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where lies the resident evil

Today is the first year anniversary of Kym Platts’ blog “AskThisBlack Woman” – congrats to Kym but most of all from me personally thanks for your contribution to Black Looks and for having the courage to speak out for what you believe in.


Yesterday Kym posted a piece about a game called Resident Evil and over the three years I have been writing this blog I have never experienced such level of anger and and hateful set of comments including through the contact form. Kym has been called bitch, nigger, black hooker, whore in an attempt to intimidate her here on BL, on her own blog and also on other sites (Technorati has over 50 links on this post).

Kym was not the only one to comment on Resident Evil(the original Village Voice piece and microscopiq) but if you check their comments you wont find any abuse like the ones below but then they are not Black female …………………….

the owner of this blog is a rascist bitch

You stupid bitch

This is a game about Zombies set in Afric, did you expect the Zombies to be chinese? stupid fucking black hooker playing the race card as usual…

Get back into the cotton fields, you filthy nigger.


This is by far the best way to get exposure to your blog. I give you congratulations on being incredibly racist while preaching equality. Good job. Don’t be a little attention whore.

Doesnt take much of a brain to figure where the “resident evil” lies – Like Kym, the only game I play is the occasional solitaire on my pc and have no interest in playing video games of any kind however

given the response from gamers… I think we should all be very afraid. Many of these folks seem like the type who would try to reenact scenes from Resident Evil 5. Can you say Columbine?


  1. The internet is stupid

    Don’t say stupid things and people won’t attack you for it. Simple as that.

  2. Disapointed

    No one can ever speak for everyone,
    just like the people that left the comments you mention dont speak for the whole gaming community.

    why didnt you include the well written comments before hand who didnt bash the writer, but instead explained the context of the video.

    i wish i could take back all those stupid comments left by immature people trying to intimidate the writer. but i cant, instead i can leave a (hopefully) well written comment stating that the nasty minority is always the most vocal (read the ones that resort to name calling because the dont know anybetter.

    please instead focus on the comments that try to explain why it was not a big a deal as you thought it was

  3. shane

    Christ.. ur a moron just like that other lady, Kym. Go back to playing solitaire and stop stirring up shit just to get some hits on your ridiculous blog you have going on here.. what the hell is this site anyways??? Radical Women of Color?!?!?!? Instead of bitching and moaning about how unfair “the blacks” are treated.. get yourself a real fucking job (not tunning some bullshit fake-you-out blog) and actually DO SOMETHING CONSTRUCTIVE and maybe then you’ll get some respect. I hope your just a really immature young kid thats doing this for some school project or something.. i hate to think there are adults out there that actually believe the crap you write….

  4. Aaron

    lol…you guys(or whoever writes this trash) are funny. really though, do some research about the game, then make a rational unbiased opinion. then proceed to write a blog. then you just may realize that you won’t have a bunch of people getting mad at you. gamers thrive on the internet, don’t expect to be able to get away with something like this without the internet community backlash.

    p.s. QQ!

  5. Disapointed

    haha theres another comment i could just get rid of, people make uneducated comments. take with a grain of salt.

    my only hope is that you go back to read some of those comments left on the original article. ignore the intentionaly hateful ones (they just want to get a rise out of you)
    and try focus on what the initial (say first few comments) were saying
    (i would appreciate feedback)

  6. Ccivilian

    hahaha this is hilarious, and I completely agree with #2 Disappointed

    Do you guys work for FOX or something?

  7. ASTURmatr

    I´m spanish.

    Resident Evil 4 was sited in Spain.

    Everybody around the world killed the spanish people in the game.

    We still alive. What a surprise!!

  8. Chrissy

    While I do think that it is revolting that there are individuals who felt it necessary to fling insults, I believe that the author of the original blog wrote an ignorant piece.

    The game is based on a viral outbreak. Judging from what we have seen in the trailers for the game, the outbreak now appears to be a global issue, not just concentrated to one town or village. Viruses do NOT discriminate based on sex/race/creed/height/etc.

    Also, the Resident Evil series isn’t geared towards children. The opening of the game blatantly shows that the game ‘contains explicit scenes of violence and gore’ – another surefire way to realize that it isn’t marketed for children. Finally, the game is rated ‘M’ for ‘MATURE’ – meaning you have to be 17+ to purchase it.

    Do a bit of research before you criticize.

  9. Swarta

    It’s great that you’ve managed to wring TWO posts out of this non-story, COMPOUNDING your original race-baiting rather than acknowledging it. The fact that other venues are making similar statements doesn’t make the concept any less ridiculous. Overall, it’s ill-formed alarmism like this that damages your cause and credibility. Do yourself a favor: Stick to issues you have some authority on and acknowledge your mistakes when you’re caught out.

  10. She is wrong and the douche bags hiding behind their PC's are wrong too

    I must say that she makes some valid points in her argument, but she has to do her research. Resident Evil is about ZOMBIES. The zombie phenomenon / fiction is derived from Afro-Hoodoo folklore. In addition she didn’t look into the history of the Resident Evil franchise. I am African American / Dominican and found NOTHING in the trailer that speaks of racism.



  12. there is a difference between kym’s post and the other two pages. the writers of those blogs have previously played resident evil games, and they also were open minded. they werent ignorant. kym is just playing the race card for the attention. why are these posts racist? because her attitude earned her those remarks. I am not racist, but honestly, when I see Al Sharpton on tv, I think of the word nigger. Why? Because he is one. He is ignorant. Isn’t that the definition of the word nigger? Ignorant or ignoramus? Well, that is what Kym is. So, she is black and ignorant. A nigger if I ever saw one

  13. Mattias

    I’m sad to see you got such comments over the RE5 post. I think what Kym wrote was incredibly stupid, but I feel sorry for some of the response you got.

    Nevertheless, there has been a lot of good response to the post, so don’t try to group all gamers together. You’re always going to have some idiots reply, because this is “teh internets” after all.

    I stand by the bloggers who’ve posted good responses though, that the position that RE5 is racist, is actually racist in itself.

    Some good responses:

    (and when will non gamers learn to stop applying the “kids” label to everything gaming related? A lot of the games produced are not meant for children, but for adults!)

  14. Ice

    1) Guys who did the “Columbine” NEVER played games. Its a fact and proven. Just media sh** againts gamers.
    2) The RE5 has probably story like: “Evil “white man” infected villagers with virus and now they are attacking white guy etc”. Now he tries to save them aaand world from same faith.
    3) The comments you quoted are indeed racist, we gamers should not accept those. They are just stupid..
    4) Setting in africa works fine. Setting in local small town in spain worked..what should be then? Castle with draculas? come on..
    5) The issue is as huge you make it your own.

  15. Vinnie Shahzad

    2 posts of alarmist trash in a row. Good work. How about you posting some of the other filthy racist comments too? Or I can do it for you:


    Yes… I am more comfortable with the zombies being white. In fact, ALL zombies should be white from this day forth.”

    That’s taken from the village voice article’s comments BY THE AUTHOR. Now if that’s not racist trash that’s holding the image of black people back, then nothing is.

  16. Shirakawasuna

    Wow, did someone say picking and choosing? I didn’t read a single one of those ridiciulous comments in the first 10-20, which all seemed reasonable. Most of the points made in the full comments section made perfect sense and the reaction to this game is simply ignorance and faulty logic when it comes to racism. The most simple point is that the other games have featured white / Spanish people. Was RE4 xenophobic?

    I get a little sick of the idea that if black people get killed in a videogame it’s racist but it’s perfectly PC if only white people get killed. There’s no outcry because most white people aren’t so sensitive to their race that they actually assume the game writers are racist.

    That said, the Japanese certainly do have racism in parts of their culture, against blacks as well as caucasians, so the earlier ‘arguments’ about there not being racism in Japan are simply false.

  17. Hateful?

    Yes, there were a number of hateful, idiotic and plain racist comments submitted -the internet has its fair share of idiots on both sides of the fence.

    However, as a 32 year old “gamer of colour” (although I prefer just “gamer”), I think that Kym’s blog posting was poorly-researched, ill-informed twaddle, akin to the ongoing UK tabloid crusade against “the evil of video games”.

    Kym/Sokari: If you have no interest in games and no understanding of the gaming demographic -let alone the companies producing these games- then perhap you should ask someone a little more qualified to read your gaming-related posts before they’re published?

  18. Farther Grigori

    I don’t understand how some people can have such strong views on a subject that they know so little about.

  19. Mattias

    btw, I think you’re doing the same mistake as some did with Bully. You don’t know the story of RE5 yet.

    You’re actually being prejudiced about this!

  20. Wow

    The fact that you would let something this… this… this stupid, blatant as it may be, the only way to describe it, on this blog. I’m a gamer, I play all sorts of games. O my, There’s a game now that you kill black people! Woah, let’s turn our kids into racists by having them play it! I’d hate to burst your little bubble of ignorance, but most parents that would let their kid, young enough to be influenced by this, play a game like this, chances are, the kid’s already messed up in the head, and probably racist already.

    Seriously, think about what you’re going to post before you post it, that Kym person, whoever she is, yes, she shouldn’t have been called all those names, BUT! She also shouldn’t have been so ignorant herself, and racist herself, she should have done SOME research at least on the topic. But not, she’s going to be tunnel-visioned with RACISM slapped on her forehead, and take a video COMPLETELY out of context. Sure, it’s bad we, the ‘white folk’, did the slave crap, well, cry me a river, it’s over, that’s history, the only reason any racism is kept alive is from crap like this. Try more to PREVENT racism instead of SPREADING racism and being an ignorant prick.

  21. Mark Lucherini

    Kym also claimed she wanted discourse, but rather than point out the comments which logically refuted her post, she commented only on the… well, to be blunt, the stupid and bigoted ones. The moment I saw that, I knew one thing – here was someone who didn’t want discourse, didn’t want to sit down and talk the issues out, but rather wanted to be able to point out “look, you see how these people treat us?”

    I am going to say this, and I’m only going to say this once. If the PC world you claim to want so badly, getting rid of every little thing which offends you, two things will happen.

    1) The world will take a step back. Freedom of speech will mean nothing, and special interest groups will rule the world.

    2) Someday, you’ll say something, and hey, they’ll be all over you.

    Also, I’d like to thank you and Kym. You’ve given me the final push I needed to give the fuck up on this stupid world.

  22. Charco

    Its just sad that you make such an issue out of nothing to then just pick the EXTREAMLY FEW racist posts previously, glossing over the majority view thinking this somehow ‘proves’ something. You even ignore the posts of black gamers!

    How easly you blind yourself from the real truth… the game made in japan, that its set in africa (for the first time, 4 other times in white countrys) so yea there will be black people in the game.

    You keep the world devided with antics like this!

  23. David Left

    I find this highly insulting. You speak out agianst us gamers even though you state that you have very little background in gaming.

    We (as a whole) don’t say that black people are evil, so why are you stating that gamers are? If you were to ask me, it’s ignorance on your part and further perpetuating racial hate.

    Hate leads to hate. It’s simple cause and effect. I do truly miss the days when anti-racist promoters were more cool headed. Unfortunatly for me though, those days have died with Martin Luther King Jr.

    Poor decision and research are the cause of your negative reaction. If the article had been more balanced there wouldn’t be as much of a problem. I’m aware that some black people are afraid of what kind of affect this will have on America and the collective world, but those worries are baseless. No clear connection between gaming and violence, against minorities or otherwise, exists.

    When I say balanced I mean that I expected it to be less propaganda-esqe and more a question of how the game will turn out and the message that it carries. This whole thing was blown out of scale when Ms. Platt stated “The Black people are supposed to be zombies and the white man’s job is to destroy them and save humanity.” which is the second sentince in the article.

    That alone shows that Ms. Platt has a heavy bias against the non-black community. The comment posted below by her also was of poor taste.

    “Yes… I am more comfortable with the zombies being white. In fact, ALL zombies should be white from this day forth.”

    Reguardless of weather or not this was said in a kidding manner isn’t the point. Ms. Platt couldn’t take constructive criticizim and the lack of afterthought lead to the slippery slope of flaming, which was only done by a handfull of people.

    To think that a handfull of hateful gamers represents the whole is the same as me stating that all black people steal, do drugs, and murder people or that all Germans were Nazis, just because a few of them have. That itself is preposterous.

    I do hope that you will make a formal apology to the gamers who have read you and Ms. Platt’s hateful words.

  24. Alex

    I am ashamed of that blog entry you wrote. For one thing, you only seem to damn yourself further with every comment you make. You’ve got a 10-year old nephew, and he can play M-rated games? That’s the fault of his parents, not him, not society, not anyone else. It starts and ends with responsibility.

    I should add that if you have heard of Resident Evil 4, then I would hope you were aware that the antagonists in that game were mind-controlled Spaniards. You can’t skewer facts when it suits you. That is poor etiquette and shows a lack of understanding for the blogging process. When you write silly crap like this, on a blog no less, it shows a lack of respect for the reader and a failure to enhance the subject (which was on racism).

    I would have been very interested if you mentioned the role of African-Americans who are the protagonists in the game, and who are able to kill other people, and no one batting an eye about it. That would have been thought-provoking material. Instead, you chose to look at an incredibly small portion of the game and base your opinion off of that, which never works.

    Yes, the African-American people are zombies. And they were there in previous games as well, in addition to the white people and the Spanish people. This is not racism.

    You only made it worse on yourself because you drew the ire of pissed-off video game bloggers. Come back when you have a logical and reasoned argument, instead of setting your race back 20 years with this nonsensical drivel.

  25. Drew

    The reverse racism of the two original bloggers is astounding.

    1. Ironic how you didn’t paste any of the well thought out comments that negated the orignal blogger’s first blog concerning this issue. I can do that too. watch:

    “I hate it when white people are mean to black people”

    let me go ahead and take what I want out of that sentence so nobody sees it, just like you did with some of the comments on the other post. lets take out the words “it, when, white, people, are, mean, and to”
    it now becomes
    “I hate black people”

    See how i took a good comment, and by modifying it to my liking, i change the context?

    I learned it from you!!

    I have to agree on another poster, that reverse racism has arrived at a point where people of races other than white think they deserve special treatment.

    I leave you with this one question. How much of a racial uproar would there be if a tv network came out with “White Entertainment Television” (WET)?

  26. temp

    Yes, Kym pulled out the worst of the worst posts, that’s it.

    Now gamers are being judged by the comments of a few.. this reminds me of something…

    What’s it called when someone judges an entire group of people based on the actions of one or a few? huh?

    I think if Kym Platt is running for the ‘Black Women version of Bill O’Rielly’ she will probably win.

  27. Are you really that deluded?

    Why don’t you try and debate the 95% of posts that were perfectly reasonable? Of course some of the posts you quoted were completely stupid – but many of those were clearly ironic as the original post was so ill-informed and ridiculous. You chose to quote them selectively, further damaging the integrity of this site.

    It’s sad that when an internet community rightly rounds on a website that make ill-informed and plain wrong comments on a blog, the best the website in question can do is hide behind a few idiot comments rather than debate the issue in question.

