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Remembering Sizakele Sigasa & and Salome Massoa

Two very important events over the next week in response to the continuing rapes and murders of lesbians in Africa.
The first will be held in Meadowlands, Soweto on Thursday the 9th August (Women’s Day) TIME: 10a.m. at Meadowlands Stadium proceeding to Meadowlands police Station where we will picket, reading of messages of solidarity and handing over of a memorandum to the Station commissioner calling for an efficient and effective investigation.

We call on all human rights defenders and activists to demonstrate Your support and solidarity on this day:

The protest marks the launch of the Campaign 07-07-07 (named after the date of the murders)


Let’s be more defiant and stand our ground for no hate crime should change who we are. Let’s stand in solidarity during these times that may test our strength, patience, existence and identity. Their words and actions may shake the core of us but let’s keep on standing and persist to education until we overcome.
From Lesego Azania Masike

For full details of the campaign see here. And also at Behind the Mask.

The second event is a A candle light vigil honouring all African LGBT & HIV heroines and heroes who have been murdered will be held tomorrow (14th August) in New York

REST IN PEACE SIZAKELE SIGASA and SALOME MASOOA We are very sad and outraged to hear about the death of Sizakele Sigasa and Salome Masooa, two South African lesbian activists who were executed on Sunday July 8th, 2007. This barbaric act was meant to paralyse our community with fear so as to eradicate the wonderful work that is being done to empower us. We condemn this brutal act. Our community is being robbed of brave and courageous women who dedicate their lives to improving the well being of the society.

We are proud of our heroes, Sizakele Sigasa and Salome Masooa, who died doing what is right. May you rest in peace. Your work will always be cherished worldwide. We all appreciate the hard work, visibility and unconditional love you have given to empower the community with great wisdom. We salute you forever. Our deepest sympathy goes to the families, friends, and allies who are left with the great memories of our heroes.

For more details including time check Liberation 4 all Africans


Republic of T has created an excellent project on Hate Crimes.