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Resident Evil 5

The new Resident Evil video game depicts a white man in what appears to be Africa killing Black people. The Black people are supposed to be zombies and the white man’s job is to destroy them and save humanity. “I have a job to do and I’m gonna see it through.”

This is problematic on so many levels, including the depiction of Black people as inhuman savages, the killing of Black people by a white man in military clothing, and the fact that this video game is marketed to children and young adults. Start them young… fearing, hating, and destroying Black people.

UPDATE: Black Face Goes HD


  1. This makes him a man?

  2. Gamer137

    And yet RE4 had no problems when the “inhuman savages” are white.

  3. R_N

    But they… ARE zombies. They aren’t “supposed” to be zombies.

    If it’s any comfort, most of the zombies in the first 5 games (0-4) were white.

  4. Comment by post author


    Yes… I am more comfortable with the zombies being white. In fact, ALL zombies should be white from this day forth.

  5. Darrel

    Just thought you might want to knowm this game is made by the Japanese, not Americans.

    Also, if white men, hispanics and asians can be zombies, so should black people. Why should black people be so special in that they’re the only race that cannot be zombies?

    Also, I don’t know if you’re being sarcastic, but you’re coming off as being racist yourself because you think all zombies should be white.

  6. Adam Starks

    In all the other Resident Evil games, and there are more than just four others, the primary enemies have been white, as the storyline and the outbreak has always taken place in the U.S. or, as in RE 4, Spain.

    Many of the enemies throughout the series weren’t even human at all, much less zombies, and in RE 4 none of them were zombies. It was more like the people being mind controlled.

    The White Man is a returning character from RE, and now the game appears to be set in Africa. According to the statistics of racial make-up in the world, I’d actually say that whites have been unfairly discriminated against in the series, if anything, since so many of them have been enemies in RE. It only seems fair that Africans get treated equally, and with only one game full of primarily black enemies to six games full of primarily white, from a racial viewpoint I’d say that the Africans are getting off easy.

    Now I’d expect, as this has been the case with all other RE games, that this game will be rated Mature, which means only 17+ can buy it. Currently, our retailers have something like an 86% denial for underage buyers, which is far better than the movie industry does at keeping age restricted content away from young people.

    Also, since the game is rated M, I find it highly unlikely that Capcom will market it to people under that age, i.e. there won’t be commercials or trailers on kids channels such as Cartoon Network and Nickleodeon, or in kid movies such as Cars and Ratatouille. So beyond that, I don’t see how they could move further from marketing to kids without stopping their marketing.

    Hell, adult women are bigger players and purchasers of games that minor males, and the average age of gamers in general is around 33 years old, so specifically advertising towards children would be a waste of money.

    And about trying to seed racism in the minds of our youth, the last time I checked Resident Evil was made by Capcom, a Japanese company. And I’ve never heard of the Japanese committing cultural war against Africans or the African culture.

    So before you jump to conclusions based off of a short and extremely pre-release trailer, can you please do some actual research and think beyond the surface about what it is that you’re attacking?

  7. Buck

    I really do hope this is a joke. There is plenty of real racism alive and well in the world today and words cannot describe how disgusting it can be, but it is garbage rants like this that take attention from real problems. It is absurd and insulting to everyone to suggest this game is in anyway being designed to teach anyone to hate black people. You seem to have left out the fact that RE0-3 were filled with white people and RE4 contained specifically Spaniards. I would almost think you should be more insulted it took them this long to include African people.

  8. daniel3

    agree that there is some uneasiness…

    1st… in Capcom’s defense, no one has seen the whole game… maybe in the story, the main character is trying to save the African Village or something like that… maybe there are some black africans portrayed in a more positive way…. maybe other levels take place in different locations with enemies that look different… maybe somehow the game sheds some light on the poverty level Africans face… no one knows what’s in the whole game yet

    another point to consider is that Resident Evil is about feeling helpless and afraid, and feeling as though you’re being hunted by the enemies… so, you could look at from the perspective of playing as a white person being persecuted by the Africans in a setting where you’re the minority and not really getting any fair treatment…. so it could be like a little juxtaposition if they were able to communicate this (i’m a little biased because i’m a resident evil fan)

    if it turns out that the game is mostly the white guy blowing up the black “zombies” in Africa, then i would agree that it’s in bad taste and racially insensitive…. maybe if Capcom changed the main character to be (and look) black and maybe made him to be from Africa himself in the story, that would help…

    But, I think we should wait to see what’s in the game before passing judgement… they’ve never had anything racially insensitive in their games before

    don’t see how it’s being marketed to children more than any other age demographic (they also haven’t really done too much marketing yet)

  9. Fred

    If you honestly believe that the average white kid is going to look at this game and think, “wow, finally a game where I can kill blacks,” then there are much more pressing issues you need to be concerned about.

    I’m going to make an educated guess about this game. Chris (the white guy) is sent to the village to investigate an outbreak. His helicopter crashes and he wakes up surrounded by zombies. He hooks up is a local resistance (the black guy with the megaphone) and meets a mysterious woman (no doubt Jill Valentine). Together, they find and kill the guy that unleashed the infestation.

    Man, that’s a racist plotline.

    There will also be an unlockable minigame where Chris and Jill do it in the back of an Ford truck.

  10. Ryo

    As a black woman myself, I’m disgusted by your ignorance and easily offending manor. This game is meant for 17+, and has shot other zombies of color.

    Why bring this issue up and recycle the hate machine?

  11. Why is it that an african american (like one of the characters in crackdown) killing white people is completely normal, and a white guy killing africans is racist?!?

    Funny thing is, I was thinking just about the same thing, when I was watching the trailer. I was thinking: Some people will really be offended by this! But that was in a sarcastic way…

  12. Anyone who agrees with the author of this blog is a racist.

  13. Miles

    Yeah, that’s the best way for us to deal with the rest of America (world). If someone makes us the bad guy, we get pissed and try to call them racists. Great. We also blatantly lie and say they’re marketing the game to children. I hope Capcom doesn’t offer a coupon on a 40oz. of Old English too. Because according to you they’re doing everything in their power to keeep us down. You stink, and you’re a liar.

  14. Yeh Right, we say that’s like saying to BIN LADEN and Al Queda should stop practising Islamic, the game should be treated as such a game, however us here in South Africa have been slowly learning interesting ways to deal with Racism, in whatever it’s form, it’s interesting what Racism is capeble of doing to the pysch of a human being, We here at Township Vibes have this simple message: If you are Racist, come out in the open and really show your mettle, we will support you in your path, really poeple look here if you dont like Black people you dont like them , then us blacks why should we care, to all racist keep on doing it, it has proven to work here, Good Luck.