    Weak, very weak.

    Again, as many sensible people said in the comments to the other blog post, your pathetic attempts at blogging a non-issue and wrongly villifying a game is a disgrace to other people fighting real racism.

  28. T1

    God forbid a black person ever die in a movie or videogame after this day.

    This is a prime example of how the “Racism” card can be played for any stupid reason.

    It is a Fictional Video Game…

  29. Joan Kelly

    And happy motherfucking anniversary, too, Kym!

    Seriously. In the time it took me to read the first twenty of these tantrums, seven more had been fired off. And you might as well have all just saved yourselves the energy from the circle jerk and left it at the one commenter’s statement that “I am not racist, but honestly…I think of the word nigger.”

    You are all such fantastic examples of how great gamers are, thanks for the enlightenment. Because nothing says “I respectfully disagree with you, fellow human,” like condescension, misogyny, racism, and self pity. Onward and upward, o useful fighters of REAL problems in the world!

    P.S. Sokari, thanks for this post and for this site.

  30. Disapointed

    i was thinking. and heres what i came up with

    prior to this blogging event (internet news spreads quickly, this hasbecome an event for better or for worse)
    all gamers saw int he trailer was.. sweet new eerie gameplay. good graphics. protagonist shoots zombies..
    thats it.

    kim pointed out the color that we didnt see, bringing racisms ugly head into the fray

  31. Chrissy

    Also, that rated ‘M’ game hew nephew owns; does it happen to be Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas?

    Just askin’.

  32. Indeed, happy anniversary. Mind you, if the previous 5 years have been anything based on the sort of stuff you’ve posted today, it’s a wonder you last more than 5 minutes.

  33. Quetzalcoatl

    People really needs to stop looking for outside sources to blame for all the bad things that happen in the world.
    This whole issue about the setting of Resident Evil 5 is blown way out of proportion.

    Games are a source of entertainment, more to the point, this game is intended for mature audiences. The issue of children misinterpreting the game’s story should not even be brought forward.

    If the children is what really worry you, then know that it is the responsibility of the parents to educate their children, regardless of whatever outside “influence” they might get. Stop trying to put the blame on someone or something else.

    Finally, I did not feel threatened at all with Resident Evil 4 just because the enemies were spanish-speakers. There wasn’t a single moment where I felt outraged or diminished, and you know why? Because I know the difference between a fantasy game and real life.

  34. Disapointed


    how about a desire for you to understand where we are coming from (hey sounds remarkably like what was going on in this blog before ‘the gamers’ arrived.)

    when the only response (if any) is an attempt to paste us altogether again.. well im done you can live in your own little black and white world.. im going to return to my happy multicolored one

    you know the one that the majority of people live in (all colors accepted. life has enough problems as it is, why stir more shit into the pot)

  35. Ralse

    Please, learn a little about videogames, go to:

    there you can find all about Videgames defense.

    We must stop people that just hate videogames do things like blame RE5.

    I´m Spanish, RE4 was in Spain and it was very funny, nobody complain.

  36. Alex

    It’s quite irresponsible of you as an author to take two hateful comments from a list of hundreds and try to stereotype an entire community.

    You failed to address the numerous valid points that other, more mature, posters wrote of.

    The game is NOT in ANY way marketed to children. It will no doubt be rated Mature (18+) by the ESRB and it is a federal crime to sell Mature rated games to minors.

    This is the fifth game of the series. “The White Man” is a recurring character who has had to fend off Caucasian and Hispanic zombies in several other games.

    The author most likely is hopping on the bandwagon of trying to ban violent videogames, and believed this article would be an easy win. Thankfully I live in (and as a US soldier, defend with my life) a country that that treasures our freedoms (to play a great videogame whose context is surviving a zombie invasion, for example) and protects said freedoms from being suppressed.

    Unfortunately, we live in a world full of close-minded hate mongers, people whose racism is deeply embedded in their psyche. There are so many real problems related to racism in todays world, writing an ignorant entry about a videogame truly takes away from more pressing matters.

  37. David Left

    I do believe that the lack of response is in its self a response. They don’t have any words for us gamers. Oh, what a world we live in, where racism is spread by those who should be free from it.

  38. One

    In the HD trailer you can clearly see that other races besides African exist in this setting.As confirmed in a Japanese interview with Capcom Japan,the game is NOT set in Africa.

    Your ideas are debunked. Get off your soap box and go back to talking about something thats REAL and not based off half-assed ideas.

    For example, Oprah has her book of the month thing go talk about that.

  39. Warmwaterpenguin

    Well, I can only hope this gets read since it’s relatively high on the comments list for this article. I won’t bother explaining the context of the game for the millionth time to you. I’ll assume that you are reasonable people who desire will do research and find the facts as stated to be accurate and will get on with the dialogue, if I can still be heard over the din. I’d like to forge a bit of mutual understanding before we go forward, if indeed we can go forward.

    First, I’d like to express that I understand why this is a racially sensitive topic. Context aside, the visuals themselves are racially charged. A visceral reaction and the accompanying response is the aim of horror fiction in all mediums, and when the images, if not the actual plot, are racially charged, it is only natural that the black community be affected.

    That said, the initial article is, whether intentionally or not, a bit alarmist and sensationalist. I attribute this to good intentions coupled with the strong response you naturally have to images that are meant to be powerful that have racial overtones. Nonetheless, between a few misrepresented facts and a few downright inacurate statements, the blog in question appears to be not intended for reasoned argument but rather to stir response and gain attention. Now I don’t believe this was Kym’s goal, but with a closing that implies that a Japanese company is attempting to further racialize America.

    If there is something about Kym’s perspective and that of the people she represents I have missed or misunderstood, please feel free to email me or pursue the discussion here.

    In the meantime, I’d like you to understand the gaming community better before you make generalized statements about how we should be feared based on a few bigoted comments. Once again, statements like “Can you say Columbine” rob you of credibility by appealing to sensationalism.

    Know that gamers represent a disproportionate chunk of the blogging/forum-viewing internet, likely because people who like games generally like technology in general. For that reason, when you dip into the realm of gaming you are likely to see a flood of responses. If you’d like an example, check out It’s a financial blog that has received strong gamer response for commenting on the viability of Sony’s stocks in light of their successes and failures in the game market.

    Know also that games are currently the most under-attack medium in America (possibly the world). I don’t want to go off topic with a debate about why and whether that is merited, though I’m available for that discussion too. Instead, I’d like to point out that that has made the very large gaming community extremely defensive. Often videogames’ accusers are showboating, and so it is very easy to project that onto anyone who has a concern about the medium.

    Next, I’d like you to know that the reason you’ve received more comments about this than other writers is not necessarily because of your race. Several popular gaming news sites including,, and linked to Kym’s first post here. Consequently, you received the diverted traffic from those sites while other writers expressing similar concerns did not.

    I’d like to account briefly for the racist comments you received as well, though by no means to excuse them or mitigate their offensiveness. The anonymity of the internet has bred a subculture that thrives on imageboards and some forums. The perceived freedom to say or do anything has created a culture where nothing is taken seriously and therefore nothing is taboo. Racist, sexist, and inhumane callous humor towards tragedies are often expressed in these places by people who otherwise never behave thus. Its done as a release from the strict social codes we all conform to, and in fact the phenomenon started, before the racist memes came in, in Japan where extreme measure to release the stress of constant social-pressure are semi-common.

    This explanation does not excuse the behavior in any way, not just on your blog but even on the private sites where it originates. Nonetheless, this subculture is another huge chunk of the active internet community, and consequently there is some overlap between it and the large cross-section made up of videogame players. This subculture participates in what they call ‘raids’ on other forums, where they flood them with offensive material in an attempt to gain a large reaction. Sometimes these raids are ‘semi-provoked’ and sometimes they are completely random.

    Black Looks is a victim of a raid, and while the offensive material presented is racist text, the decision to raid you was not racially motivated. Raiders present whatever content is likely to get the largest rise out of the community they raid. Again, this doesn’t excuse the act or somehow negate the blatant and disgusting racism. It simply explains what occurred here.

    News traveled from here to the game community, at which point you began receiving the largely well-reasoned and fair responses you got early on in the comments section explaining the context and, at worst, calling out perceived sensationalism. Then the news carried to the imageboards and you encountered another subculture, different from that of the gaming community and far more offensive, which is the second wave of comments are so much more nasty.

    The gaming community at large is not attacking you. The gaming community at large is not racist, at least certainly no more than one can argue every adult regardless of color in America is. Don’t judge the game based on the racist comments of a few individuals seeking to upset you, and don’t judge the gaming community based on them either. If you really care about these issues, look into them thoroughly. I’m sure Capcom,, and some of the more reasonable commentators (myself I’d like to believe included) would be very happy to help you examine it from our perspective.

    I’d like to talk to you or Kym or both sometime about the game in question and the power of racial images apart from their intended context. You seem like intelligent and interesting people. For the moment though, I’ll leave it at that.

  40. One

    Also let me add one thing, the game is about villagers who are equally the victims of an evil corporation and its executives.

    The Hero’s goal is to save the people who are still alive and prevent it from spreading. This means finding clues and the masterminds behind it.Meaning that you’re going to be taking down an evil White man and his underlings. Who are all different races.

    As stated before, You are not only fighting Black people and your claims are wrong. Please do some research.

  41. Many of the people who think that Kym is being “too sensitive” about her race are the same people who are “too sensitive” about their nation, their political party, their religion, and on and on.

    They’re the same people who buy “Yo Joe!” pro-American games like Call of Duty and Medal of Honor games. Games where you cannot, EVER, EVER, EVER play a campaign where you slaughter Americans as a heroic German or Japanese soldier.

    They’re the same people who refuse to buy games where your goal is to fly planes into the World Trade Center.
    They’re the same people who refuse to play Columbine School Massacre RPG.
    They’re the same people who refuse to watch movies with blatant anti-Republican propaganda.

    They’re hypocrites.

  42. Jsck

    5. Kym Platt

    August 1st, 2007 at 5:49 am


    Yes… I am more comfortable with the zombies being white. In fact, ALL zombies should be white from this day forth.

  43. Jsck

    5. Kym Platt

    August 1st, 2007 at 5:49 am


    Yes… I am more comfortable with the zombies being white. In fact, ALL zombies should be white from this day forth.

  44. Setting this game in the tragedy that is Africa is like setting a game in the ruins of the World Trade Center, or the Auschwitz death camp, or the Columbine school massacre rooms, or the Virginia Tech rooms.

    I don’t want to have fun in places where so much tragedy has taken place. It’s morbid. It’s tasteless. It’s disgusting.
    Do we let little kids play with water guns when they go on tour of Auschwitz???

    I think that’s the core problem with this game. The racist aspect comes from the simple fact that most whites don’t give a shit about Africa. They don’t see Africa as a place as extreme suffering. They see it as some setting for The Lion King. I think that’s the big picture EVERYONE is missing, here.

  45. Jose Lopez

    The sheer fact that Ms. Pratt is pointing out the handful of people who are racist and not the dozens who provided a good counter-argument proves my initial idea: She is a racist, and is merely trying to skew the truth to make it seem like her racist pleas of racism are truthful.

  46. Jsck

    5. Kym Platt

    August 1st, 2007 at 5:49 am


    Yes… I am more comfortable with the zombies being white. In fact, ALL zombies should be white from this day forth.

  47. A man who stands for equality

    I garuntee that most the people who left bad comments and racial slurs were in fact white males, but the reason why is something that you try to stand for with this blog.


    You have stated facts that were wrong and falsely made twoards a race of people, specificly the whites. I demand an apology from this website for your bad facts and racism twoards my people. I don’t under any circumstance hate you for the color of your skin, I instead hate you for the hate you spew everyday. its a shame that people like you are around because its the number one reason that racism exsists today. I hope we never meet because I I would un-doubtably be forced to condemn you because of your hate for other races and humanity in general. Next time please study, and be more equal for a better world everywhere.

  48. ac

    If you can’t stand the heat. stay out of the internets.

  49. GalleyThePirate

    I seem to think that the people who write these blogs are helping to rejuvinate the old term “Muckrakers”. Yes she was attacked by a small amount of people, the MASS majority of the posts commented on How misinformed ignorant and racist she was by spouting under reasearched info on the blog. Her views are one sided, and I don’t know if she was being scarcastic, but she goes on to say that “all zombies should be white” Does she not know that zombie history originates back to Haiti. I’m African American, and this kind of thing disgusts me. The game has taken place in many different places, many different races have been zombies. Because the series reflects the real world in a sense that there are all types of people everywhere. I hope the readers can come away from reading this comment seeing that MS. Platt was clearly in the wrong, and shouting racism for the wrong things. It’s people like her that

    “Keep the brutha man down”

    Oh, and on the kids issue, tell me where a child can buy an M rated game without an ID?

  50. temp


    Please do not stereotype me, I find it offensive.

  51. Embarassed

    Upon watching the RE5 trailers myself, i also had a feeling that the racism card was going to be played. Also being a fellow African American, i did picture (just as you did Kym but not in a serious manner, since i laughed it off) the scenario where Africans were seen as inhumane monsters that just had to be killed by some random white guy toting a weapon of some sort. I understand that your all for the idea of racism being obliterated from our society but, sadly as a country we just arent ready for that. Many of those hateful posters probably weren’t even really racist, just angry at you by not actually putting any effort into learning about the series. Instead you cried out that the game was racist, so they called out angrily at you unfairly, just as you called out the creators of the game and the gamers that lashed back. The resident evil series has always been about viral outbreaks of some area and a character attempting to stop it. What you did was stupid, i admit it for you. You didn’t research, you just ranted at a project without no real info on it. Just as the GTA: SA had a black character killing whites, it wasn’t marketed for that reason it was just another story. White gamers didn’t complain about how unfair it is. And they sure didn’t moan about how most of the series enemies were always evil white zombies and some white guy trying to achieve global domination of some sort.
    Would it have made more sense to you (if they just redid the plot) and said,
    A virus created by some guys broke out in Africa but, the investigation team said “fuck going to Africa to save the population” because if they ran into infected blacks in the area they wouldn’t have the right to fight back since it would be deemed racist. Or would you consider it racist because the investigators didn’t bother to save that part of the world? Its people like you that make us African Americans look bad because your to quick to play the race card on something that wasn’t racist at all. Why not actually find a real racist group and exploit them (I’d agree on that) instead of some Japanese people that wanted a decent plot for their game so it will sell. If anything, you seriously owe some sort of apology to the gaming community for wasting our time on something so immature. I don’t side with the actual racists that did lash back, but i do side with the part of the gaming community that pointed out legit reasons why you were wrong.

  52. DX_RULZ

    this is just stupid…fucking hell…why do ppl always start crying about racism..the last fucking game was in spain and you didn’t see any Spaniards crying about the “white man” killing spanish zombies WTF… or crying about how this is how there getting the future of the world to hate Spaniards….this is just ignorance at its best…

  53. David Left

    @ 43, I honestly have no idea what the heck you’re saying. Is it that gamers, who you never clearly state are mindless pawns? That we ourselves are intolerant, or is it that people who run this site are intolerant?

