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A Blogger’s Union?


Ultimately, I think it would be a great idea to have a union, despite the absolutely horrible experiences I have had working as a union organizer. It’s different when you are a member of a union I thinkā€¦

The implications of a blogger’s union is fascinating, especially because bloggers and the Internet transcend national boundaries, creating the possibility of a large and powerful community of diverse writers with the ability to impact Internet and free-speech laws.

List of immediate actions that need to be addressed if a blogger’s union is to come into existence:

1. Health insurance.
2. Blogger’s code of conduct.
3. Hate-speech and intimidation tactics by site visitors.
4. Fair-use laws. (If you are reblogging my posts, and you are generating money through ads, I should get a cut/royalties.)


  1. Unions, no no blogging willgo the way of GM, Ford and United Airlines

  2. You closed the comments on the video game blog.

    I wanted to say that you, my sister, are hurting the cause. How can we ever move past the racial problems and move forward?

    I played that game, was invited for comment before the publisher made it. There is nothing wrong with it.

    As a black man, I must tell you that I have often wanted to shoot other back men

    Don’t forget to vote