    Lastly to those who feel the pitch of Racism i.e Samuel E’to embrace them(Racist) they have been here for dog years, do we really think they can Stop Now.

    Yeh Right.

  15. the oppa

    It’s just a matter of setting. It plays in Africa (presumedly), so residents would be 99% black. So what? If it played in Guatemala we would be taking out hordes of spanish looking zombies and native indian zombies. The black people in this game are recreated quite realistically regarding anatomical details. They are in no way presented as wild savages that need to be killed by a white hero to establish a new world order. They are just Zombies.
    But the graphical details are so advanced by now, the game should really be for adults only.

  16. deahendock

    Well i think that the way how the video is done and looks like it works out the “differences” between blacks and whites in a stereotype way. I think there are 3 possibilities:

    1. The people who created and published the video just care if it could mess up with colored people.

    2. It’s not supposed to be racistic but to be provocative so that people dicuss it like here.

    3. It is racistic.

    I think that option 2 is the most probably one. I don’t agree with alot of stuff the games industrie does. But that games are always taken up again and again by the way to get an ear by many people, mostely of political reasons, is not new at all. And to say in this case that all zombies should be white is just a sarcastic interpretation of how many poor and low-paid colored people in the usa or elsewhere feel like. So all that discussion is just puffed-up yadda yadda.

  17. deahendock

    To point 1: I ment don’t care! Im sorry.

  18. nullskill

    hi there!

    i think its cool: a new setting in re!

    gamers dont think about racism! they only play games. i’m a white european man and i played almost all races in the world, i think. and if there are white, black, hispanics, asian, … “enemies” in the game, it doesnt matter. cause in a gamers world the color is always the same!

    best example: the game GTA SAN ANDREAS! me, a white man, plays a black man killing whites! but its only a game and it doesent matter. so im not interested in killing any “colored” people, just in playing the game!

    and if you ever watched zombie-films: believe me, there are black zombies!

    i think zombies and voodoo stuff (i think voodoo is coming from black culture, but i dont know exactly) are almost the same kind of weird stuff. in movies with voodoo the people are mindless too, zombie-like…

    so i see no problem with any games.

  19. AngryGamer

    I don’t get it. The game is made by the Japanese. You are basically saying the Japanese are in league with the White man to keep african people down. How silly does that sound? Get over it. It’s a video game. The racism you see is in your head. Why did no one throw a fit at RE 4 with the spanish ganado or the previous entries with caucasian zombies? This reverse racism crap has to stop. You can’t call foul whenever you want especially if you are ignorant of all the facts.

  20. just_sad

    It´s just sad that you have the time to fight video games instead fighting against real problems. Your quote “Yes… I am more comfortable with the zombies being white. In fact, ALL zombies should be white from this day forth.” is the best confirmation that you are the racist in this whole story.
    What kind of attitude is that? You are so poisioned by your vision of fighting everything that you don´t notice that you became the beast you were fighting… sad for you!

  21. AngryGamer

    It’s sad that racists like the blogger on this page are so blinded by hate that they are just as worse as the people they fight.

  22. Ms. CLeo

    I think the blogger needs a reality check. The previous 4 RE games, as well as Coder veronica, and the other spin off, have always had white zombies, and or zombies depicting ppl of the region they were in. I think your blog is pretty silly imo. And you should make some sort of apology for being so ridiculous.

  23. Eddie

    Ok not to be a wet towel but first off they are not zombies, zombies are dead people that are re-animated, the undead. What is in the Resident Evil games and movies is actualy a virus that infects the living and gives them zombie like characteristics. So in the game the africans you see are victums of the virus that the hero is trying to stop from infecting others. this in the 5th game in the series and the developers are just going for a new location trying to keep the game fresh. If you see any racism in it its because you are looking for it. if the main character was a black guy and he was droped off in ireland with a bunch of pale whit zombies I would have no problem with that ither and would not be thinking ” oh crap, look, this game is so racist, they are teaching that white people are evil and its ok for black people to kill us” also the game is rated mature and not realy marketed to young kids. the average age of a gamer is 34, and what also keeps younger kids away from the resident evil games is the game play, it is slow, tedious, you have to pay attention to clues etc etc, if you have a short attention span like most kids you are not going to be playing this game very much if at all, it plays more like a slow mystery novel rather than a all out slash and hack like the trailer indicates, in game you dont fight so many infected at a time, just one here then later one there. So basicly you dont have to worry about this game spreading racism like you may think it will. Im sure the hundreds or thousands of African American men that pick this game up and play it through wont have a problem with it ither.

  24. spartan_070

    Resident Evil 1-3, set in Racoon City, Midwest US with all the zombies of white American decent, oh perfectly fine.

    Resident Evil 4, taking out of the US setting and going to Europe, into a Spanish village (or at least Spanish speaking), and killing of the infested locals? Well, they are European.

    Set it in a African village where the local people are black, and it is racist. Alternatives… alternatives. I got a few.

    We can still set it in Africa, and change all the African people to white. I am sure that is a real great way of making them happy.

    Well we could stop trying to set games in Africa. Pretend Africa and villages and cities where black people are the majority do not exist. Yea, that is perfect, lets pretend these people do not exist whenever we make violent video games. Can’t discriminate if your never represented in games.

    Or we could make the main character Japanese, or Hispanic, or black, would that be better somehow, if the main character was not white? Because only if the protagonist is white can it be racist, and any other race would only have the village and its inhabitance in context, where a white protagonist has to be racist?

    And of course, this game marketed to children, despite the rest of the Resident Evil games being rated M, for Mature, to be the parents decision of 17- if it is suitable.

    Nobody complained about Black Hawk Down did they. I swear if Resident Evil 5 gets banned over this rubbish.

  25. Rou

    So, was Black Hawk Down racist? The man character was a white guy going around Somalia killing black people. I mean, sure, it’s based on real event, but we shouldn’t let that stand in the way of our racial rally cries.

    The fact of the matter that any game set in Africa is going to have a larger preponderance of black characters. In a game concept when the mass populous turns into zombies, that mean the zombies will be black.

    Game developers could just avoid the entire continent. Of course, then you’d probably just cry about how they were ignoring the black culture. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Get over it.

  26. Soldatlouis

    I’ve heard about this blog entry via GamePolitics ( ). Kym Platt’s concern is shared by some gamers too, and it sparked a debate on GP. I don’t know what to think about it yet, as I don’t know enough about the game. However, I have a huge problem with this :

    “the fact that this video game is marketed to CHILDREN and young adults”

    “Children” ? Please ! This is a “survival horror” game, the equivalent of slasher/horror movies. As far as I know, previous Resident Evil episodes have always been rated “M” for “Mature” (which means suitable for 17-years-old and more). Even though 17-years-old people are not technically “adults”, you cannot call them “children” !