  54. Warsteel

    Ah, where to begin? That you should post something that you know nothing about, and then, when the heat turns up a few thousand degrees, you say ‘Hey, it’s not evn something I wrote- and the real author is white!’ You coward. Why not make that point at the start of your comment, not almost eighty replies in. You don’t deserve the racist comments (even though you yourself reenforce sterotypse by just choosing the worst comments ‘gamers’ made and then comparing them to the Columbine killers) but every bit of all the other scorn heaped your way you totally deserve. It’s fortunate that blogs aren’t considered legit journalism, as you obviously don’t have to research an article before providing an opinion on it. If this is the first anniversary of this blog, it should also be its last. Thank God I have the uncommon sense not to return to this common waste of bandwidth. Considering how easy it is to find out a little about this series, I hope that it isn’t delayed by folks like you or the person who you claim actually wrote the original article. May you both never have the oppertunity to poison the minds of any children with your idiotic views.

  55. Hello

    Dear Kim and Sokari,

    I think it’s quite admirable what you’re doing and what you’re trying to accomplish, but you don’t realise that you’re doing yourselves an incredible disservice by ignoring the many well thought-out and reasonable points that were left in favour of focusing on the vocal minority.

    You’re coming accross as just as biased and biggoted as the people who you’re voicing out against. I’m a gamer myself, and if any ignorant people were to read your statements (without reading the responses in any detail themselves) then they would walk away thinking that we’re all a bunch of racist twats.

    …Just like those people who think that all black people are evil, because they were mugged by black kids on their way home from school back in the days.

    Please stop making yourselves look riddiculous. Just respond to the well thought out posts and ignore the stupid ones. A great discussion could take place from it. 🙂

  56. destructoid refferral


    ” See, because Resident Evil 5 DARES to have black people in it, it is obviously racist….
    ” This is just … ridiculous. Ridiculous proof that racism will never go away because certain people, both black and white, refuse to be objective and are unable to see a game set in Africa/India/Brazil without instantly, guiltily or selfishly assuming its all about race and “shooting them thar darkies.” Racism isn’t a one-way street, and it’s attitudes such as the one above that are more “problematic on so many levels,” than a game that has the guts to set itself in a location outside of white America.

    Do I even need to tear this person’s pathetic post apart? Not really. It doesn’t take a genius to see that the game isn’t about “destroying black people,” it’s about destroying zombies/ganado who for once happen to be black. It does, however, take a really self-centered, perhaps even racist individual, to see it as “the white man killing MY people,” and this clearly what the writer sees in Capcom’s game. I can pretty much be secure in my assumption that she has never had a problem with the fact that all the enemies save one in Resident Evil 4 were white. Scarcely a black face among them.

    The blog about Resident Evil 5 looks like it was written by a straight up racist. She seperates white and black people, distinguishing between them. She ignores the previous games where enemies were mostly white because it doesn’t fit in with her blinkered world view. She accuses what she believes to be non-black games developers of ulterior motives and she writes for a Site that’s all about black interests. Were the roles reversed, she’d be called a bigot and I wish to call her one now. Oh, and I noticed something else that might be worth pointing out — please read her little blog post again. Notice anything in particular? It’s subtle, but it’s there.

    That’s right. She capitalizes the word “Black.”

    Not “white.”

    Bloody racist. “

  57. You Fail.

    So easy to ignore the more intelligent responses, and whine about how the gamingcommunity is calling you a “nigger” etc, right? Anyway, a racist has no right to accuse others of racism. Taken from Kym Platt’s blog:

    “I knew hip-hop was dead when whites folks started liking it.”

    This seems more racist then a game set in a primitive African village to me. In fact, thanks to this Kym person, people are seeing the racial differences in the game. I, and many other gamers, saw in this trailer a man killing insane zombies. The skin colour was merely an indication of the location…

    Now everyone is seeing a white man killing black people. Good job Kym, I hope you’re satisfied with this. Ignorant racist.

  58. David Left

    @ Shihku7
    Isn’t setting this in Africa a good thing?

    It shows that the Americans are sending someone into Africa to SAVE them from a virus that causes them to become zombie-esqe creatures. I’d call this aid rather than destruction for the hell of it.

  59. Mack

    In the 1st and 2nd Resident Evil game, you killed mostly white people. Actually, 99% of the zombies were white. Also, early in the 2nd game a black police officer helps you while all the white people are trying to kill you without remorse. In the 4th game, most of the zombies are hispanic because it takes place in a hispanic area. And just like this game, the once peaceful hispanic people try to kill your character because they are affected by a virus, not because they’ve always been bad evil people.

    Kym, your logic is saying that this game will cause people to hate black people. If this was true, then it means that the 4th game has caused more people to hate hispanic people. But nothing of the sort has happened. If someone hated hispanic people, trust me, it was well before they played the game. It didn’t just happen after playing this game.

    If their intent was to generate more hate towards blacks, why start now? They would have done this a long time ago. This franchise is 10 years old with many games under its belt and this is the first time the majority of zombies have been black. In so many of the games the zombies have been white.

    The game has taken place in USA and Europe already and they wanted a new location so they selected Africa. And guess what, most of the population there is black!

    The main character is white because he’s been in previous games and he is familar to the series. He was not selected, or created because he happens to be killing black people. If they suddenly changed the main character to a black man, you would stop complaining? You need to get over yourself, because your logic makes absolutely no sense at all.

  60. temp

    ps. Kym

    I think you’ve just been nominated for The Washiton Post’s ‘Idiot of The Year Award’

    Good luck next year!
    and happy anniversary!!

  61. Javier

    Are you people retarded? they are not innocent good africanamerican people, THEY ARE ZOMBIES! THEY WANT TO RIP YOUR FLESH WITH THEIR HANDS, and you don’t want Chris (the white bad guy) to shoot them? what would you do in his place? say “Hi Mister, would you please stop chewing my arm ^^?” I don’t think so. you people are incredibly racist…

  62. Warsteel

    @ 47
    WTH? “Setting this game in the tragedy that is Africa.”? This game isn’t about Africa, it’s about the latest outbreak of a manufactured virus that affects living beings, turning them into ‘zombies’ shortly after they die. That’s it. IT AINT ABOUT AFRICA! God Almighty, get that through your head. If the game had been about the character shooting down Africans just because they were Africans, you might have had a point. Again. that’s not what it is about. Why don’t you and Kym educate yourselves about games in general and the RE franchise in particular? And for everyone rushing to judgement, it’s my understanding that the game actually takes place in Hati. Considering it has been pushed back to 2009, there is still plenty of time to educate yourself.

  63. David Left

    It’s somewhat humerous that they remove the ones from the idiots and leave the more inteligent arguments up.

  64. Confused

    Typical for you not to include Kym’s racist comments. Like her saying that ALL the zombies should be white.

    You only persecute hate that is on the black community, not vice-versa. Way to go.

    MOST comments were not racist, however you only single those out. Congratulations.

    The comments Kym made were mainly insulted for her pure ignorance and condecending tone.

    How about this gem “I haven’t played Resident Evil 4, let me go borrow it from my 10 year-old nephew.”

    That’s both insulting and down right ignorant.

    Of course, will my comment EVER make your front page? No. You just want to continue to run your propaganda machine.

    Instead of her simply apologizing for not knowing all the facts. You push the blame on someone else — the gamers.

    You are just a guilty as those horrible people who posted such racist comments.

    Way to spread the hate.

  65. jkwest


    Since you are bi-racial according to your blog…why don’t you title it, “Ask this Bi-racial Woman”….you are so full of hate to Caucasian people, but, you are part of it..

    You need to do some serious soul searching…

  66. JohnMcHonkey




  67. IP

    The blog is pretty stupid, maybe you should re-read the comments the people got at Village Voice piece and microscopiq because I read a few hateful comments, now the bloggers are actually racist for saying this, I suppose if Chris was black and the zombies where white, and it was set in Africa, it’d be 100% fine with everyone on this blog?

    I know it would, now I’m not racist, but you guys should stop trying to seem superior to white people and stop trying to make it seem like all White people are racist, because it’s not true.

    Maybe you guys should think before posting a blog, and stop judging things by colors. Because if you’re that unsecure about your color, you shouldn’t have a blog.

    It’s always the white people, delete this comment if you like, but you’ll only prove my point further.

  68. Angry Spanish Guy

    Wow. It’s ok to kill White and Spanish zombies, but if the zombie is Black then it’s a problem. If you would stop LOOKING for racial problems than you would see that the setting of the game is, how the person above me(David Left) said, in Africa and about Americans sent there to aid with a virus outbreak.

    I don’t feel the need to continue with my reasoning since the vast amount of replies to this subject seem to share m same opinions, with the exclusion of the racist, whiny gamers that are taking out their anger in the wrong way, but for the right cause because your statements were wrong and ill-informed. You should really do research before you start making ignorant, racist statements. I see that you’ve responded to the people that called you harmful names but you neglected to respond to the well thought out responses that proved you wrong.

    Not to mention that I just read this:

    “I knew hip-hop was dead when whites folks started liking it.”

    That is EXTREMELY racist. You feel that it is ok for only one race/culture to enjoy something? It’s people like you that halt progress in making the world united and in peace.

    It seems like you feel it is ok for Blacks to be racist, but Whites and probably all other races shouldn’t be. I’m not even White but I feel the need to defend them against racist comments such as yours, the same way I do with all other races. If you really hated racism than you would hate all forms of it, not only racism towards blacks.

    Too further iterate your ignorance and ill-informed statements, the game is NOT aimed towards children and young adults as you claimed it was. The game is aimed toward a MATURE audience(17+), so clearly you, Kym, would be incapable of playing the game since all you can see in a story is supposed racism.

    I’m done with this blog, and never want to see it again. I hope your happy with your self Kym, you ignorant racist. But before you call ME a racist for calling you ignorant, just know that I wasn’t calling you ignorant because of your color, it was because of your actions and words.

  69. Angry Spanish Guy

    Wow. It’s ok to kill White and Spanish zombies, but if the zombie is Black then it’s a problem. If you would stop LOOKING for racial problems than you would see that the setting of the game is, how the person above me(David Left) said, in Africa and about Americans sent there to aid with a virus outbreak.

    I don’t feel the need to continue with my reasoning since the vast amount of replies to this subject seem to share m same opinions, with the exclusion of the racist, whiny gamers that are taking out their anger in the wrong way, but for the right cause because your statements were wrong and ill-informed. You should really do research before you start making ignorant, racist statements. I see that you’ve responded to the people that called you harmful names but you neglected to respond to the well thought out responses that proved you wrong.

    Not to mention that I just read this:

    “I knew hip-hop was dead when whites folks started liking it.”

    That is EXTREMELY racist. You feel that it is ok for only one race/culture to enjoy something? It’s people like you that halt progress in making the world united and in peace.

    It seems like you feel it is ok for Blacks to be racist, but Whites and probably all other races shouldn’t be. I’m not even White but I feel the need to defend them against racist comments such as yours, the same way I do with all other races. If you really hated racism than you would hate all forms of it, not only racism towards blacks.

    Too further iterate your ignorance and ill-informed statements, the game is NOT aimed towards children and young adults as you claimed it was. The game is aimed toward a MATURE audience(17+), so clearly you, Kym, would be incapable of playing the game since all you can see in a story is supposed racism.

    I’m done with this blog, and never want to see it again. I hope your happy with your self Kym, you ignorant, race-card toting racist. But before you call ME a racist for calling you ignorant, just know that I wasn’t calling you ignorant because of your color, it was because of your actions and words.

  70. The White Man

    Damn, she found us out. How could they guess that we were collaborating with the Japanese to make the greatest game ever!!! One where all you do is kill black people, I would have got away with it too, if it wasn’t for your stupid blog, and your racism too!!!

  71. While I would have preferred to see a civil debate on this topic, don’t you think that it could have been something that Kym Platt has said that would cause certain people to make such responses? Obviously she has hit a nerve amongst some people, but do you think that these people are angry because they think she is correctly pointing out that this upcoming game is racist? I don’t think so; most comments of the previous blog have said that it’s because they think she is seeing racism where there is none.

    Now, I’m 17 years old, and I’m Black, and I don’t see any intended or implied racism from watching the trailer to this game.

    Yes, the people the protagonist (Chris Redfield) is fighting against in the trailer are black, but one of the first things the trailer:
    implys isn’t that they are “inhuman savages” because of their race, in fact quite the opposite; they are first shown just walking about peacefully, attending to their day-to-day business.
    The first time the village people appear truely savage is after a man is shown ‘changing’ after being pinned down, which hints much more at a transmitted condition than race.

    What’s more is that all previous Resident Evil games in the series (6 main games, to be precise) have antagonistic zombie-like creatures that are only agressive after being infected by something. These previous game’s antagonists were normally Caucasian, (and in Resident Evil 4’s case, Spaniards) which does more to dispel implication that this savagery is a racial trait.

    About the apparent disease being similar to AIDS, I think that the connection is there only because you’re making it.

    The only things that are similar between the two are that it is transmitted (like almost any other illness in existance, and as Educated Fool in the the previous entry’s comments, the cornerstone of zombie fiction is infection) and that the victims are seemingly African, which in the game’s case, is set in a place predominantly populated by Black people, is likely.
    In real life AIDS is common around Africa as many people aren’t educated on how to prevent it from spreading, and the rumour that having sexual intercourse with a virgin girl will cure someone of AIDS actually causes it to spread more.
    Nothing else is similar from what I can see.

    About the White man in the military outfit, Chris has been a Resident Evil character since the first game and has always been in a sort of Armed Force; it’s nothing new to anyone who is familiar with the game series, back when they were shooting non-Black enemies.

    A couple of things I’m asking; where did Kym Platt get the idea is was Chris’s job to save humanity?
    “The Black people are supposed to be zombies and the white man’s job is to destroy them and save humanity.”
    Is she perhaps adding in her own thoughts to make her points seem more influential? She has also replied in one of her comments that she would be happy if all zombies were White; isn’t that racist in itself? That a negative, degrading disease is only allowed to affect one race, or every race except your own? That White people should be portrayed as inferior in a game that she claims to be “marketed towards children and young adults”? Don’t you agree that it’s hypocritical that she thinks that whilst complaining and claiming that Black people are viewed in a negative light?

    About the games being marketed to children, video games aren’t just for children; the video game economy is rivalling that of Hollywood’s. Another similar thing between video games and movies are that individual games/movies have suitability ratings, and Resident Evil games have normally had at least 15+ ratings. So any case of a child getting their hands on such a game and being able to play it is clearly at the fault of parent or guardian, the game developers can’t control who gets the game so it isn’t their fault.

    One last thing, I’ve played previous Resident Evil games where the antagonists were mainly White and exibiting the similar charateristics as those in the trailer. I’m Black and when I played those games, I was way under the age reccomendations. But you don’t hear of any Stephen Turners destroying White people do you? Nor do I fear or hate them. I don’t see people by their race; as labelling people by their colour is racist, I see people by their individual characteristics.

