.

    Plagiarism — I have now gotten into this habit were I lift (copy) text from some blogs and paste them into google’s search textbox, just to make sure its original.

    I will spread the word…

  4. Plagiarism as we know it was fashioned for paper, the idea needs to be re worked. Events like this will continue. The lines have become blurry.

  5. Jay

    Holy sh~t!

    I am both stunned and yet not at all surprised.

    I will spread the word.

  6. JKE

    Oh yeah I remember that story about these bags. I think Kui had to use one of those the other day while flying to Abu.