  27. ThrashWolf

    Actually, In resident evil 4, the action was like the video, for the best part of the game, I’d say. and considering the positive response the game got, it wouldn’t surprise me if capcom went with full out “over the shoulder style” action. the fact is, capcom chose America for the first few resident evil games, and guess what, the majority of enemies were white Americans. resident evil 4 was set in Spain. The enemies? Hispanics. Now if capcom were to do a game in Africa, what race would the people generally be? anyone with more than three braincells could of guessed it: black Africans. Capcom are going for realism, not racism. In Japan, Europe, and America, the resident evil 4 game had the Americans talking english, the Spanish talking Spanish, and the guns talking lead. why? because that’s what it would be like in real life. As far as I can see, there’s only one problem with the game: it’s not coming out soon enough. personally, I don’t have a problem with who I’m shooting(in games, of course) they could be genderless bright blue people for all I care. the above article is just stupidity in itself, oh, a game where black people are shot by a white man? must be racism. Lets not bother to find out that other resident evil games have had white people being shot, the white man is actually a returning character so that capcom doesn’t need to create a whole new back story, and that there’s rumours of a second player who is black. Do your research first before shouting out about somthing you probably don’t have a passion for.

  28. Lefty

    I just dont understand some people the blogger here needs his head checked. This is a computer game and its not even made for children it will no doubt be 18+. The world has gone P.C. mad and its people like you who cause a divide. What happend with the slave trade was horrific and no one can justify it. But people move on build a better future not stop dwelling on things that have happend in the past. I mean should we hate all german because there great granfathers had different ideal that we have today. should every ww2 fps be banned because it shows the germans in a bad way. Stop looking for things to moan about and go out and make the world a better place by showing love to everyone.

  29. R u Serious!

    You gotta be kidding right?

    How many games are there killing “white zombies”, honestly, u gotta be kidding.

  30. Blazingluke

    I’m sure it’s probably been pointed out more than once in other comments, but:

    The Resident Evil series have never been marketed towards children. Not a single game has received anything other than a Mature(17+) rating from the ESRB. That means the game is intended for older teens and adults. The idea behind this is that players over that age are (for the most part) responsible and have already grown up to be able to look at a video game and keep it separate from reality.

  31. jeff

    It is interesting that the original poster hasn’t commented on these (mostly) well written and factual responses.

    Oh well, I’m sure they will be happy with the influx of hits on their website as this moves its way around gaming sites.

  32. reading too much into this...

    for fuck sake, this is PATHETIC

    they are setting the RE games in various places around the world to show the spread of mutagens, in the first 3 games it was all localized, then 4 set the game in a spanish country to show that europe is vulnerable, and now they have set the game in africa to show the same effect.

    the main character is white because HE WAS WHITE IN THE OLD GAMES, AND THIS IS STORY BASED!
    black people are making up the majority of the enemies because IT IS SET IN AFRICA!
    as far as i can tell, there are more black people in africa than there are white people (unless you want to dispute this?), so it makes sense that there are alot of black people in this game under the effect of the virus

    i can tell the next argument is going to be “why did they pick africa?!”; they chose africa because they are covering races to shown that no-one is safe from the viral menace (they have done white people, they have done spaniards)
    if this game hadn’t of been set in africa, then it would have been an asian country, would you then have started bitching about how racist they are towards asia? no because it doesnt concern you?

    inferiority complexes are fun aren’t they?

  33. roboninja

    Horrible, knee-jerk reactions like this garner no support, no empathy, and do more disservice to the fight against racism than help it. A pathetic rant by someone that celebrates the culture of victimhood, from what I can see.

  34. Paul

    The new Resident Evil video game depicts a man in Africa killing people. The people are zombies and the man’s job is to destroy them and save humanity. “I have a job to do and I’m gonna see it through.”

    Fixed the first paragraph up for you.

  35. Anonymous

    Wow… where to start…
    “Black people as inhuman savages” ah yes, because people living in third world countries are ALWAYS a high part of society and intellectually advance.
    Chris Redfield isnt a military guy.
    Those arent humans anymore, they are zombies. Chris is only acting on self defence until he can reach/do whatever is objective is.
    “the fact that this video game is marketed to children and young adults”
    This is the single reason I hate people who dont know jack fucking shit about video games.

    Ah yes, let’s start them young, fear the black man!

  36. Anonymous

    A typical knee-jerk reaction of a racist hiding behind accusations of racism.

    I bet the original poster of the blog enjoyed playing 50 cents videogame where the player played as 50 cent killing masses of whitemen in suits? Or how about Crackdown?

    Only racists notice colour. This is true of the creator of this website. Reading this individuals website, they are only concerned with the colour of the individuals in the subject matter they are scrutinizing. Not the nature of the subject matter. In RE5’s case, shooting zombies is fine so long as their not black, no issue with violence in games then?

    I say this as a white man who is in a long loving relationship with a black woman.

  37. Tom

    That game looks so awesome.

  38. Luis

    The ignorance in this blog is overwhelming, I wished people would research their stuff a bit more. It is because of this unfounded and knee jerked reaction that we as humans can never progress. What’s next?

  39. Mad world

    World is crazy…

    Because of a blog, Chris gonna say to black zombies: >

    RE is not a game about hate against the other… It’s a ZOMBIES game !!!
    It’s not a question of skin colour: zombies are all undead !!!

  40. Nork

    alright well there isn’t enough of information released on the game yet to know they are zombies or that its in africa BUT… you people can’t complain that hes killing black people, look at the real problem IN AFRICA, black people killing other black people, thats the real problem, not some video game that ISN’T REAL, and if the white man really wanted to kill all black people, he would have done it by now. stop complaining because you’re probably just jealous that you don’t have a 360 or ps3.




  42. Nork

    and another thing it could very well be Rio de Janeiro, does anyone remember the village in city of god? looks very similar, and everyone could rejoice that the social parasites were being “cleansed”

  43. DFS

    Your statement is flawed on so many levels.

    First off, this game is NOT marketed towards children and young adults. The game will no doubt be rated “M” for Mature, which means it is not suitable for “Children and young adults”… Weather or not parents across the world do their job is a whole other discussion.

    Second, you’re taking the situation out of context. Yes, a video of a white guy shooting black people would be racially insensitive. But when put into proper context (which you mentioned said context, but decided to take it out anyway), it is a white guy, shooting African Zombies. It’s not portraying African’s as “inhuman savages”, it’s portraying zombies as inhuman savages.