  72. Ignatius

    Hey, if you’re not a douchebag on the Internet, the Internet won’t treat you like one. Color aside, the person who decided to suddenly say that the world was ending because suddenly we’re killing black zombies instead of white zombies, is a complete douchebag.

  73. Yeah, I’d like to see a well written response to the above points before I take this group of bloggers seriously. I’m sure I speak for some other people too.

  74. Rodrigo

    well, I think this is pure bullshit, I am a Latinamerican man and a gamer, that thinks “who gives a fuck”, This is a fuckin’ a game, this doesn’t make any rascism in the society, thoughts like of that bitch, that is what really is making rascim, RE it’s just a fuckin’ game bout zombies, and that’s all

  75. AlThE

    Hey, I´m spanish and RE4 was all about killing Spanish people…

    But it was a GAME, and it happened in a fictional world.

    You can see no racism in RE5 because there isn´t anyone, it´s just a terror story about zombies in Africa.

  76. Very Dissappointed

    How you only pick out and focus on the minority of the comments that are offensive (Which i do not condone), whilst the majority of those comments are in fact logical criticsms of your opinions.

    I guess you don’t like people disagreeing with you.

  77. Ignatius

    Also, what the hell is with this ‘re-enact scenes from video games’ bullshit card you maniacs always pull?

    Maybe IF YOU could discern reality with fantasy, maybe you could actually realize that the game isn’t racist? What about all those poor white American zombies and poor white Spanish zombies that were blown away 4 games ago?

    But oh god, not black African zombies! Oh noes, color and location are the devil of us all!

    Columbine, Columbine, Columbine, my aching fucking ass. How many times do one of these anti-video game douchebags need to bring up a past of TWO people who decided to fuck up a dozen-plus people?

    What does it take for you morons to realize that people make decisions from their own mind as well as outside influences? Apparently, responsibility is bankrupt in the eyes of the douches. We must blame something else, it can’t be the children, they couldn’t be just fucked up in the head!!

    Get a clue and stop being so racist, how about you make a post about those poor white zombies too while you’re at it, you’re being racist against white people. DEAR GASP.

  78. Concerned

    If you go out looking for racism you will, no doubt, find it.

    White people are not the only people that can be racist, or have racist views.

    Calling a person, or a company “racist” is a serious accusation. Next time do some reasearch to you don’t make yourself look like a fool.

    I pray that you stay strong and don’t let the “white man” get you down.

    Good luck in your career asshole….

  79. Donnie

    I can’t stand this kind of


    Contribute to society with information that actually matters and makes a difference. I hate other black people like you cause it makes me sad to be black when you are the prime example of blacks who see racism in America today. FUCK OFF AND DIE and pave the way for a better more educated black America STANK BITCH.

  80. Killer

    Not only will I kill African zombies, I have also killed German soldiers, Japanese soldiers, several species of aliens, a few giant robots, and some nasty vampires in Los Angeles.

    I am a racist fuck, eh? These video games are tearing this world in twain!

  81. temp

    “How many times do one of these anti-video game douchebags need to bring up a past of TWO people who decided to fuck up a dozen-plus people?”

    She judges a large group of people based on the actions of TWO, because she is a bigot.

    That’s what bigot do.

  82. IT'S RACIST?

    It wasn’t racist when we were killing white zombies? It wasn’t racist killing spanish zombies? But when they’re African, it’s racist? Hmm… Something seems wrong there.

  83. gary

    how can you say this game is racist, it is people like you that are racist, I am white, you said so yourself you would rather see white people as zombies. your worried from the responses of gamers, look at what you said, just look, I’m racist I won’t lie you act proud and all that but your not.
    you scream columbine and others, stupid bitch, if gamers were going to go and kill people all the time, you would think that these attacks would be more common place, would they not? we seem like the type to reenact scenes of violence from these past school shootings, yeah ok, right. WTF lady You and your nasty black ass like most other porch monkeys in this country are going to commit homicide, sorry but it is true. gang bangers and all that stupid shit…..too bad we can’t just vote and send all ya’ll jigaboos back to the firelds to pick our cotton, its a damn shame that there were whits people who stood up for blacks to have rights

  84. Blackamazon

    Considering wow for all the requisite bitching about picking and choosing even though those comments ARE left up there to be examined and easily accessible, I find the wahhh wahh wahh mean comments

    at best aggravatingly stupid at worst a really good example of entitlement run amok.

    Even better the simple fact is , the author isn’t the only one who noticed
    it but hey don’t let facts get in the way.

    And for all this bullshit YOU”RE RACIST and uninformed.

    MOst of you OBVIOUSLY have never read this blog or cared a whit about anything this blog wrote about until two solitary writers had the nerve to challenge a multimillionar dollar games.

    SO please stow your pseudo indignation and purported desire for actual debate
    and call it what it is

    A bad case of fanboy wanking over even the mere POSSIBILITY that your vaunted video game may not be unassailable or that other people besides you get an opinion.

    To the point you’d try and crash a site about helping babies and supporting victims of violence genocide and murder over a cd for a n over priced console piece of plastic.

    Capcom thanks you for mindless bullying you made your point now go away.

  85. GalleyThePirate

    Well Blackamazon, you guys shouldn’t have went about it in this way. You should have gotten the info straight and well written before posting. What I saw was hate text not an article exploring possible visual racism in the game.

  86. Wow… I mean, I’m amazed. First of all, the original post about the game was way out of place. Kim didn’t even research before posting; she just looks a black person dies and goes on berserk moode to post at her blog. I mean, have some common sense, girl. Research about what you post is essential.

    Second, that same blog post reminded me of South Park. “If someone kills a white person, it’s a crime; but if someone kills a black person, it’s a hate crime”. Also reminded me of something I listened once: “All black people are racists”. And that’s pretty close to reality. It’s awesome that you fight for the rights of your people; in fact, I ENCOURAGE you to do so; but have some common sense. White people’s been killed for lke, forever and no one complains about that.

    Oh, and that “Columbine” quote; that was just plain low. If they mistreat you like that, why do you do the same? We have a long way to go before forgetting about racism, and you guys, are the one’s that need to learn the most.

  87. anonymous

    you seem to be focusing on the negative responses only the ones that were blatantly mean and racist. and ignoring what the original poster said.

    they came off racist by how they said. they said that people are only disagreeing with them because they are black. which is for the most part false. people are disagreeing with them because of how incorrect there facts are. its like stating all pornos are bad because they teach 5 year old boys to disrespect women. last i saw pornos are not given to 5 year boys.

    if your against racism you cant state you want your race to be treated above all other races. when you say you want your race to be treated above all others. you are infact being racist.

  88. Shijirou

    Tsk tsk…

    Why did you have to fan the flames again? You closed off the comments to the other RE5 topic and started a new one just to bash one retard who commented?

    And another thing, I know it has been said many many times. DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE YOU POST SOMETHING.

    You got a sign on your head that says “Flame Me” you know that?

  89. Jason

    I’m not sure what good leaving this comment will do, but I simply felt compelled to give my $.02 on the entire matter.

    Not all gamers are hate mongering morons as you’ve seemingly singled out to base your opinion of the group of individuals.

    Similarly as these related blog posts have proven that not everyone that strives for equality is terribly knowledgeable on every issue they choose to comment on.

    Acknowledging the points the more mature gamers have tried to make in these comment sections would go a long way in helping you regain your credibility in my opinion.

  90. Jonathan Y

    Why are you so ignorant? I honestly can’t tell if this was just a ploy to get people to visit this site or what, but this is just pathetic. Please drop dead, this world will be a much better place without you.

  91. Stop Playing the Victim

    Let’s face it, there are stupid people on the internet.

    It’s ridiculous that you pay no attention to the decent comments you get and then play possum to all the irrational comments.

    Reverse racism is still racism.

    The last comment you posted is also a little thing we call “stereotyping”. You’re stereotyping gamers now.

  92. Spike Jones

    Bitch, u is crazy!

    But to be smart. You are totally copying me, and thus I have to either sue you or just come over for some sex.

    Look at it this way. The disease that causes the black people to become zombies int he game is HIV. So, in a way, he’s curing it….

  93. Joan Kelly

    It’s actually possible to be a member of a group that someone makes an outright sweeping generalization about and not go apeshit. Setting aside our disagreement over whether that’s even what Kym did with her post, and setting aside my current mood about the human potential in most – not a few, most – of the people who left these comments – I would ask anyone who was sincere in their desire to engage here why this reaction wasn’t on the menu:

    “Gross, I see a lot of horrible things being said to a woman, about her woman-ness and her blackness, simply because she said something people – maybe even I – didn’t agree with. I am ashamed of how these people are behaving in my name, as a gamer or white person or blog commenter or all of the above, and I would like to pipe up in support of this woman’s right not to be treated this way, no matter what she thinks of a video game.”

    God knows I would love it if someone like Kym had the kind of power to be able to control other people’s responses, which is what it would mean if the whole “well they were assholes to say that but she brought it on herself by…” theory were fact.

    I would be dancing in the fucking streets if she were actually able to provoke people into doing things that were outside of their current character.

  94. Blackamazon

    Thank you because we need to be reminded of how we should ensure our credibility as people tell us we shouldn’t be in the world

    cause after being called a jigaboo or a stupid whore the main thing you need to correct in this convo is my civility

    And Galley at the plate I didn’t write the article so maybe you want to look into getting facts right

    At this point this isn’t about anything but the pile on of saving your damn game stop pretendig differently because if it was you mIGHT

    MIGHT try and engage the peopel purposely intimidating women or threatening to crash a site over a total of two paragraphs in addition

    to tryig aoperate as my conscious

    But DEFEND CAPCOM IN ALL ITS HONOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. GalleyThePirate

    I seem to think that the people who write these blogs are helping to rejuvinate the old term “Muckrakers”. Yes she was attacked by a small amount of people, the MASS majority of the posts commented on How misinformed ignorant and racist she was by spouting under reasearched info on the blog. Her views are one sided, and I don’t know if she was being scarcastic, but she goes on to say that “all zombies should be white” Does she not know that zombie history originates back to Haiti. I’m African American, and this kind of thing disgusts me. The game has taken place in many different places, many different races have been zombies. Because the series reflects the real world in a sense that there are all types of people everywhere. I hope the readers can come away from reading this comment seeing that MS. Platt was clearly in the wrong, and shouting racism for the wrong things. It’s people like her that

    “Keep the brutha man down”

    Oh, and on the kids issue, tell me where a child can buy an M rated game without an ID?

    Of course I wanna “SAVE MY PRECIOUS GAME” from being dented by hateful speech against it, just as I’d want to save mt precious black brothers and sisters from oppression.

  96. Well, racism attracts racism. It’s as simple as that. When a black person calls a white person a “filthy cracker”, do you think the White person will just leave thinking “Oh man, at least I didn’t think of anything racist”? Of course not.

    When you say stupid things, especially when you pull the racism card incorrectly, don’t expect people to be friendly.

    Seriously, the complain was wrong. And of course, people are stupid and some are very racist; some are not (Very) racist but overreacted to the ignorance in Kym. Seriously though, most of the comments on that blogpost were decent and very civilized.

    Not only that, but Kym was also racist. Kym said all zombies should be white, and that she would be more comfortable with that. Is she more comfortable with WHITES being killed? And that isn’t racist? Kym is laughable, since she was presented with all the facts about the game and still chose to ignore them and keep her racism against whites and in favor of blacks.

    I don’t see jews jumping on every other World War 2 game for not mentioning ANYTHING about the holocaust. And they would at least have something to complain about (Wolfenstein, Resistance, Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, and so on), but then again, it’s JUST A GAME.

    I found this on the last thread, it was interesting. Enjoy:

    You see?!

    You’re a little bit racist.

    Kate Monster:
    Well, you’re a little bit too.

    I guess we’re both a little bit racist.

    Kate Monster:
    Admitting it is not an easy thing to do…

    But I guess it’s true.

    Kate Monster:
    Between me and you,
    I think

    Everyone’s a little bit racist
    Doesn’t mean we go
    Around committing hate crimes.
    Look around and you will find
    No one’s really color blind.
    Maybe it’s a fact
    We all should face
    Everyone makes judgments
    Based on race.

    Now not big judgments, like who to hire
    or who to buy a newspaper from –

    Kate Monster:

    No, just little judgments like thinking that Mexican
    busboys should learn to speak goddamn English!

    Kate Monster:

    Everyone’s a little bit racist
    So, everyone’s a little bit racist
    Ethinic jokes might be uncouth,
    But you laugh because
    They’re based on truth.
    Don’t take them as
    Personal attacks.
    Everyone enjoys them –
    So relax!

    All right, stop me if you’ve heard this one.

    Kate Monster:

    There’s a plan going down and there’s only
    one paracute. And there’s a rabbi, a priest…

    Kate Monster:
    And a black guy!

    Gary Coleman:
    Whatchoo talkin’ ’bout Kate?

    Kate Monster:

    Gary Coleman:
    You were telling a black joke!

    Well, sure, Gary, but lots of people tell black jokes.

    Gary Coleman:
    I don’t.

    Well, of course you don’t – you’re black!
    But I bet you tell Polack jokes, right?

    Gary Coleman:
    Well, sure I do. Those stupid Polacks!

    Now, don’t you think that’s a little racist?

    Gary Coleman:
    Well, damn, I guess you’re right.

    Kate Monster:
    You’re a little bit racist.

    Gary Coleman:
    Well, you’re a little bit too.

    We’re all a little bit racist.

    Gary Coleman:
    I think that I would
    Have to agree with you.

    Princeton/Kate Monster:
    We’re glad you do.

    Gary Coleman:
    It’s sad but true!
    Everyone’s a little bit racist –

    All right!

    Kate Monster:
    All right!

    All right!

    Gary Coleman:
    All right!
    Bigotry has never been
    Exclusively white

    If we all could just admit
    That we are racist a little bit,
    Even though we all know
    That it’s wrong,
    Maybe it would help us
    Get along.

    Oh, Christ do I feel good.

    Gary Coleman:
    Now there was a fine upstanding black man!


    Gary Coleman:
    Jesus Christ.

    Kate Monster:
    But, Gary, Jesus was white.

    Gary Coleman:
    No, Jesus was black.

    Kate Monster:
    No, Jesus was white.

    Gary Coleman:
    No, I’m pretty sure that Jesus was black-

    Guys, guys…Jesus was Jewish!

    Hey guys, what are you laughing about?

    Gary Coleman:


    Christmas Eve:
    BRIAN! Come back here!
    You take out lecycuraburs!

    What’s that mean?

    Um, recyclables.
    Hey, don’t laugh at her!
    How many languages do you speak?

    Kate Monster:
    Oh, come off it, Brian!
    Everyone’s a little bit racist.

    I’m not!

    Oh no?


    How many Oriental wives
    Have you got?

    Christmas Eve:
    What? Brian!

    Brian, buddy, where you been?
    The term is Asian-American!

    Christmas Eve:
    I know you are no
    Intending to be
    But calling me Oriental –
    Offensive to me!

