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Maids on the march in Peru

Laura of “Hypathia’s Daughter” and “mi otro blog” wins an award for her campaign for maids rights in Peru.


First, I have to explain how the maids are treated in Peru. Unfortunately, because of our colonial inheritance, there are people here who think that some human beings were born to serve and others to be served. It is a complicated matter of race, gender and class. The maids (who have all of these elements: Andean or African heritage, women and from lower classes) are treated pretty badly: they have to wear uniforms that stigmatize them and differentiate them from the rest of the population, they earn almost nothing, live in very bad conditions inside the houses, cannot eat at the table with the employers, in some houses they cannot eat the same food the family eats. In the exclusive beach towns that exist 2 hours from Lima in a district called Asia the maids, besides all of what I just told you, are not allowed to swim before 6pm and have to wear uncomfortable uniforms while taking care of the children who are playing at the beach.

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  1. 37982

    You think that by closing the comments section in the resident evil 5 section, your going to silence people.
    I am going to be honest, i am a 16 year old guy from england.
    I am also Caucasian.
    Now,before you say anything about you don’t know what its like to be discriminated agaisnt, believe me i do, but am not going into any detail how/why.
    As a “child” through such times of idiots calling for things to be changed for such racism, and how it affects children.It does not. At all.
    You see, as with video games, you get involved into the storyline for what it is, and in the case of resident evil(i do know im not actually supposed to have played such,but i have never had nightmares, nor the urge to grab a gun and shoot some people in the street.)
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    This company just decides to pick another place and move on.
    In the case of Resident Evil 5, it is in a predominately African Country, the protaganist of the story is a white man, as it has been for all of the Resident Evil Stories for as long have they been going.

    To suggest to the world that this is racist is dumb it is to show that the entire world (in this story) is not safe.No where is safe.
    If you really want to contact me, i don’t care. Feel free