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It seems like weeks since I have journeyed through the blogosphere and visited old friends and spaces – here are a few posts I thought of mentioning.

I read this post on No Longer At Ease which provides a reality check into what ordinary people want and what they think of democracy.

But what do the people of Hong Kong really want?. A BBC reporter asked one of the people of Hong Kong what he thinks:

Across the lane, Ming Chan was crouched over his flower stall, preparing an extravagant bouquet of purple flowers. He too was cynical.

“In the past, if you were poor, you could work hard and get on”, he said. “That’s not true any more. In today’s Hong Kong, you’ve got to be educated, a middle class professional. Not an uneducated entrepreneur.”

So what about democracy, I asked. He laughed. “Democracy? The poor don’t want a vote, we all want a better life”. “As for democracy”, he added, “we barely know what the word means.”

On a related topic, Annansi Chronicles wonders about the role of Africa’s billionaires in the scramble for Africa’s resources and where do they get their money from?

While this means there is more African representation in Robert Frank’s Richistan, many of us in lower to not-even-close Richistan, are beginning to ask even more questions about what role Africans play in the scramble for Africa’s resources. A BIG question raised in the conversation about African billionaires on Forbes’ list was, where are those billionaires getting their money?

An awful disturbing story from AfroMusing on the rape of a small baby in Kenya. Lucy is being cared for by the Nest home in Limuru, Kenya. As Afro says, her story is not comfortable reading but we still need to read it. For details on how to support Lucy see Afro’s blog.


  1. Sokari, that is a very disturbing story. Sadly, earth contains many evil people who won’t think twice about hurting others, even family members. Unfortunately, innocent beings like this poor baby are unable to stay out of harm’s way. Sadder still, while the words written about this child will sadden and dishearten many who are already trying to make their way through a broken world, it won’t stop the next incident of abuse like this, which is probably happening right now. I’m not being cynical, just realistic. I’ve been following your blog for some time, Sokari. Many times I have read your posts and thought of that old song/saying “there but for fortune go you or I.”

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    Dave@ yes, I have read many stories like this one. I dont know what to say really, there are no words. It is too way sickening.