    I’m sorry, honey, I love you.

    Christmas Eve:
    And I love you.

    But you’re racist, too.

    Christmas Eve:
    Yes, I know.
    The Jews have all
    The money
    And the whites have all
    The power.
    And I’m always in taxi-cab
    With driver who no shower!

    Me too!

    Kate Monster:
    Me too!

    Gary Coleman:
    I can’t even get a taxi!

    Everyone’s a little bit racist
    It’s true.
    But everyone is just about
    As racist as you!
    If we all could just admit
    That we are racist a little bit,
    And everyone stopped being
    So PC
    Maybe we could live in –

    Christmas Eve:
    Evlyone’s a ritter bit lacist!

  97. Stop Playing the Victim

    “Yes… I am more comfortable with the zombies being white. In fact, ALL zombies should be white from this day forth.”

    Thanks, Kym. There’s no recovering from this comment.

  98. Kevin

    Please read this…. please.

    You focused on the few racist comments to the earlier post. 80% of the comments were about Capcom being equal and diverse in their games. Capcom is probably the least racist video game company out there. They base their lead character on American cinema, so he/she is usually white… but they have very diverse settings and nationalities for supporting characters, and they don’t even ever bring up any hint of race relations at all because everyone is just acting as they would in the situations. The fact that this is set in Africa does not mean they wanted to simulate killing black people… they just changed the setting of the franchise (yet again). And chances are, they will have some sort of liberal political statement about the poverty and unrest in places like Darfur (like they did in Dead Rising).

    I really feel bad about all this controversy. I’m not a racist, but I do believe you’re taking this the wrong way. Racism does exist in this world… but please don’t put the blame on a company like Capcom who does everything they can to portray different races and cultures in a positive light, which is more than you can say about 90% of the other video game companies out there.

    And for the record… would you say a movie like City of God (Cidade de Deus) is racist because it shows black people shooting each other by the masses, yet it was directed by a white man? Cidade de Deus was heavily political and historical, but never did it bring up issues of race. I believe it will be the same with Resident Evil 5 in that it will not be a racial game, and it will focus on the themes of the franchise more than anything. If anything, I bet you will find a sympathetic political agenda hidden behind the horror/zombie plot.

    I beg of you… dig deeper into this. I’m sure you will find this is not a racist game.

    And don’t let the bigots posting on here drown out those of us who are just trying to make a point.

  99. Blackamazon

    so why don’t some of you ADRESS THOSE BIGOTS?

  100. Scott

    ok, first off if you knew anything about this game and the series you wouldnt sceem so ignorant in playing the ratial card ( whats with all the people in africa getting killed by a white guy) their fucking zombies…ever since resident evil 1 game came out in 1996 and since even now i have never complained or heard about any of my white friends (i am white)saying ”hey why you killing white people WTF”. and considering you have a blog for and about black people tells me how racist you realy are. So go do something productive like rob a bank or steel a car or shoot some white crackers and give the police a good scare. dont talk about stuff you dont know about you racist piece of shit. i was thinking about putting the N word in but i would have sunk down to your level you retard.

  101. royfokker7

    Oh. C´mon! you are making a big deal for six guys who doesn’t konw how to express! Pretty funny. Can you tell me if shooting white zombies is better than do the same thing with black zombies?

  102. GalleyThePirate

    We were busy Addressing the biggest Bigot that started this all remember.

    Bigots are bad, like the original poster of. and some of the people in this post as well as that one. But that’s not the issue here. The issue was that there was a blatant disregard for any real grounds to stand on before accusations of racism were flung out there.

  103. Scott

    I would kill all couloured zombies the same way i have in the othe resident evil games with my gun. but ill have more joy now killing the black zombies because of this argument she is making. And if their any white sombies in the game i will kill them faster than i would the black ones, you know so the black zombies know what getting shot feels like instead of shooting people other than them selves.

  104. Arie

    I wonder why people aren’t questioning their own reaction to the idea that the scenario in of itself may be perpetuating racist ideas.Why all the anger? The insistence that anyone who feels this way must be stupid? I have to wonder, are they shareholders in Capcom? Does this affect them in their day to day? Or are they afraid that the game they’re fanboying is racist? Seems to me if it were completely absent of any racist undertone, such claims wouldn’t be met with vitriol. Perhaps they’re fearful of being racist themselves–but what better way to show how tolerant you are than to hide behind a computer screen and spew stereotypical hate.

  105. BigNamek

    It’s very interesting to note that Sokari was so quick to point out the more ignorant commentors on the previous blog entry, but is very unwilling to mention its incredibly baseless and unresearched assertion. The entry in question clearly knew nothing of the Resident Evil series nor the backstory of Resident Evil 5 (which nobody really knows at this time. All the while, Sokari clearly had no issues showcasing and highlighting (seeming in a positive way) a post that spews racist-like prejudice towards gamers themselves.Furhtermore, you admitted your own ignorance, Sokari, along with Kym’s. So, next time before either one of decide to look at a trailer for a videogame and paint it as a black-hating murder-fest directed towards children — of which those claims are false and otherwise baseless — I would highly recommend atleast some level of research to support such a blatant claim. Kym owes many an apology for her obscenely unfounded assertion, and should ammend her original post.

  106. Chad

    Stupid Racist Ho

  107. Roy

    As a person of Chinese descent (yay Taiwan) I would not be in the least bit offended if Resident Evil did a chapter in China/Taiwan and the main character, who would most likely be a white guy/girl (or maybe the stereotypically sexy asian dragon lady Ada Wong from Resident Evil 2 and 4) who had to gun down hordes of Chinese.

    Once again, Kym is the racist one for looking at ONLY RACE in this ONE INSTANCE and immediately drawing a conclusion of racism and conspiracy to brainwash the young. Look at the DECADE long history of “Resident Evil” games… How much racism do you find? Way to do your research, did you go to Howard University (which I live next to)?

    Given that this game is set in AFRICA and has always been about outbreaks of ZOMBIE VIRUSES, it wouldn’t make sense if Chris Redfield (the main character) was gunning hordes of WASPy crackas now… would it?

    In fact, we’ve already moved down hordes of WASPy Cracka ass zombies in Resident Evil 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4 (technically Spaniards in 4) as well the countless spin offs.

    While you are crying about a video game which obviously is not racist, what about the problems of REAL racism like the crisis in Jena, Louisiana? You are all a bunch of bigots who pull the race card on STUPID stuff… You’re supposed to use the race card when it matters!!!

    So in conclusion.

    1. You guys don’t know anything about the game, the game’s decade long history, or the game background

    2. You guys/gals come to the wrong conclusion, and stick with it despite being cock slapped in the face repeatedly with the OBVIOUS TRUTH.

    3. You dumb fucks pull the race card on a video game, instead of talking about examples of real life, 1960s style racism taking place RIGHT NOW in Jena Louisiana.

    4. Finally, Kym, that sanctimonious bitch responded in the original article that “from now on only white people should be zombies”…. WELL, that doesn’t sound like “racial EQUALITY” now, does it?

    Fuck you very much, rot in hell RACISTS.

  108. Jared from Subway


    Congrats on your graduation from the Jesse Jackson School of American History. You should be proud of such an accomplishment.

    Where did the idea that slavery was wrong first come from? What ethnic group stepped up and started to denounce the idea of slavery?

    Didn’t African Muslim pirates enslave Europeans recently? I wouldn’t expect for you to know that since your focus seems to be to denounce crackers like myself.

    Since you are doing such a damn good job of fighting racism and slavery behind that keyboard of yours, why does slavery still continue in Africa to this day? And please, save me the BS line about Europeans teaching Africans slavery, it happened long before that.

    BTW…I slept in a Holiday Inn last night.

  109. Phoenix

    Gee…what about all the constructive comments that you seemed to ignore…not even a mention of them. What about Kym responding saying that all zombies should only exclusively be white…what about that nasty comment. Please, i beg of you, don’t be ignorant and please do research on your subjects before making yourselves look bad, because you are in a good position to do good. Much like those ignorant gamers who posted those filthy comments are making all gamers like me look bad. Please…everypone…let’s get a little less ignorant and a little smarter with our blogs and comments.

  110. Meht

    As the good old saying goes:

    “Never judge a book by it’s cover.”

  111. Kym

    I am sorry about what i have done and that i caused all the powerful white people to get all upset at me and my blog about something i dont know aboutbecasue i was uninformerd and was hasty to get my opinon on my blog and pecause i was very high on meth and heroin so im sorry.

  112. Roy

    “Yes… I am more comfortable with the zombies being white. In fact, ALL zombies should be white from this day forth.”

    I raise you a

    -black people can never be victims in TV shows, movies, and the news, only white people

    -black people in video games from now on can only be sage, wise, and invincible individuals (Def Jam fighting games bye bye!)

    -black people in plays, poetry, personal stories, and books can never be bad guys.

    Or, let’s just have one simple and easy to follow rule:

    -black people will never, ever, be mind controlled or infected with mutating viruses of any kind in any form of fictional entertainment ever, ever, EVAR!

  113. BigNamek


    Or, Arie, the gamers are in question are exceedingly familiar with the subject matter at hand. Perhaps they have played the previous Resident Evil games, where they killed hordes of white and Spanish savagae ‘zombies’ and see this has the same sort of scenario presented in the other games that encompass the series. Now, you can continue to compound question after question as to what the ‘gamers’ agenda is. Or, you can try finding any inconsistencies with the trailer for Resident Evil 5 compared with previous titles in the series that would implicate that there are in fact racist undertones. What the gamers are angry about is not about their fears of being ‘discovered’ it’s that somebody, with such blatant audacity, would come to implicate a video game he or she seems to have no previous knowledge of fostering children to kill the savage black people of the world. It was unforunded and ignorant — nothing short of that.

  114. BlacCat58

    The Person who created this sham of an article should be ashamed of themselves. I thought that as an ethnic group we could at least pretend to be educated and halfway intelligent, But when people can try to keep the world of racism alive by pretending to fight it…That is when I know that we are going downhill, And FAST.

    I tell my kids EVERYDAY “Be the best person you can be and respect EVERYONE!”, Words like these would be wasted on the author of this hate article.

    Slavery is LONG gone (My granddaddy who went through a LOT taught me that) and today I can get a BETTER job than a white male of my age and my children will be able to do the same. EVERYTHING in the US caters to us and what do the people like YOU do in return for this?…You dig up the past and cry racism over ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. The last time I was in the downtown area of my city I saw people from my own ethnic group shouting at young white kids calling them every racist name in the book and I couldn’t help think that it’s people like YOU that make it possible! None of the people I come in contact with daily have owned slaves, They also have not gone to Africa and bought any from OUR OWN ANCESTORS the same way they did in a time long past. I respect all of them, I respect them all, Black, White, Yellow or Purple and I respect them because they can ignore the unintelligent ramblings of a racist bigot such as yourself.

    Rascism still exists BECASUE of people like you. Do you teach the young black youth to pull up their pants and treat our woman with respect???? NO you still blame the white man for all of your “problems” and teach a younger generation that knew nothing of slavery to HATE everyone and get everything they can, Everything they “deserve”…I wish MLK was here to remove the hate from you.

    With the way my “people” portray white people and other people not in YOUR circles in “our” music videos and every other outlet of “our” “entertainment” I would even expect them to be a little angry…Even a LOT angry, BUT we should be PISSED off that a VIDEO GAME ABOUT ZOMBIES has some black people in it!!!

    One question before I leave the ignorance of this article

    Were you or others in your circle ranting when NO black people were in video games???????

    (The answers YES, Just in case you weren’t smart enough to remember)

  115. confused

    You accuse a game of trying to implant it into young white people to fear and destroy black people when there are murder epidemics in so many of our major cities that are primarily black on black. Google the murder rate in the Philadelphia/Camden area, do it.

    I wouldn’t dare drive through southwest philly, kensington or camden… and let me tell you it’s not because of a video game or movie. A black friend of mine was car jacked by get this…BLACK PEOPLE! OMG! that and the fact that between the two cities there will probably be 800+ murders this year alone… 98% being black on black.

    When black people stop killing each other in REAL LIFE maybe you can attack a fictional GAME that has a white character killing black ZOMBIES.

  116. ATHFett

    First: big huge problem with the whole thing: the whole entire “zombie” thing started because of…voodoo. Voodoo is where the word and idea of a zombie is from. Looking for a voodoo practitioner? You are going to have to place your feet where not too many a white man have placed them before you. Good luck…voodoo-ists are exteremly protective and defensive.

    Question: It’s cool that the zombies…oh sorry…”black savages” (because apparently that’s all they are…because I know that’s all the american child, who this game and all resident evil games are made for, not adults, wants to kill…black savages. Not zombes.)…can attack the “white man” but for him to attack back makes him a racist? Hmm…who’s the one that rose from the dead and attacked the “white man”? I think it was…a haitian. Yeah…

    Apparently someone believes that this could lead to another Columbine. To those people I say this: FUCK OFF!

    I am sick and fucking tired of people going after the fucking video game industry because they don’t have the fuckin’ balls to go after something that they really should be fighting against. I’m sick and fucking tired of people blaming their fucked up realities on games, movies, and music. PEOPLE ARE SICK. PEOPLE ARE TWISTED. WHAT VIDEO GAME EVER INSPIRED THE BLUMPKIN? WHY DON’T YOU GET OFF OF YOUR LAZY ASS AND FIGHT FOR SOMETHING THAT CAN TRULY MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD…andforthelastfuckingtimeImeanthisfromthebottomofmyheart…COLUMBINE DID NOT HAPPEN BECAUSE OF A VIDEO GAME…SHUT UP ABOUT IT!

    And let me say this: If the zombie revolution ever comes, I will shoot a black zombie in a heartbeat. And a white zombie. And a brown zombie, and a green zombie, and…

    Guess what people: black people can be rascist too. If you want proof of that, read comment number three or four to the second blog. It’s from the writer. She says that she is comfortable with all zombies being white from here on out (even though all zombies in the games so far have been white or spanish…)

    Who’s the racist in this scenario?

    Hey Kym…why don’t we play a game?


    D’OH! Looks like you already won! Of course, I would guess that if they get onions on your double cheeseburger at McDonald’s and forget the extra pickle, you play the race card then don’t you…

    It’s pathetic that black activists now have nothing better to protest than the trailer for a video game…get a new hobby.

  117. Jesus


  118. Jesus

    “AskThisBlack Woman”???

    sorry but you are racist with yourself! OMG…

  119. on a side note

    you have to admit this game does look pretty awesome. I mean did you see that gameplay footage? whew!

  120. Hi. I’m Leon S. Kennedy, main character in Resident Evil 2 and 4. For what I’ve learned through those journeys, is that zombies are always the same. They are dangerous, no matter what the city is. I had to fight for my life or else those zombies would have taken it. I’m sure Chris Redfield will have a hard time fighting black zombies because, well, black people are usually more athletic than the average American. I hope he is ok. But please, ladies, think that when I was fighting, it did not matter those zombie’s color. What matters is pur safety and our lives. Thank you for understanding

  121. TheDollHouse

    As an afro-American female whose parents are from the Caribbean I felt appalled by the author’s comments. They were biased, uninformed, and bigoted. This is not only coming from someone who plays and hopes to one day create video games but as a fellow black person. Things like this really fuel the flames of racism. From the authors responses to the comments to her article it is clear this is definitely not a level headed person.