    I must say, your last line is the most disturbing part of your post. “Start them young… fearing, hating, and destroying Black people.” You seem to be doing the same to your readership. Giving them a false sense of what is, and isn’t racism. When you call out things that aren’t truly racially insensitive, you’re jeopardizing the significance of those that are.

  44. Jaspermets

    they are zombies you dont most see them as black people

  45. silverwolf

    “Start them young… fearing, hating, and destroying Black people.”

    For a minute there I thought you were talking about Rap music. But then again rap music was created by Japanese so it’s ok then, isn’t is?

  46. Adeel

    The poster is a fucking idiot oh great they’re black so its a racist game…Why didn’t you post this kinda stuff when the zombies were white, its time for a change and they made them black, get a life and post something which isn’t as retarded…faggot

  47. DonMoonie


    How do you eveko thi isthe whole gae? This could be one small fraction of the game and Chris may be flown off to england or heus to kill zombies there.

    please refrain from making blogs like this again you crazy lady

  48. DonMoonie


    How do you know this is the whole game? This could be one small fraction of the game and Chris may be flown off to england or th us to kill zombies there.

    please refrain from making blogs like this again you crazy lady

  49. delete this garbage

    The poster’s real racism comes out in her comment. You’re the racist. This post should be removed because it is a mockery. The game is fine as it is, because believe it or not, even africans can get infected by this virus / plague. OMG. The virus is racist.

  50. Ithilgore

    here’s an idea, why don’t you go after things that actaully have rascism in them? This game is not racist, it is not made to be against black people, it’s a survival horror game, and part of a series. The Last one, Resident Evil 4 had the same premise as this one, only the people he was killing in order to defend himself were white Spaniards. Where’s your big outcry over racism in that?

    If you manage to see rascism in this game, then the only conclusion is that you youself want to see it. Clearly I don’t think you know very much about video games if you say it’s being marketed to children. The Resident Evil series have always been M rated, meaning they cannot legally be sold or played by anyone under 17, due to it containing many scenes of explicit violence and alsofrightening situations.

    This like the others in it’s series is being marketed to adults. It’s plot, setting, profanity amount, levels of violence and dark subject matter are all only suitable for responsible adults.

    Overall, you simply don’t know anything about gaming or this franchise, and thus aren’t qualified to proclaim it as “rascist”.

  51. D Nick


    It’s always annoying when someone blogs about something they know very little about. But I think this blog is more than that — it’s just plain sad.

    It is a knee-jerk reaction and contains massive (wrong) assumptions. The fact that you have lied in your post (“this video game is marketed to children”) discredits you and sets you apart from the tremendous work other activists do to stamp out genuine racism. Racism is a real problem — don’t waste your time fighting something that doesn’t exist, you do yourself and others a disservice.

    Your final comment of “Start them young… fearing, hating, and destroying Black people” is truly worrying — it shows you to be reactionary and inflammatory.

    Very sad indeed.

  52. Denizen

    Typical over-sensitive Political Correctness BS that keeps Racism alive and well in the world.

    Black People are not sacred beings, they are humans like everyone else.

  53. it worked!

    wow, what a way to drive hits to your site, guess we are all mindless zombies waiting to kick up a fuss about an article that was supposed to kick up a fuss about a game that is harmless
    nice! 🙂

  54. Sky

    There have been 11 Resident Evil games of you shooting primarily white zombies, 12 if you count RE4 which I’m sure the author; would since they were obviously Spaniards in Europe (which I’m sure they’d label hispanic in their ignorance.)

    Then they claim that the game is being marketed to kids, simply because it is a videogame. This completely disregards the fact that the only game in the series (which may not even be canonical) to receive anything lower than an M rating is Resident Evil Gaiden for the Gameboy Advance…and even THAT game got a T rating.
    If a game series is receiving consistent M ratings, then it is not being marketed towards children.

    M ratings mean that you have to be at least 17 years of age in order to purchase it. I know, I work at a Gamestop. I card everyone because if I don’t and get tricked (not likely since it’s pretty obvious when someone is younger, but I digress…) then I’ll get fired.

    (And before Grand Theft Auto gets brought up, despite the claims of ignorant and self-interested politicians, the GTA series is not marketed towards children either. Children are attracted to it BECAUSE politicians make such a big deal over it.)

    In the end, it’s a videogame about virus outbreaks turning people into monsters. Africa would be a logical choice of setting for a story in this series. In Africa there are Africans. And yes, in the game the main character is Caucasian…because Chris Redfield was one of the main characters of the first Resident Evil game and has not been seen since Resident Evil: Code Veronica (released in 2000).

    I would go so far as to saying that the author of this blog entry should make a formal apology for BEING racist. It is racism when one makes baseless alarmist claims of racism where none exists. When someone does this, they simply make clear their own ignorance.

    To make the implication (which this blog apparently is) that a Caucasian individual should never be shown defending himself against Africans because of a different skin color, is rather bigoted and short sighted in of itself, in my opinion. It is just as racist to say a group should be exclusively excluded due to the color of their skin, and does no service to anyone.

  55. Pyro-Sir

    Yea, I think most people here just said everything i was thinking. Im Black and Im a Gamer, and when i saw this trailer not once i thought “OMG THIS IS RACIST”. Its a matter of setting and storytelling.

    In fact Capcom(the developpers) have a great Storytelling opportunity here.

    Resident Evil is a series that about a Major Lab Company that experimented on the public and it whent terribly wrong. Africans/ African Americans, and really 3rd World Nations have been Used by the Bigger countries like US and Europe; From experimental Vacines, Atom bomb Test, other weapon testing, and the conspiracy that AIDS was Introduced in Africa by a European Lab…or however this experiment goes.

    I knew This(views expressed in the blogger) was comming. Capcom’s PR is gonna have a hard time.

    with that said, I can wait for this game. Resident Evil 4 was my favorite game of the past 6 Years.

  56. Anonymous

    Resident Evil 5: Repurcussions of evil
    Chris Redfield waited. The lights above him blinked and sparked out of the air. There were niggers in the base. He didn’t see them, but he had expected them for years. His warnings to Albert Wesker were not listened to and now it was too late. Far too late for now, anyway. Chris was a member of S.T.A.R.S. for several years. When he was young he watched the the highly trained commando and he said to dad “I want to be on the S.T.A.R.S. daddy.”
    Dad said “No! You will BE KILL BY ZOMBIE NIGGERS!”
    There was a time when he believed him. Then as he got oldered he stopped. But now in Africa, base of the blacks he knew there were niggers.
    “This is Jill” the radio crackered. “You must fight the niggers!”
    So Chris gotted his pistol and blew up the wall.
    “OH SHIZZLE HE GOIN’ TO KILL US BROTHA!” said the niggers.
    “I will pop this foo'” said the cyberniger and he fired the rocket missiles. Chris shot at him and tried to blew him up. But then ceiling fell and they were trapped and not able to kill.
    “No! I must kill the niggers” he shouted
    The radio said “No, Chris. You are the niggers”
    And then Chris was a zombie.

