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Pink Pistol-Packing Lesbian Gangs are Terrorizing the Nation

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I came home from class and did my usual blog checking and I came across to an interesting post entitled “Beware: Lesbian Gangs Terrorize Men with Pink Pistols” over at Grits & Eggs. Grits & Eggs is described as

A forum for five exceptionally ordinary people: a Black woman who loves women and is addicted to words and music; a Chicana feminist who loves superhero’s and poetry; the transgender son of South Indian parents who lives in the spaces in between what you think and don’t know; a woman who left Communism in the Ukraine, found bigotry in the U.S., and is learning love in Chile; and a mixed Muslim Special Ed teacher who loves bellydancing and everything delicious in the world…

Anyhoo, Gee over at Grits & Eggs writes:

Bill O’Reilly and posse expose national underground networks of lesbians recruiting youth in order to indoctrinate them into homosexuality and commit violent crimes against men.

Oh my! Let’s crack down on this immediately because men cannot live under a constant fear of violence–a fear and level of harassment that queer individuals and women face on a daily basis.

I can’t wait for O’Reilly to uncover the worldwide underground work of feminist gangs working to eradicate masculinist ideologies and practices from the face of the planet. Too bad the feminist angle wouldn’t be as sensational without pink pistols

By the way, I like how O’Reilly immediately connects gang activity with a low-socioeconomic background. Nice use of stereotypes. It’s getting harder and harder for me to understand how this can be passed off as legit news.

Just in case you got lost in the clip because you were too busy trying to figure out if it was a hoax or not, here is a quick run down:

The gangs, known as Dykes Taking Over (DTO) or Gays Taking Over, are forcing children into homosexuality. Wheeler told host Bill O’Reilly: “there is this national underground network, if you will, Bill, of women that’s lesbians and also some men groups that’s actually recruiting kids as young as 10 years old in a lot of the schools in the communities all across the country.”


In addition to carrying weapons and violently attacking people the lesbian gangs rape girl victims they recruit. “As a matter of fact,” said Wheeler, “some of the kids have actually reported that they were actually forced into, you know, performing sex acts and doing sex acts with some of these people.”


Homosexual activist bloggers are denouncing the O’Reilly Factor expose as falsehood. The Eyewitness News report, however, also noted that homosexual activists had complained of the news special report. It was presented, said the news station, out of concern for children and parents. GTO incidents were reported in at least ten high schools in the Memphis area.

The story on the GTO gangs is an old one but the story has not received wide media coverage.

An NBC10 report from Philadelphia in 2004 titled “Students fear ‘lesbian gang’ at school” noted DTO members were harassing other students. Young female students were interviewed for the report and told of being bullied to becoming lesbians, of being groped and harassed in gym and girls bathrooms.

read rest of story here

What’s interesting about this story besides combining the fear and hatred of people of color, poor folks and the LGBT community all into one 3 minute segment is that much of the story cannot be corroborated. Rod Wheeler, the abstruse Black man who serves as the FOX News crime analyst was unable to provide single law enforcement agency or officer, police report, media account or any other source he relied upon for his D.C. area lesbian gangs claim! See here.

Check the Southern Poverty Law Center page which sites some serious inconsistencies, factual gaps, lacks of evidence and straight up mythmaking embedded in the O’Reilly report. Are pink pistol-packing lesbian gangs really terrorizing the nation?

Susy Buchanan and David Holthouse at the Southern Poverty Law say:

The sad truth is that sensationalized, undocumented, fear-driven reports about [gays and lesbians] preying on children are proven to be a ratings winner, and the station managers and news producers know that because they’re reporting about gays and lesbians they don’t have to be as concerned about backing up their sensationalism with actual facts and figures,” Robinson told the Report. “The O’Reilly segment essentially reported a national epidemic of lesbian gangs preying on young girls without offering up one solid figure or one credible source. This type of reporting creates a climate of homophobia and fear and perpetuates dangerous stereotypes of gay people and definitely helps feed into a climate of anti-gay discrimination and violence, which is a true national epidemic, but not one you’re likely to see reported with such zeal by Bill O’Reilly.”

I’ll keep you posted.


  1. Clair

    I know that this raises some serious issues, but my first reaction was Tee Hee! I can only hope most americans have slightly more serious things to worry about than ‘pink pistol packers’.

  2. elle

    If this is true, and that’s a ginormous IF if it’s emanating from the twisted tongue of Bill O’Reilly, I pray those pink pistol packing lesbians find the time to pop a cap in O’Reilly’s derriere. 🙂

  3. Average American confused by the modern world, involved in an evangelical religion have all their questions answered by Fox news. They vote, and they are being swayed by those with the agenda of eradicating minorities, homosexuals and other folk that upset their notion of well being and privilege.