    Zombies came from the Caribbean folklore and tradition so it makes perfect sense that game developers wanted to return to its origins. If the game takes place in Haiti or sosome other Caribbean nation it would make sense that most of the inhabitance are black.

  122. Chris

    I am terribly sorry for the highly offensive comments brought on by this issue, not only because I’m sure they disturbed you but because they undoubtedly detracted your attention from the numerous well thought out responses posted by other gamers.

    Resident Evil 5 is not a game made to create hate mongering. As I’m sure a scholarly person such as yourself can deduce, this is the fifth installment in this series of games, all involve killing subhuman, beast-like zombies. None of the previous four(there were actually more if you count remakes and spinoffs) games in the series have used african zombies, all of them were white…or disfigured enough to the point that their color was not discernable, they were simply zombies. Obviously this game takes place in Africa(well I suppose it could be the Caribbean, we don’t really know because the trailer is so short), hence the general populous would be African, hence the zombies would be African. Also, this game is developed by a Japanese gaming company, not an American one, so the creators are Asian, not white.

    I am afraid Kym, regardless of her assuredly positive intentions, jumped to an unfortunate conclusion in her post. I hope you can understand this game and gamers in general better and not succumb to the vocal minority of offensive jerks that have attacked your site. I really wish I could email this comment instead of posting it, as I’m sure it will just be lost in a flood of obscenity, but I didn’t find an option for that.

  123. Salvador


    I’m writing from Mexico, I’m a gamer, I’m offended for games like Call of Duty (that are in Juarez City? Nop. Hey! It’s just a game!! Resident Evil, it’s just a game! Are you defending your rights from your computer? Wow! Congratulations!

    Americans always make a big notice from something stupid, like a song or a game… in other countries we don’t have problems (like “Columbine”). You said that, refering to games. So, media are responsible of crime or racism? Nop.

    In our country we don’t have sites like these, saying “asking this mariachi” or simething stupid (like ask this black woman). You are racist!

  124. Shrug

    Seems to me the that you conveniently ignored every intelligent post in that original blog and cherry picked the worst of the worst, er hello welcome to the internet, make a post about pretty much anything where people can have a difference of opinion and you will see the many internet trolls come and make an appearance with their colorful language so don’t try and play the race card…’Oh they are being so mean to me because I am black’ as that’s absurd.

    If you had made a post about how the Bulls rock or how great your Honda Civic is I’d bet good money angry little internet goers would be happy to swear and belittle you so don’t try and make it a ‘gamer’ or ‘race’ issue.

    Also it seems to me that the OP is a blatant hypocrite and quite the racist herself. She mentions “Yes… I am more comfortable with the zombies being white. In fact, ALL zombies should be white from this day forth.” as well as capitalizing Black and not white, if that isn’t racism at play I don’t know what is, perhaps more subtle but none the less very telling.

  125. Chris

    The fact that you decided to attack this game for being racist is incredibly ignorant and just downright stupid. You are looking for something to be pissed off about and trying way too damn hard to pinpoint it. In no way is this game being racist.

    It’s set in Africa, so are all the zombies supposed to be White or something? How the hell would that make any sense? I’m sick and tired of people like you who like to play the race card at every chance you get.

    You’re so hypocritical and I’m sure you don’t even realize it. You say that the game makers are being racist when they made this game because the zombies are black FOR ONCE instead of white. Well, you are actually the one being racist because you never spoke out against it before when White Zombies were the ones being shot and killed, but now it’s the biggest cause for concern because they happen to be black?

    Rather than criticize a video game, maybe you should take a look at your own life and your own outlook on life and realize that you are, yourself, a racist.

  126. Anonymous

    First and foremost: Capcom of Japan is making this game. Japanese people. Make this game. Not white people. Asians. So, unless you suspect ASIAN people of trying to train white people to hate and kill black people, this is entirely off base.

    Second, your intended parallel to the Columbine High School massacre in this article is proof that you are simply trying to sensationalize. Cashing in on Jack Thompson’s crusade against gaming is an easy way to rile up the gaming public and get yourself free publicity. Congratuilations, you have achieved the level of Ambulance Chaser. For a race that has been shit on by every right-wing political figure in American history, you sure did choose a pretty right-wing stance on this issue. Tell me, what are your thoughts on Ronald Regan’s terms in office?

    Third, in case you were wondering, the Resident Evil series of video games deals entirely with zombies. The word zombie’s etymology derives from the Kimbudu word “n’zumbe” — the spirit of a dead man. Since the game is believed to take place in Africa (there is also a chance that the game may take place in Haiti), there may be a chance that a part of the game’s focus may lie in the folklore that gave root to the idea of the modern zombie. That aspect, however, is quickly overlooked in favor of an easy misconstrual of found symbolism behind a white man with a gun surrounded by black zombies. Let us also not forget that the antagonists of the overarching story in these games (The Umbrella Corporation and aspects of the U.S. Government (all white, don’t worry)) are the focus. Those white people who subject these black people and turn them into zombies in the first place; that is who the white protagonist is going after. The object of the game is not “KILL ALL THE DARKIES.” You’re completely forgetting context in favor of causing an uproar. Also worthy to note: The game’s original inspiration was a movie called The Night of the Living Dead. I don’t know if you’ve seen it or not, but it’s a film featuring a black protagonist. During the course of the movie, he strikes a white girl, and at the end (spoilers) he is mistaken for a zombie and gunned down by a predomninantly white squad of rednecks who are out hunting zombies. Now take into consideration that this movie was made in 1969. It is considered to be one of the best allegories of the racial (nand other societal) issues of its day. I’d highly recommend it… I’m pretty sure it wasn’t shown in African Studies 101.

    Honestly, your overreaction is a serious detriment to your argument. If you really feel offended, if you honestly think that this game is an attempt to mar the public opinion of black people, why not examine the game itself, the history of the franchise, and its source material and then make a judgement. I honestly don’t believe you find the game racially antagonistic at all, otherwise you would have posted some of the more logical defenses of the game alongside the dimwitted comments. You’re just as bad as they are. I don’t believe that this is the type of community that really fights against racism, rather the type of community that likes to make a loud noise about a tree when they’re standing in the middle of the forest.

    “Any means neccessary” does not mean sitting around and crying wolf. Do something to change it or you’re part of the problem.

  127. themm

    How come no one calls racism when 50 cent made his game and all you do is shoot white people?

    Kym, I ask you this. If you were walking down a dusty road in HAITI, the games actual location, and black people are surrounding you on the sides like say, a market place And all of a sudden everyone stops where they’re at and turns around and looks at you, knowing you’re not a zombie. Then they charge at you shouting for brains…what would you do? Would you fight back? Or would you run for help? Or Would you come up with a BS reason on why you would let them eat your intestines out just because you’re the same color as them?

    You’ve definitely pulled a race card out of the deck. All this time, as in past games, we killed White zombies. White people found no reason to hate the Japanese for us killing our race. Now its Black people and someone cries Racism. Who are you mad at here? The “White Man” for making the game. Because you can’t. Because a “white man” didn’t make the game. So you can’t be mad at that “White Man”. Which one is it? The fictional one right? Heres a tip.
    Buy the game and stand in the middle of a hoard of zombies and watch, laugh and smile as the “White Man” dies.

    And whoever said the gamers comment makes them seem like they’ll start another Columbine, why?
    Just why? WHY THE FUCK WOULD ANYONE SAY A STUPID COMMENT LIKE THAT. Thats whats sad about the world. There’s no trust, no belief and no hope. Mankind will die from: War, Robots, Zombies and one sided people like you, Kym.

  128. Michael

    It’s a stupid comment on someone’s stupid blog. She’ll have a problem with anything, if there were no problems she would manufacture them. I love how people try and make a living off the race thing, people like that will always find a problem because they have money involved in it.

  129. Johnny

    Honestly, this blog is just making unresearched babble to stir up trouble where there is none.

  130. DrinkingPartner

    This may have already been said, but here goes:

    The real sad truth of the matter, to me, is that seemingly respectable people like yourselves, Kym and whoever (because Kym was the only name that stuck out in my mind), will not apologize for the comments you made. It was not a racist issue until you made it one, and until you read the comments, specifically the one by WarmWaterPenguin around #40, you will continue to be ignorant.

    If you anaylze the thoughtful comments and make a direct response acknowledging the reason behind them, you will regain, at least, some of the respect you, no doubt, rightfully deserve. But we’ll see what happens.

  131. Sad

    It’s sad how you people do this and Kim your comment wont be forgotten about white people.

    Ignorant people continue racism. You know what it’s semi true that black people are the most racist people right now dwelling on the past too much.

    (PS: I’m Puerto Rican)

    I don’t even like you guys.

  132. Advent

    This is among the most upsetting thing I have ever heard.
    I am black, as much as it pains me to have to say (I had hoped the truth would be enough). I have been called a nigger by white men, had to fight for a cab, have been avoided on a busy street.
    But this upsets me even more. I am literally shaking as I type… I have dealt with ignorance.
    Both this post, and the post prior are wrought with the same level of ignorance. In fact, I could say you could define this as deliberate ignorance. You are going out of your way to align yourself with ignorance.

    You took the only three responses in your reply chain that were ignorant and said they represented the rest of the posts. Its called generalizing. I have dealt with this kind of treatment before, when ever someone thinks I drink hennessey or eat fried chicken.

    If your surprised you have got such a massive response, don’t try and apply it to some form of martyrdom. You attacked gamers, and the internet is our forum. And I have never known a more color blind community. Making assumptions about a whole subculture of people despite a self-admitted lack of exposure to said culture is an embodiment of the same ignorance that makes our lives more difficult.
    If you want any respect from me, post an apology. If at least out of respect for the truth.

    P.S…To those of you that did say hate filled comments: You are also ignorant, and no matter what daddy and mommy taught you, you are making the choice to hate. You have disrespected and cheapened gamers by associating with them.

  133. David

    She wrote a highly uneducated post. She should of known better than to say that a video game is racist. The game takes place in Africa. Most people in Africa would be in fact African. The last game took place in Spain, so why can’t it take place elsewhere? Her post was just idiotic.

    I was also repulsed by the thing she said about how the game is aimed at children. WHAT? If I can remember every resident evil game was rated M for Mature, which means 17 and up. It’s very simple to resolve a situation like this. Simply don’t let your children play games like that. Don’t blame the gaming industry because of a failed attempt at parenting.

    I myself don’t like how everyone called her horrible names, I don’t like that one bit. But she made I highly unintelligent post.

    Next time please think before you write, because it is very much important.

  134. RetroGamer27

    Why are you wasting your time with this. Its a GAME. A World that does not exist. WHY do you have to make it into a big to-do. Playing a Game is about being drawn into The game and have the world be as realistic as possible. If you want to say games are racist then Look at games where alls you do is kill people like the 50 cent game or the GTA series. Now you watch a short video of a game in production and say its racist off that?! Have you ever played a RE game in your life? What about a Real game at all? Its not about being racist. Its about Immersion into the games world making you feel like you are in the backwoods of Africa. And if you call that Racist then what about the games where you are a Black man Killing white people. But then again you would probably turn that around saying that we are portraying you as just running around and killing white people. Which brings me to another point
    Its being made by a video game COMPANY not a video game RACE the white people are not making this game to piss on black people. This is a Team Effort that takes hundreds of people to write and code and scrip and score and model and texture this game. not to metion debug test produce and sell the game. And Im sure that somewhere in there there are African Americans helping. But then again you may turn it around and say that we are making them our slaves by doing thant.

    Seriously though grow up. This is how racism starts. no one is trying to hurt or belittle you. Its a game get over it it is code, Textures, Animation , and Models. Not real people guns and other things just stiff that will never really matter just move on with your life and try to make a better use of you time then blogging stupid crap like this Go get a job or if you have one get another one because your time could be beter spent doing something else. and Remember ITS JUST A FUCKING GAME!

  135. Jabbo

    This is really bad.Calling something a game racist because a WHITE man is shooting DEAD AFRICAN PEOPLE. I hope that the extra traffic to your site was worth it.

  136. Prgmfredchicken

    Why do you assume that the game company making the game is all white anyways. Isnt that racist? Am I not smart enough to be a programmer if im not white. Only white people can make video games? What if th company was all Afican-American would it still be “racist” to have Chris Reidfeild killing Black Zombies?

  137. Steve

    Advent, thank you. I’m white and far from what you can call racist. Advent hit the nail on the head, you took a few offensive comments and claimed they represented the majority when most of us try to make educated critisisms. You made an incredibly ignorant blog about Resident Evil without any prior research of knowledge about the series. I don’t recall one thing you said being truthful in that first blog post. The only thing I agree with is that those couple of posts you put up there were made by complete idiots with no respect for other human beings.

  138. Once again, the authors of this blog are just race-minded individuals and, therefore, racist.

    You are bigots, racists, and only perpetuate the very problem you claim to fight againt. You’re sad, miserable, and uneducated people.

    Any blog that capitalizing the word “Black” before people and keeps the word “white” lower-case can never claim to be fighting racism.

  139. Once again, the authors of this blog are just race-minded individuals and, therefore, racist.

    You are bigots, racists, and only perpetuate the very problem you claim to fight againt. You’re sad, miserable, and uneducated people.

    Any blog that capitalizes the word “Black” before people and keeps the word “white” lower-case can never claim to be fighting racism.

  140. I heard they tried to make the submitter go to rehab, but she said “no no no!”

    Blackamazon….don’t pull the racism card unless it happened to you… personally…Which it hasn’t…Unless your a black zombie. In wich case you have a right to be pissed that all the white zombies get to take a game off while all the black zombies have to work so hard trying to to kill that white guy with a gun.

    /I know that I am contributing to this sites hit count by even reading this BS

    // Im not racist. I think black people can be anything they want to be….even zombies

  141. Wow, I'm simply speechless.

    Tomorrow’s follow up to this should read “”yes id rather be killing white zombies… from this day forward every zombie should be white” – Kym Platt.

    With that off the bat this could be one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen.

    First off, believe it or not video games are a form of entertainment, if you want to change this, then change, books, movies, everything.

    Second, this game is aimed at a 17+ audience again Kym fails.

    Third, lets analyze the game a bit shall we:

    1. Capcom makes this a Japanese company, what bigot agenda could they have.
    2. The last RE games you shoot white zombies, and Spanish villagers, yet Kym has no problem with this.
    3. You shoot them not because they are black, because they are fucking zombies, that are trying to kill you. (Mind the language but this is ridiculous)
    4. GTFO the internet.