  57. Denizen

    Oh god, the 4channers have arrived.

  58. fuck you

    the owner of this blog is a rascist bitch

  59. plzdonthurt

    Omg this is Bullshit.
    The people who will play this game make no difference between there enemeys (this ist what the newst scienst says…).
    And realy i dont think one moment about the spain people in RE4.
    this will also happen with the new RE.

  60. Ivresse


    Do you (the OP) happen to worship at the altar of Jack Thompson?

    Just wondering, because you seem to be displaying the same kind of simple-minded, irrelevant, unknowledgeable hate-filled drivel that he specialises in…

  61. ReSiDeNt EvAh

    Where was your log about the white man killing white men in Resident Evil 4?

  62. New weapon confirmed for RE5: “Fried Chicken”

    Details on Capcom’s upcoming game Resident Evil 5 are sparse, but a new weapon has been confirmed. Fried Chicken comes in either cases of 3 or buckets of 10 which are scattered throughout the game, or sometimes dropped by defeated enemies. A piece of Fried Chicken can be thrown like a grenade or dropped. Any enemies in the vicinity (who can see or smell it) will immediately be attracted to it, and converge upon its location, dropping whatever they are doing at the moment.
    If there are multiple enemies in the area, they will viciously attack each other.

  63. John

    I would love to argue with an intelligent and non-racist person about this matter. Unfortunately, Kym Platt is encouraging the same ignorance and prejudgmental attitude that saddly leads to the very same negative and hatred filled thinking, which is carried by rasicst people.

    Not only does the original post instigate racism, it also states false testimonies about this videogame. Stating lies to substantiate an opinion while only portraying a very small image of a much bigger picture that is not even finished painting yet. And I know that the OP doesn’t have the fact from a source she or he states to know.

    It’s very sad to see this kind of attitute evolve on subjects that are FAR from the real problem.

  64. Uberzombie

    The only racict in this story, is you, Kym.Blacks and whites should be treated equal, right? Well, according to you, that’s ironacilly not how things should be.
    You make me sick..

  65. anyone

    Remember to click the ads at the top of the page!

  66. Educated Fool

    I for one have trouble understanding why we’re NOT celebrating RE5 as being a game that does away with the racial boundaries. In a non-racist word, it doesn’t matter what you shoot, the colour of someone’s skin is not supposed to define them, right? So why would shooting a black zombie be worse than shooting a Spanish or American zombie? It’s not.

    And I’d like to remind the RE-fans in here that while the other games had predominantly white zombies, most of them have had black zombies as well. I’m sure RE2 had.

    Racism would have been if they’d have stayed away from using black zombies because of their race. Essentially what the original poster seems to want. I say have more RE games, killing Europeans, Asians, Eskimos, you name it. Zombie equality NOW!

  67. Massak

    Now, Kym Platt…do u have anything more to say, that would make u more ridiculous…Hope you will give us more enlighting views of this game!

  68. Rob

    The fact of that matter is that these people are inhuman savages, they’re not human anymore and whatever it is that is controlling them has turned them into savages. That’s it. It has nothing to do with the black people themselves at all, they not in control of their own actions anymore.

    Also, it’s Africa. What do you expect to see when the setting is Africa? A bunch of white zombies? Wouldn’t make a lick of sense since Africa is predominately black. The white man, Chris Redfield, isn’t there to kill anyone persay, if it’s anything like the rest of the games he’s there looking into reports of some odd occurrences in the country or something. Of course, the shit hits the fan while he’s there and this is the result.

    Anyway, I’d like to believe that we’re all equal, and I hate racists with a passion, but why is there always a small group of black people who feel they should be treated better than everyone else? I guess they’re kind of like the white power/Klan of the black community. Thinking your race should be given special treatment is racist thinking. Do you not think it’s racist when white people start thinking they’re better than everyone else? Of course, so don’t be like that and do some research on what you’re going to complain about before you complain and make wildly ignorant accusations.

    Basically, in short, I’m telling you to grow up. Civilized intelligent people, in this day in age, are not racist, nor should they be running around screaming racism where there is none. Al Sharpton is an example of what you’d want to avoid being like.

  69. Chris Redfield

    Absolutely right UberZombie. Kym Platt is a Racist. Makes me sick too.


  70. Mleep

    First of all, there have been “zombies” to kill of any colors, whether white asian or hispanic. The fact that you bring skin color into this as a factor is more racial than anything else.

    If hispanian, white people and others have been a part of the “zombie” waves, theer is no reason why black people shouldn’t be. To keep them out deliberately would be more discriminating than anything.

  71. Anonymous

    You see?!

    You’re a little bit racist.

    Kate Monster:
    Well, you’re a little bit too.

    I guess we’re both a little bit racist.

    Kate Monster:
    Admitting it is not an easy thing to do…

    But I guess it’s true.

    Kate Monster:
    Between me and you,
    I think

    Everyone’s a little bit racist
    Doesn’t mean we go
    Around committing hate crimes.
    Look around and you will find
    No one’s really color blind.
    Maybe it’s a fact
    We all should face
    Everyone makes judgments
    Based on race.

    Now not big judgments, like who to hire
    or who to buy a newspaper from –

    Kate Monster:

    No, just little judgments like thinking that Mexican
    busboys should learn to speak goddamn English!

    Kate Monster:

    Everyone’s a little bit racist
    So, everyone’s a little bit racist
    Ethinic jokes might be uncouth,
    But you laugh because
    They’re based on truth.
    Don’t take them as
    Personal attacks.
    Everyone enjoys them –
    So relax!

    All right, stop me if you’ve heard this one.

    Kate Monster:

    There’s a plan going down and there’s only
    one paracute. And there’s a rabbi, a priest…

    Kate Monster:
    And a black guy!

    Gary Coleman:
    Whatchoo talkin’ ’bout Kate?

    Kate Monster:

    Gary Coleman:
    You were telling a black joke!

    Well, sure, Gary, but lots of people tell black jokes.

    Gary Coleman:
    I don’t.

    Well, of course you don’t – you’re black!
    But I bet you tell Polack jokes, right?

    Gary Coleman:
    Well, sure I do. Those stupid Polacks!

    Now, don’t you think that’s a little racist?