  142. jula

    the writer of this editorial piece needs to get a life and find something more viable to write about.”journalistic integrity” theres a thought. ITS RESIDENT EVIL it takes place in AFRICA there are black people in AFRICA, they turn into zombies and Chris Redfield must kill them, just like he did in other RE games. This is JUST a GAME its not REAL nor is it RACISM or micro racism, but congrats your article has created some shock value and is now being laughed at througout the whole gaming community. Wow, when I first saw the trailer I was simply impressed with how great this game looks, and what a great approach to the story hes in Africa its original, it’s the Umbrella corporation causing havoc, it’s a plgue they turn into Zombies, it changes the settings a little.. if he were in China Im wondering if wed see the same kind of ridiculous articles. Wow what is this world coming too were people get so damn sensitive over a video game, and damn good game too that ill be shelling out my 60$ for, and so will most gamers because RE is a hot commodity , films, video games, etc. And a new movie on the way this SUMMER. I m so mad I cant believe groups would use this video game as a anti racism vehicle, get a life. All your doing is helping them advertise the game more, and making fools of yourselves because honestly, nobody sees this game as racism. RESIDENT EVIL 4 was in SPAIN and nobody in Latin America or Spain blew there top over the game.

  143. Steve

    Exactly, I can’t stand people like this woman. People who, instead of seeing the fact that the game is what it is, a game, they see the color of the character’s skin before anything else. When you don’t notice skin color, that’s when you can claim not to be racist. Maam, people like you make me weep for the future of humanity. People like you should not be the face of the fight against racism. As future generations continue, racism will hopefully die.

  144. jula


  145. Rubedo

    Ain’t this a carnival of stupidity, including ignorant dumbasses for don’t know jack about the Resident Evil series what so ever.

    Plus who give a rat’s ass about if the zombie’s white, black, tan, or rainbow. He/She/It/whatever ain’t going to care for it thinks of different skins as one thing: one large buffet course and they still bleed red just the same as white zombies do! Also there were some “black” zombies in Resident Evil: Outbreak, and *spoilers* poor Mike Epps (He was so funny, that I wish he was alive longer) if it could be avoided since it’s another of Anderson’s stupid moves, by he gets bitten and turns into a zombie! Then he gets shot, gasp that into your little heads. Did you cover those for you stupid little racist shot? I don’t think so.

    In short, you completely disregard all the facts and posted pure bullshit in which nobody on there say (well, half of it…but not altered). So if you want to challenge me on this, be my guest so I can brain you to the next century and then tell you keep playing Soilitare for that’s all your good and I bet your 10 year old cousin is smarter than you and can whoop your ass in a single game of Street Fighter. Enjoy the rest of your glory hogging, media whoring while you can still it’s not going to last.

  146. Kevin

    Many people have pointed out that white zombies were killed in previous Resident Evil titles. However, black zombies were killed in previous Resident Evil game along with white zombies (RE2 comes to mind). The games did not discriminate, and I do not believe this one will either.

    The real issue here is that we know really nothing about the game in question, and people on both sides of the argument are being so vocal. Sure, you kill zombies and those zombies happen to be African because the game takes place in Africa. However, the game’s true antagonist(s) is still unknown, and it is a staple of the series to have corrupt individuals controlling the enemies you are fighting against their will. As seen in the trailer, the African in the shack is clearly a victim and not a self-controlled aggressor. The game’s message could be somewhere along the lines of “The Constant Gardener,” where an evil pharmaceutical company is doing illegal drug tests on the population (the game has a history of this with the Umbrella Coporation). We just don’t know enough to have adequate opinions.

    As for the protagonist being white, I don’t feel this is racism. Instead, I believe they mainly brought Chris Redfield into the game because he is a long-standing character with good fan support. Simply put, he is there to bring in fan fair not because of his skin color.

    So, please, let’s save the arguments until we know the heart (story) of the game.

    Kevin Dickinson

    P.S. I believe this to be a very good blog; however, I was disappointed with the choice of comments you highlighted. I understand that there are a lot of immature gamers out there, but there are a lot of mature ones as well. I know that the comments you highlighted help your argument, but I feel it would be responsible of you to share the other/mature side of the argument on your next post.

    With that said, thanks for the debate. It was fun.

  147. blackfacetom

    oogie boogie niggers!!

  148. chelo

    haha this is to salvador i find it funny as hell if there was a blog called “ask this charro” or “ask this mariachi” lol

    and to the owner of this blog, what is the big deal, it is a game, and i agree with the other opinions you are just plain biased and missinformed

  149. chelo

    ohh and almost forgot

    happy aniversary on your blog, hope you entertain us with your awesome and informative articles en the future

    /sarcam off

  150. mike p

    It’s sad when you didn’t bother to read and/or quote any of the better comments and instead chose specific bits and pieces. The majority of people commenting are not racist but I can guarantee they’re saying that stuff to wind you up. This isn’t 40 years ago and the Japanese were never involved in anything your authors were trying to imply.

    Do yourself a favor and stop trying to tie RE5 and racism together and you’ll stop the internet trolls that are sure to plague your site from now on.

    Why are you looking for racism anyway? Have you even played the previous games? Posts like that do nothing to progress the elimination of racism… you’re only fueling it! No one else brought up racism in RE5 until you guys did. You would think other black men and women that have seen it (esp REAL journalists with reputable firms) would have written something negative before, right?

    You guys are just trying to make controversy and post sensationalist pictures to bring traffic to your blog. Shameful. Absolutely shameful.

  151. damn niggers! go back to africa if you love it so much!

  152. Tony

    First of all, I am half-black, and a major fan of Capcom’s games, including Resident Evil from the beginning.

    Simply put, Kym was terribly inaccurate in her analysis of Resident Evil 5. I can tell she has no idea what it is even about.

    Because some people overreacted with racial slurs, Kym is assuming that Resident Evil put racism into our minds?
    One overreacting fan doesn’t represent everyone who plays Resident Evil (almost everyone has played it, but seemingly Platt herself hasn’t)

    She needs to look at things without being so fearful of an attempt at racism. Its never bad when the setting in a story is politically correct.

    Also for saying that all zombies should be white, Kym Platt is racist.

    Lighten up.

  153. Rubedo

    Ain’t this terrific? Now your theatritics now brought in the racists, Nazi, and rednecks abound? Happy now? Feel like contacting Jeese Jacksoon now, Mmm?

  154. For one thing, its the damn POlice thats racist!!! i wanna be in my gang of niggers that kill eachother cause we dam stoopid! the police should only arrest white people because us black peoples are uneducated. we also love 50 cent, which tells us to kill the opressive white man. BLACK POWAH

  155. Adam

    You are doing exactly the same thing that racist whites do when looking at blacks. EXACTLY the same thing. That makes you no different than the average non-violent racist.

    A racist enjoys looking at only the bad. They see a black man on TV shooting a 7-11 worker and say “Damn niggers!” They refuse to see all the good things that black people do, they only see the bad and think all black people are criminals and arent to be trusted. In turn they refuse to look at the bad things that their own race does.

    You refused to look at any of the well thought out replies. You went STRAIGHT to the racist replies, the idiotic replies (which probably only took up 5% of the total posts), then you lumped all gamers into the same category as that extremely small minority. You also seemed to completely ignore the fact that Kym said all zombies should be white.

    Do you see a trend here? You should take a look at yourself and your actions. Do you find yourself constantly judging white people for things you would have ignored from a black person (this answer is a yes, since you ignored Kym’s remark on zombies being white)? Are you constantly paranoid of what a white person’s intentions are? Do you have white friends if you live in a society that is predominantly white (real friends, not just acquaintances)? You dont have to be violent to be a racist/bigot, those people are very small in numbers. By far the biggest factor in racism is judging a group of people based on only the bad things they do, which is what I’m seeing here.

  156. Woman Gamer

    “Don’t say stupid things and people won’t attack you for it. Simple as that.”

    *SIGH* As the name on my post says, I am a 38-year-old gamer–although my taste leans towards RPGs more than shooters. I read Kym’s entry and was saddened by the epithets and other comments hurled in her direction.

    She didn’t deserve the name-calling or other epithets thrown in her direction. Many pointed out that her comments about the game were wrong in a civilized manner. Unfortunately, the entire thing turned into nothing more than a racial name-calling match–which is probably why the comments were closed.

    Kym–you are not the only person who thinks video games are only played by children. It doesn’t help when you are in a store and see a parent buying a game marked “M” for a child under 17. However, I do believe that a little more research into the game would have helped. There are a number of game-review sites on the internet that can help.

  157. Tony

    After posting here, I do see a lot of dumbasses that posted with things that would only cause further animosity. I don’t mean to be so harsh, but Platt did bring this upon herself.
    However, these people using racial slurs are immature beyond making a civilized response. Maybe they are just too dumb to think up something good to say.

  158. Jay

    Okay, while I disagree with the game being racist, the person who keeps posting these racist comments is really pissing me off. It’s uncalled for, immature, and rude…

  159. Andrew D.

    Wow…I really cant believe people in this day and age STILL think video games are only played by pre-teens and under. Not only have there ALWAYS been a good number of adults playing video games, but there are more than ever before at the present time.

    Now it seems like you dont know much about video games as you admitted, but the columbine comment was unecessary. Im black, and listen to hip hop and rap music, and also play many different video games (more RPGs than anything, but thats beside the point) and the Grand Theft Auto series and other games of that sort fall into my range of played games.

    Neither of which have influenced me, any of my friends, or the MAJORITY of the world to go out and kill people for no reason. Furthermore, if you are going to do a blog comment about something PLEASE study the history behind it. The game isnt racist in the least bit, and doesnt/ wont lead to racism. Or even to a lesser extent, watch the Resident Evil movies that have been released.

    If you arent educated on the subject matter, dont comment on it. This is just like when the media blamed violence on Rap/ hip-hop, then blamed it on video games, and now its a combo of the two. The REAL thing that causes people to become violent are their parents or simply they are just violent individuals.

  160. Rubedo

    It will only get worse before the end, unless if the head will closed this whole mess. But it will never end, and it’s truely saddening to see much ignorance and brutality.

  161. And by the way, Nice try to equal Columbine with this… you know, Columbine happened because some people are full of sh1t or parents can’t do their job: Parenting. Not because of videaogames.

    This blog, which is supposed to be a vector against racism, ended up being one of the most ignorant and stupidest blogs ever written. Shame on you for potentially increasing racism and not helping your own black brothers.

    Your image just went down the drain.

  162. Ownedeerd


    The poster of this is truly retarded, it’s ok to kill white people, but not blacks? Fucking racist, I bet you play GTASA and kill all the “White Devils”

    Go kill you’re self, seriously, no one gives a fuck, you’re the racist, not us.

  163. Pygar

    I saw the news of this “Blog” on G4 tech TV, a network devoted to video games, comic books and tech gadgets. I am angered by the blogger Kym, because I think her take on the whole situation is very un-informed, shockingly narrow minded, and is downright the most RACIST thing I have heard in years.

    See, to Kym it is apparently not a problem that people kill each other in video games, only a problem if people of different ethnic origins kill each other in video games. That is Racist.

    This is in blatent disregard to the fact the resident evil series is created in Japan, that the first 4 or 5 incarnations of the game involved the “white” heroes killing “white” zombies, and that the main point of the game is not killing people in the name of political or ethnic hatred, the game is about surviving through a nightmare where ordinary people have been transformed by chemical warfare or by occult worship into brain-munching zombies, and your job as the hero is to figure out how to stop it from spreading to more innocent people.

    Kym, you have really missed the bus here. You have done nothing to show me anybody’s racist ideals except for your own. The world needs to bury the hatchet and move on as one, and it wont be possible until people like Kym understand that they are part of the problem, not the solution.

    I’l bet Kym doesnt even believe that she is a racist, LOL

  164. Geo

    I would sincerely like to apologize for the racial comments made on this page toward to writer, Sokari.

    As a first generation American of Greek decent I want to make clear that I in no way represent the views or thoughts of the people making these racial comments and I personally feel it’s in poor taste that they continue to post it. Although I know they are simply doing it to get a rise out of you I feel it’s an immature and stupid way to get attention.

    As a fellow human being I really hope that even though I’m white, we can continue to debate views on such subjects as this and maybe even come to understanding each other more. Personally I feel there is much I can learn by you explaining your point of view and your day to day struggles. Just as I hope you may be able to learn from mine.

    While I value your opinion on Resident Evil 5 which you are very much entitled to. I do disagree and feel that the publisher had no intent to make you feel this way. Hopefully as more is understood about the game. All the issues you have with it can be solved.

    Take care.

  165. Let me get this straight. Your response to a slew of well-thought out counter arguments and questioning of your thinking, is to hand pick from the 131 comments a total of five or six offensive ones and generalize about the entire group.

    Oh hey, like racism. You know, where you assume things about people based on certain members of their group.

    I challenge you to post an actual follow up that actually addresses the points you have been challenged on. I truly do believe that you have an argument to make, but ignoring and failing to address other points of view is the wrong way to do it.

  166. OverLordd

    Look, you are a bigot, its simple as that. Not only did the orginal point by the first woman show bigotry, but your trying to act like your the victim when you ripped into a game and community you know nothing about. You are ignorent and bigoted, now face up to it, and stop acting like a little girl with wounded pride.

  167. The Darkness

    “given the response from gamers… I think we should all be very afraid. Many of these folks seem like the type who would try to reenact scenes from Resident Evil 5. Can you say Columbine?”

    Point #1: You have no idea what Resident Evil is about. Resident Evil has always been about a group of people (usually Police Officers) trying to survive a supernatural threat. Now, Columbine was a Psychopath and a depressed individual killing humans, not creatures, for fun. Difference?

    Point #2: It’s in Africa. There are Zombies. If a flesh-eating monster is sprinting at you, and you have a gun, would you stop and think whether it’s politically correct to kill it? No. You’d fire the gun.

    Point #3: Ms. Platts’ blog and her responses show that she is not preaching equality, she’s preaching black superiority. I quote:

    “Yes… I am more comfortable with the zombies being white. In fact, ALL zombies should be white from this day forth.”

    I’m all for equality. And Ms. Platts claims to be all for it as well. But she just said that all zombies should be white, as if white people are mindless.

    All I can say, Ms. Platts…


  168. youre the racist


    Yes… I am more comfortable with the zombies being white. In fact, ALL zombies should be white from this day forth.”

    just reposting this reply by KYM HERSELF to show her complete ignorance and hypocrisy. i also love how how you blog authors avoid the comments that completely destroy your arguments.

  169. use

    “given the response from gamers… I think we should all be very afraid. Many of these folks seem like the type who would try to reenact scenes from Resident Evil 5. Can you say Columbine?”

    maybe people wouldnt be angry and threating if you werent being bigoted and making ignorant sweeping generalizations claiming people that play video games are psychotic murderers. just a thought.

  170. John

    I am black myself and I’d say that the writer of this blog isn’t any better than the jerks writing mean stuff in the comments.

    The world is filled with injustice caused by racism and you complain about a videogame set in africa containing african people. Not only do you come out as very ignorant, you also help tireing people of real issues conserning racism with your made up problems. Stop whining and do some good for society instead =)

  171. Ivresse

    I’m sorry, but you’ve completely proved how hate-filled this site actually is.