    Gary Coleman:
    Well, damn, I guess you’re right.

    Kate Monster:
    You’re a little bit racist.

    Gary Coleman:
    Well, you’re a little bit too.

    We’re all a little bit racist.

    Gary Coleman:
    I think that I would
    Have to agree with you.

    Princeton/Kate Monster:
    We’re glad you do.

    Gary Coleman:
    It’s sad but true!
    Everyone’s a little bit racist –

    All right!

    Kate Monster:
    All right!

    All right!

    Gary Coleman:
    All right!
    Bigotry has never been
    Exclusively white

    If we all could just admit
    That we are racist a little bit,
    Even though we all know
    That it’s wrong,
    Maybe it would help us
    Get along.

    Oh, Christ do I feel good.

    Gary Coleman:
    Now there was a fine upstanding black man!


    Gary Coleman:
    Jesus Christ.

    Kate Monster:
    But, Gary, Jesus was white.

    Gary Coleman:
    No, Jesus was black.

    Kate Monster:
    No, Jesus was white.

    Gary Coleman:
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    Guys, guys…Jesus was Jewish!

    Hey guys, what are you laughing about?

    Gary Coleman:


    Christmas Eve:
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    Kate Monster:
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    Everyone’s a little bit racist.

    I’m not!

    Oh no?


    How many Oriental wives
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    Christmas Eve:
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    Brian, buddy, where you been?
    The term is Asian-American!

    Christmas Eve:
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    I’m sorry, honey, I love you.

    Christmas Eve:
    And I love you.

    But you’re racist, too.

    Christmas Eve:
    Yes, I know.
    The Jews have all
    The money
    And the whites have all
    The power.
    And I’m always in taxi-cab
    With driver who no shower!

    Me too!

    Kate Monster:
    Me too!

    Gary Coleman:
    I can’t even get a taxi!

    Everyone’s a little bit racist
    It’s true.
    But everyone is just about
    As racist as you!
    If we all could just admit
    That we are racist a little bit,
    And everyone stopped being
    So PC
    Maybe we could live in –

    Christmas Eve:
    Evlyone’s a ritter bit lacist!

  72. Grow Up

    So, I think I should complain about GTA:SA that a black man killing many white people as well.

  73. Schnoogs

    And I’m sure you showed similar outrage when the zombies were all white in the previous Resident Evil.

    BTW…Capcom is a Japanese company.

  74. Big fucking FAGGOT


    No, fuck off. It’s a video game based in AFRICA. What do you expect? Them to be killing asians? God damn.

    As for the “unkept savages” or whatever, they’re ZOMBIES, correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t zombies ALWAYS unkept savages, no matter what race?



  76. It’ll make no sense, the game takes place in Africa and there are black people, if we don’t make them appear just because they are black it’ll be racism as they won’t be measured with the same rule as when there appeared white zombies in other games under the same name.

    Basically if you want black and white people to be the same then you’ll have to start with accepting that if there are whites who die, there can also be blacks to die in game. If you want to have any credibility you must start by saying they are killing PEOPLE IN THIS GAME, not BLACK PEOPLE.

    If all of those who want to go against the racism show such contradictions your efforts will be weak because you will have no credibility at all.

  77. Jiro

    I just wanted to state a few things, I am an African American who is tired of racism. All you are doing Kym is pointing out the fact that you have racism to whites within your first response.


    Yes… I am more comfortable with the zombies being white. In fact, ALL zombies should be white from this day forth.”

    Bigotry begets bigotry. Secondly the game is not aimed at children, if you think for one second a game as violent as this is aimed at children you have lost you sense.

    I would to ask you a question… Have you ever even been to Africa, or any of the African countries? What is it you did there? Have you helped try to restore economic growth in the countries there? If not you should be instead of enforcing more racism than needed in the states.

  78. lololol


  79. Clair

    Kym, thank you for your thought provoking blog, I agree with you that this game is problematic on many levels. If the majority of responses can’t see your point then they need to engage with you rather than just shoot you down(!) That the majority of them are male is extremely interesting. But the level of debate is depressing and I hope its not getting you down. Remember, if they are shooting at you, you must be doing something right.

  80. Chris Redfield

    “Kym Platt

    August 1st, 2007 at 5:49 am


    Yes… I am more comfortable with the zombies being white. In fact, ALL zombies should be white from this day forth.”

    WTH? How can you be so pathetic!?
    (If this is really Kym)

  81. Mr Landmine Salesman

    Why are black people so sensitive??? I the previous Resident Evil games the main hero killed white zombies and nobody complained. In Resident Evil 4 all zombies were Spanish and nobody complained. Get a life and stop being so sensitive.

  82. Ben

    When the Zombie invasion comes I’ll be sure to only kill the white ones. Ya know, just to be on the safe side.

  83. lightmonkey

    What the hell?! Are out of your mind? What makes the black race so special as to take everything as offense, while other races don’t? This is not racism at all; hispanics didn’t say shit about RE4. It’s a damn game, there is always gonna be a race featured in the game. Are you saying it’s ok if the people are anything but black? Hypocrite.

  84. Educated Fool

    “Kym, thank you for your thought provoking blog, I agree with you that this game is problematic on many levels. ”

    It is problematic, but one of the problems IS the fact that it’s seen as racist when it shouldn’t. Sure, it’s not a nice image to see, it might even be considered offensive by many black people, and I can understand that. However, the fact that she claims that the game was made with the intent to get children to hate black people is just as incendiary and reactionary as most of these replies.

  85. Claire Redfield

    The game is set in Haiti. 😐 What color are the majority of people there? Black.

    There is no racism in the game, the only people who think there is must be racist themselves.(just like Kym)

  86. shinsnake

    Wait, so it’s okay for all of the zombies to be white? So basically, you want a white man to wipe all white people off the face of the earth? You racist motherfudger.

    Seriously though, the day you complain about Crackdown, where a black guy in military garb kills a bunch of white people, or you complain about GTA: SA, where black gangsters kill lots of white people, have sex with white hookers and then kill them to get their money back, or about FF7 where you play as a black guy with a gun mounted on his hand and are trying to kill an ultra-white dude with a sword, then maybe I’ll actually take your claim of racism seriously. Until that day, the day after time ends, don’t bother me with this stupid crap you are spewing.

  87. Comment by post author

    Wow! I’m really surprised by the amount of responses to this post. And, it was a bit tongue-in-cheek on my part, but I do find the images of violence against Black people to be problematic even if those Black people are supposed to be zombies or whatever.

    What I think is most interesting about the responses is that it seems that none of you bothered to check the link in the post. I was referencing a recent article in the Village Voice here in NYC. The sentiments expressed in that article (I’ll post the link below) were similar… Resident Evil was racially problematic. The author of the original article is white and states as much. Would your responses be the same to that article since it was written by a white person? Or would you think that she was “crying racism” as well?

  88. shinsnake

    It’s got nothing to do with what race the writer is, it’s the message that’s stupid. Besides, a white person complaining about racism is usually just pandering. Hell, the Democrats make a living off it.

  89. Educated Fool

    “Kym, thank you for your thought provoking blog, I agree with you that this game is problematic on many levels. ”

    It is problematic, but one of the problems IS the fact that it’s seen as racist when it shouldn’t. Sure, it’s not a nice image to see, it might even be considered offensive by many black people, and I can understand that. However, the fact that she claims that the game was made with the intent to get children to hate black people is just as incendiary and reactionary as most of these replies.

    Not to mention here statement that all zombies should be white. That comment was either sarcastic and ill advised, or just plain racist. The fact that most responses are male is obviously because she was critical against videogames, and those responding are videogame-players, who are predominantly male. So I think bringing the gender-issue into this is not really a productive idea. Cause and effect rather than gender-issue, imo.

  90. I believe Far Cry 2 is set in Africa too, so that means we’ll probably play Jack Carver from the original Far Cry game, and we’ll probably have to shoot our way through a lot of mercenaries again. I suppose the fact that it takes place in Africa will make for a greater amount of black merc’s in the game, so I guess we’ll be a white guy killing a lot of black guys. There is no racism there WHATSOEVER but if you can take black ZOMBIES and make them “black people who are supposed to be zombies” then I guess you might as well say that Far Cry 2 will feature “black guys who are SUPPOSED to be mercenaries” and thus painting racism all over a game that, just like RE5, doesn’t feature any type of racial segregation whatsoever.

    I’m white and I don’t even see black and white, I just see people. You’re the black blogger that sees black zombies being killed by a white guy and immediately you jump to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter that those are flesh eating zombies the white guy has to shoot in order to preserve his humanity, but rather they are SUPPOSED to look like zombies whereas you can “clearly” see that this is merely an excuse for a white man to kill black people. Please don’t write any more blog posts related to racism, as you are clearly racist yourself and thus your judgment is clouded by your own racist point of view.

    You’re the kind of person that comes into a restaurant and as soon as a waiter chooses not to serve you within the first 15 seconds of your arrival you start making a scene about how everyone in the place is trying to keep the black man down. Racism is a fucked up thing to deal with, but what’s worse is that there’s more black racists out there than there are white racists. The time in which all white people look down on black people has been over for half a century, get the fuck over it.

  91. Mr Landmine Salesman

    Kym you need to go play Resident Evil 4.

  92. Cdammen

    Kym Platt I god damn hope you’re joking. This has to be one of the dumbest blog posts I’ve ever read.

    I’m here to chime in with the rest of the crowd. You are ignorant on so many levels it’s not even funny.

  93. Educated Fool

    Great, finally a clarification. And yes, I did miss the article, simply because it was linked under Resident Evil, which I know very well, had it been linked as “this article in the village voice” I’m sure most would have checked it.

    I do think she’s laying it on thick as well. In past RE’s, or the zombie-genre as a whole, we’ve always had the townspeople depicted as fishy. Especially in RE4 where the Spanish folk where going around doing their thing in the village and looking sinister. It’s a horror-game, the setting is meant to be scary. It’s not until you as a viewer add race to the issue that it becomes an issue.

    And connecting it to AIDS is a bit far fetched as well. Once again the cornerstone of zombie fiction is infection. I don’t think they chose Africa because of AIDS.

  94. shinsnake

    Hell, I played Scarface on the Wii and one of my henchmen is white. I sent him into the Carribean islands to kill the leader of gangs taking over my drug supplier’s island and he happened to be black. I must have subconsciously racially profiled that.

  95. Comment by post author

    Mr. Landmine Salesman,

    I would love to play Resident Evil 4. I’ll go borrow it from my 10 year-old nephew.

  96. shinsnake

    If the issue is your 10 year old nephew has the game, you should talk to your grown up (I assume) sister or brother who allowed him to buy and/or play the game.

  97. Jody

    The only racist here is you

  98. Cdammen

    “I would love to play Resident Evil 4. I’ll go borrow it from my 10 year-old nephew.”

    His parents need to take some responsibility, that’s not a game aimed at kids.

  99. Pyro-Sir

    ..and the Village Voice Blog got the SAME responses you’re getting.

    keep it moving

  100. Dave

    You do realise that he’s killing them because they’re zombies trying to kill him? Not soley because they’re black.

    If we are all truly equal then race shouldn’t matter in any circumstance. When people bring up an issue like this they’re the ones creating a noticeable gap in race.

    It’s funny how blacks killing whites in videogames isn’t an issue but as soon as it’s whites killing blacks it’s suddenly labelled racist.

  101. Matt

    While you’re doing it, I’d have a word with whoever his parents are. RE4 is clearly a mature game and is rated as such. Underage kids (especially 10 year-olds) won’t be the ones buying these games for themselves, it’ll be their parents buying it for them due to them believing all games are suitable for children.

  102. A Black Man

    I’m black, I love video games, I love Resident Evil.

    This chapter is set in Africa, so it makes sense to have black people in the game.

    So many black people fought for their rights, rights to be equal to white people. And now they are equal…yet they don’t want to be in movies, books, video games, etc.

    “I do find the images of violence against Black people to be problematic even if those Black people are supposed to be zombies or whatever.”

    That just doesn’t make any sense.

  103. Alex W

    Oh my gosh.

    I pretty much despise people like you. If you REALLY look at this game and cry racism it really shows alot about your intelligence.

    How many times can it be stated.

    The main character has been white for quite a while (er racist, obviously)
    The game has been set in alot of places, and now its in africa (racist!!)
    Previously, we have shot spanish zombies (racist?)
    But now its been revealed that (oh my gosh) black people can be zombies too?!

    There were predictions on a gaming forum I visit about how long it’d take for a backlash and for someone to pull the race card, here we have a winner.

    And as much as it pains me to sign off like this, yes – i’m black too.

  104. Anonymous

    Kym Platt – “I would love to play Resident Evil 4. I’ll go borrow it from my 10 year-old nephew.”

    Bad parenting confirmed.

  105. Matt

    If your 10 year old nephew is playing an M rated game, then that child’s parents have failed basic reading comprehension and definitely don’t care what they give to their child, or that child is a lot more mature than you are giving him credit for. Either way, I’m sure that the hits you’re getting from this publicity should be able to more than pay for your own copy of the game.

  106. clo1_2000

    As a Hispanic man and long time gamer, I find your ignorance in your post appalling. In most other games, the zombies were white. In RE4, the villagers that acted like zombies were Spanish and East European. Also, all previous games have been rated Mature, which is a rating for 17+, the equivalent of an R rated movie.

    If you don’t like the game; don’t buy it. But don’t try to use the ‘race card’ when you obviously don’t have the appropriate intellect to know when race is really an issue.

  107. Mr Landmine Salesman

    The whole notion Resident Evil 4 is aimed at a 10 year old kid or that most fans are somehow corrupted by playing them is very wrong. I don’t think you have any idea of how video games have evolved since the early 1990’s. Most gamers are actually smarter than let’s say the crowd that follows Paris Hilton and Linday Lohan. RE4 is a mature game for the 17+ age group

  108. Uberzombie

    “81. Clair

    August 1st, 2007 at 2:03 pm

    Kym, thank you for your thought provoking blog, I agree with you that this game is problematic on many levels. If the majority of responses can’t see your point then they need to engage with you rather than just shoot you down(!) That the majority of them are male is extremely interesting. But the level of debate is depressing and I hope its not getting you down. Remember, if they are shooting at you, you must be doing something right.”

    I would love to hear Kym’s real intentions about his/her post. Please enlighten us!

    “if they are shooting at you, you must be doing something right”

    Same thing could be said about Bin Laden..or, more fitting to this case, Hitler.

    Kym Platt
    “Would your responses be the same to that article since it was written by a white person? Or would you think that she was “crying racism” as well?”
    Wouldn’t make a difference.

  109. Hawk

    Kym Platt, get your facts straight. The most racist people in the world are blacks. Its starting to get disgusting that everyone is always playing the friggin race card. Noone cares that your black, but I think its fair to shoot blacks in videogames just as its fair to shoot whites in videogames. But be my guest, go get some black rally and give good ol racist’s Jesse and Al an email to tell them about this horrible game.

    again… YOUR the racist here.

  110. Mr Landmine Salesman

    Also if your 10 year old nephew has Resident Evil 4, you should scold his parents and educate them about the ERSB (which rates video games). That game should NOT be in the hands of a 10 year old

  111. First of all…

    it takes place in Port-au-Prince…not Africa!!!

    It’s not about killing black people…it’s about killing zombies!!

    stop the paranoia now!!

  112. Anonymous

    “55. it worked!

    August 1st, 2007 at 1:17 pm

    wow, what a way to drive hits to your site, guess we are all mindless zombies waiting to kick up a fuss about an article that was supposed to kick up a fuss about a game that is harmless
    nice! :)”

    What he said…

  113. Jiro

    what is wrong with you? Why are you being ignorant. Racism stems from ignorance and here you are doing the same thing. Committing the same crime. Also why is your nephew at the age of 10 playing a RE game. Horrible parenting, I’m sure he has been taught the values of hate and bigotry also.

  114. Incognitus

    What an ignorant claim…

  115. Anonymous

    Kym Platt – “I would love to play Resident Evil 4. I’ll go borrow it from my 10 year-old nephew.”

    Tell your brother/sister/whoever raises your nephew not to buy M rated games for your nephew if you’re so damn concerned. Its the parents who buy the games, remember that.

    And dont use the age card to cover up the real story.

    Not only are you a racist yourself, but your uneducated statements of the RE games make you look like more of a fool. It’s sad.

  116. Mike

    Having played all of the resident evil games I can only say that this is a silly idea. The last RE game was set in Spain amazingly all of the bad guys were white villagers. This game is set in Africa and being set in Africa it would be kind of silly if the zombie hordes were white. If there is anything we should take away from this game it’s not the color of you skin which matters but the zombie which lies within.

  117. hazbot

    You stupid bitch

    This is a game about Zombies set in Afric, did you expect the Zombies to be chinese?

    There have been games set in the USA and Spain and you dont see anyone from those countries kicking up a fuss. fucking PC bullshit

    As for the main charatcer he is called chris redfield and he is a mainstay of the series so it shows how much you know

  118. Alex from germany

    This Dialog is so Disgusting!

    Games are an Artform !!!!

    Belive me i`m NOT a Racist because i`m from (Germany) and anyone who think it could be racistic, have to accomplish the terms of the past.

    But i like the Setting of the Game
    it is some New Stuff

  119. People are Stupid

    Political correctness rears its ugly, nonsensical head once again.

    While I believe Resident Evil 5 has not been confirmed to take place in Africa, if it is, wouldn’t you expect most of the population to be black?

  120. Colorless Zombie

    Bravo. You are doing a great job keeping racism alive by seeing it where there is none. Eventually the passing of generation after generation would let it die and give us a world where it was part of an unpleasant past, but you are keeping it in the forefront. You should really feel proud that while it still exists with groups like the KKK, you are right on top of it by attacking a game that takes place in Africa having black people in it. Bravo.

  121. ROFL

    stupid fucking black hooker playing the race card as usual

  122. Get over it.

    Go bark up another tree. Play the racism card elsewhere.

  123. Anonymous

    97. Kym Platt

    August 1st, 2007 at 2:17 pm

    Mr. Landmine Salesman,

    I would love to play Resident Evil 4. I’ll go borrow it from my 10 year-old nephew.

    I’m sorry but this is not a failure of the video games market but a failure of responsible parenting and the mediation / awareness of the childs leisure time.

    There are plenty of games that are suitable for younger gamers as are there plenty of games suitable only for the adult sector of the market.

    I’m more concerned about the implications that while you feel it is suitable for ‘white’ zombies in a game such as Resident Evil it is unsuitable for there to be ‘black’ zombies.

    It was my understanding that we should strive for racial equality, from comments supplied by yourself the original author, I would suggest this site has quite the opposing agenda.

    I could possibly, just possibly excuse ignorance of the games content and story by accepting the author does not understand the history of the series and the background story, but that notion was entirely dispelled with the aforementioned comment suggesting that the context is irrelevant, only that the content is acceptable if the race is changed to that of ‘white’ characters.

  124. Manuel

    The only racist thing I can see in this entire page is the original post itself.

    Grow up. Up in arms about the treatment of white folk in the previous games were we? No I thought not.

    White/Black, who cares. They depict zombies, which is what the series is known for. What does the colour of the skin matter?

  125. Andy P

    This is just plain ignorance…


  126. I feel quite flattered that you would’ve deleted my reply.

    I’ll say it again, you’ve posted a message that was ill thought out, and flawed to a great degree. When you were confronted with this, you backtracked and said it was tongue in cheek.

    Don’t talk rubbish.

    Do your research next time.

  127. Sokari

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