    I’m a gamer, I play games, I love playing games, I know a lot about them (a lot more than you two obviously do). I am also a white male from England, and I also happen to be dating a black girl, who is originally from Malawi, and currently lives in Texas in the US. I absolutely despise racism in all forms and if I saw someone being violently racist towards a black person, I would probably do my best to help the black person out, possibly with a cricket bat.

    What you’ve just done though, is not only alienated almost the entire gaming community, judging us all because of the actions of a couple of numpties (which exist in all tpyes of community btw, even yours), but you’ve angered people who would otherwise have supported you in your fight against racial prejudice against your skin colour. Heck, you’ve even offended people who ARE of your own skin-colour with these short-sighted comments.

    Right now, I’m thinking you in the same light as Jack Thompson, a hate-filled egotistical maniac of a lawyer who knows nothing about the subject matter and just dumps on comments and fictional statistics that he has no proof or even substantial knowledge about.

    Maybe you could even try playing video games, then you’d probably have more knowledge about the subject than Jack Thompson has, but right now, maybe you should think about what you have said, who you have offended, and how hurtful these short-sighted comments have done towards your goals and ambitions.

  172. Response to Joan Kelly

    You said:

    “I would ask anyone who was sincere in their desire to engage here why this reaction wasn’t on the menu:
    “Gross, I see a lot of horrible things being said to a woman, about her woman-ness and her blackness, simply because she said something people – maybe even I – didn’t agree with. I am ashamed of how these people are behaving in my name, as a gamer or white person or blog commenter or all of the above, and I would like to pipe up in support of this woman’s right not to be treated this way, no matter what she thinks of a video game.””

    Firstly Joan, plenty of people HAVE said they are upset and ashamed of those terrible comments.
    Secondly, you can’t expect people on this blog to behave in an adult manner if the writers of the blog post sensationalist stuff and then are not big enough to retract their original post, or at the very least admit it to be highly inaccurate.
    I’m not saying she deserved any type of racial or sexist derogatory statements here. Of course she didn’t. But her failure to respond to any of the well-reasoned arguments here — which a lot of the comments are — show her to be pretty pathetic, and open to a certain amount of ridicule.
    You seem more interested in attacking a minority of stupid comments rather than debating the original post. I suggest that means you don’t even believe Kym yourself, you know what she wrote was idiotic.

  173. Chris

    “ALL zombies should be white from this day forth.” -Kym

    Obviously Kym is the one who is racist.

  174. Metisse man

    I’m a french metisse man and i feel so sad because the ignorance of the creator of this blog is incredible:-)

    Lets see, boondocks is racism?….no
    More see, all resident evil reach the 5 is racism?

    No because they are zombie and white….

    Black looks create racism where no have.

    Shame on you

  175. Wereallracistsiguess

    I was at a McDonalds, bethesda MD just the other day… a black lady comes in asking why is no one helping her out. “you serve them white boys and i aint gettin no love” (no one was even at the register and we had a line behind us where we were). Remember, there are kids at McDonalds… We all just stood there shocked. The woman taking my order was a black lady too.. she was embarrassed as hell because, yes, she is also black. You better believe it if the same scenario happened elsewhere.. with a change of skin color.. that person would have been called a racists or even worse.

    The woman said she was “keeping it real”. As much as I wanted to call her out for being a racists asshole at a McDonalds, none the less, everyone in there was cool and it was dropped. No words exchanged, and we went on with our lives.

    Things are getting worse and worse all the time. When are you guys going to understand that most of us nowadays don’t give a shit about your skin color?

  176. Leeroy

    Hi there

    I would just like to say that the original article we are all referring to is an inaccurate representation of the game itself. Most gamers will widely acknowledge that racism does NOT form a valid part of the decision process involved with buying a game. The author of this article ought to be ashamed to call herself a journalist, if she even lays claim to be one.

    Narrow mindedness goes both ways. In this instance, the gamer is the innocent party, and all your “article” has done is increase awareness of the game itself amongst gamers. Well done, I’m sure Capcom would thank you.

    Just because you seek to label a game as a Black murder simulator doesnt mean to say it is so….

    And the comment about all zombies being white from now on?? come now child. It’s comments like those that show YOU to be the racist element in the equation.

    Thank you and goodnight. Your post sucked.

  177. co210

    if you didn’t make stupid assumptions to make you get noticed this never would have happened.

  178. Pygar

    This whole website is Racist, the people that host this site are no better than people who support the Ku Klux Klan.

    As for all the hate based comments left here in response to your blog, hatred begets hatred, ignorance begets ignorance… this point you are only reaping what you have sewn (Racism) and I dont feel sorry for you.

    You should be ashamed of yourselves and your hate-mongering.

  179. Leeroy

    PS: Epileptic Gaming RULES!

  180. Wereallracistsiguess

    4chanlol.. you’re a moron. im out

  181. Aaron

    Sense all your blogs about RE5 seem to have comments blocked I’ll just go ahead and leave mine here.

    First i would like to say that if you received comments like “Get back into the cotton fields, you filthy nigger.” I’m sorry and feel you have every right to be offended by such bullshit. But you should know that this is not the typical gamer.

    I am a 18 year old white male. And i love RE4 and can’t wait for RE5. I really don’t see how its racist. I guess maybe if you played the RE games or did your research maybe you would understand. I find it interesting that all your RE5 blogs have comments disabled. I think it s because your tired of being proven wrong over and over again. Lets not forget about what you said on black looks . “Yes… I am more comfortable with the zombies being white. In fact, ALL zombies should be white from this day forth.” I hope that was sarcastic. Because how is that not racist. I feel that before you call this game and gamers racist you need to take a long look at yourself. Because you are in fact being racist.

  182. Ivresse

    Death can’t come soon enough for you, 4chanLOL…

  183. Ivresse

    Not unless you’re admitting to being a Necrophiliac and like shagging dead people…

    I’m sure you love shagging corpses, 4chanLOL, it’s probably the only way you get any…

  184. 4chanLOL



  185. jinxman

    see what I find funny…is that the only comments the poster mentioned that were on te other post were the idiots’ comments. They seem to just glaze over the comments that had logic and reasoning…are those concepts to complicated for you? Can you just not handle that you guys might be wrong? And also, video games don’t cause violence. Stop listening to Jack Thompsons bullshit about how Doom and Counter-Strike caused Comlumbine. And you know what?

    And also, to all you idiots commenting and just calling the posters here niggers and bitches and so forth…Shut up! Seriously, you’re giving the gamer population a very bad name. You think these guys are gonna change their mind just because you idiots call them names?

    But nonetheless, I REALLY hate it when some people seem to think its OK to be as racist as you want to white people, but to black people? No, your a terrible, heartless person if you do anything that could be interperted as racism agaisnt black people. Holy shit, stuff like that pisses me off.

    If you people want to actually give REAL logical reasons and FACTS, then go ahead. But stop putting bullshit stuff that you know nothing about on here and then calling stuff racist. So Capcom decided to make the next RE game in Africa…so what? And that being said, I’m pretty sure that Africa has a predominatly black population, therefore, if there were to be a zombie breakout, wouldn’t you expect most of them to be black? And just so we’re clear, YES, THEY ARE ACTUALLY ZOMBIES IN THAT COMMERCIAL, NOT normal black people made to look evil.

    Hope you read this…and if so thank you…mabye…not likely, but mabye…it will make you see things a little differently.

  186. Metisse man

    4chanLOL is a fake or a man like the creator of this blog…all is possible.

    The blog suck, really

  187. none

    in GTA San Andreas and Vice City Stories black kills white
    what should we call that?

  188. Ivresse

    You see, Kym Platt and Sokari, these idiots like the one who just admitted to being a necrophiliac are the morons that have made those racist comments, people who have the maturity and sanity of a 3 year old and should quite simply be ignored. They’re the small fry, the insignificant, the ones just crying out for attention in their lonely pathetic little lives, the people most likely to be given a Darwin award.

    Instead, you pin the hatred onto normal upstanding gamers like myself who despise racism in all its forms. How can you just sit their and write those disgusting comments about us, making us out to all be violent psychopaths who worship the Columbine massacre (which by the way was not done by a couple of gamers but by a couple of insane idiots like 4ChanLOL)?

    Stop offending us like this. Don’t follow Jack Thompson the Anti-Chri…I mean Anti-Gamer’s crusade!

  189. jinxman

    One more thought…

    “given the response from gamers… I think we should all be very afraid. Many of these folks seem like the type who would try to reenact scenes from Resident Evil 5. Can you say Columbine?”

    Well lol, I gotta say, if some crazy bloodthirsty guy ran up and started choking me (no matter what color his skin was) and I had a guy, well ya, I would shoot him.

    Other than that, I don’t really see HOW you could “reenact” a scene from RE5…

    Reasearch your subject before you make opinions on them. It really boggles my mind how some people can formulate thoughts like you guys have.

  190. dentalfloss

    fuck you 4chanlol, fucking newfag

    fuck you kim, fucking racist stirring bitch

    fuck you sokari, faggy wanker, get the fuck out of kims ass and fuck off with your columbine references trying to insinuate stuff

    I can’t wait to buy this game, I’m gonna pretend its kim and her family I’m shooting.

  191. Miguel

    I am not agree with the people who is calling Kym very bad things like bitch or similar, respect is the first. But I think that you have to konw all about the videogame before talking, there is more than one Resident Evil game, 18 more or less

    Have you seen all the others Resident Evil? Most of the zombies are white people and you have to kill them.
    In the 99% of the rest of videogames killed are white people. Whrere have you been while white people was killed in the videogames? we have no rights too? I am Spanish and in Resident Evil 4 you have to kill spanish people, but it is not a problem for me, it is just a game, no real life.

    Kym says that Resident Evil is for children but it is not true, it has an age rating like films. In Europe is for more than 18 years old ( )

  192. Arcueid

    Jesus, cant stand all this whine about this game being raceist or not.

    If you dont like the game, dont play it. I know many black people who are looking forward to this game.

  193. Leeroy

    Arcueid hit the nail on the head there!

  194. Metisse man

    195. Arcueid

    August 2nd, 2007 at 10:05 am

    Jesus, cant stand all this whine about this game being raceist or not.

    If you dont like the game, dont play it. I know many black people who are looking forward to this game.

    like me?

    The ambiance and the new level and caracter design is wonderful.

    I had been at Madagascar, RE5 it’s a true jewels

  195. Aaron 2

    dentalfloss! Its assholes like you that make us gamers look bad. You don’t fight this kind of hypocrisy by saying shit like “I can’t wait to buy this game, I’m gonna pretend its kim and her family I’m shooting.” Thats terrible! By saying shit like that you are just adding fuel to kims fire. I’m not just talking about you ether . I’m talking about any asshole that makes comments like that. If you can’t say something constructive and can only fight racism and bigotry with more racism and bigotry then keep your mouth shout!

    By the way I’m the Aaron from comment 184 and not the Aaron from comment 4.

  196. Jeremy

    The author of that original post deserves a slap. How dare she accuse Capcom of making a racist video game, when the previous 4 as has already been stated many times, have if anything featured a majority of white zombies.

    ‘problematic on so many levels’ – that’s a load of crap to be honest, if a region inhabited by black people is subjected to a virus, what is meant to happen? they just turn white??!

    Seriously, the ‘resident evil’ lies in people like Kym Platt who can’t put bloody racism issues to bed and get on with their lives. I must have shot 1000’s of white people in another game, Dead Rising, and do I give a damn? Of course not, it’s not even an issue!

    I can’t believe I’m actually getting angry about this, what is it with coloured people getting so easily offended and making an issue out of nothing?

    What is the world coming to!


  197. origami kid

    its you who is the racist. White people being shot at for the last 10+games of the series and the game is set in africa and you try and place every freaking racist comment you can on.

    If you are campaigning for no more racism,why is it you are being racist towards whites?

  198. Mercy

    Are you a attention whore?

  199. SillySprout

    Firstly, I’d like to say that some of the comments are a disgrace to the people writing them. There have been racist comments left and they aren’t acceptable. Even if meant in jest, people should seriously consider what they write.

    However, I do agree with the point that a lot of people have made in reply to the article – that there has been nothing shown of this game to indicate racism. I’ve played every game in the series to date from start to finish. The original games were set in a fictional American town, which was destroyed by a nuclear blast in the third main game. Number four therefore was set elsewhere (Spain), and the writers have obviously decided to set the fifth game even further away in Africa.

    Here’s an interesting fact: There are black people in Africa. I’ve never been there, but I assume that the majority of people are black, much like in the trailer for this game. The only criticism that I’ve heard about this game when discussing it, is that the infected have the same set of animations as they do in the last game. With very little research this would show anyone that these people are not normal humans, but infected zombie type creatures that are a danger to the main character as seen in previous games of the series.

    One last point is the objection that the blogger had regarding a white man in a uniform attacking a group of black people. This is a returning character from the series, which was originally set in America. It would appear that his job is to fight this new disease, and the disease has gone to Africa. I’m sure that there will be uninfected black people in the game too, and I’m sure that Chris, the games hero, will work together or have to save those black characters.

    I’m a white male and have had very little dealings with racism in my life. I disagree with it totally, but the racism card should not be pulled out without a proper understanding. This game would be racist if those people were being killed because of their race. They are not.

  200. Wow!

    Firstly, I must express my disgust towards the stupid little idoits typing racist trash from behind the comfort of their keyboards. You are doing nothing constructive in this debate, instead only enforcing the stereotype of gamers as immature children.

    But I’ve read this whole debate and this is such a non story. The points I would raise have been covered by the calm contingent here, but to reiterate; The game is set in Africa, a continent that has many stories of Zombifaction in folklore. Resident Evil series has been set in many continents has has had a variety of Zombies from different races.

    To kick off at the new setting (In my opinion) only sets tolerance back.

    Yes the main character is white, he was white in the first game and was white in Resident Evil: Code Veronica. Should the game makers change his colour? Should Shaft be white and James Bond be black?

    So all the game makers have done is taken an established character, set the game in Africa and created a Zombie outbreak. Since a high majority of the residents are black, then most of the Zombies are black.

    If you still feel this game is racist, then I feel sorry for those people who have heeded your blog, as its only impeeding the (hopefull) day when racism is a forgetten relic.

    P.S. Please don’t buy this game for kids. It never has been and iwill never be meant for children.



  201. Mirko

    it is right that it is acclimatized in Africa us do not have to be censorships to this resident evil 5 in this blog are in favor of the black persons I not because the black persons must stop it to dominate only want and to only dominate is right that in this game you amuse yourself to kill the black persons and above all not begun to break off the boxes them is taste that is racism in this game

  202. zero

    Wow, 2 incredibly stupid news[posts in one day. Keep it up you’re on a roll.
    Generalization is something this site should be well aware of, but somehow you just like to verify your own existence.

    Can’t wait to see you on Oprah. Hope you see the light one day and throw of those blindfolds. Racism is a very serious issue, but somehow people keep looking for it places where there is absolutely none.

    It’s a freaking Japanese game MADE BY JAPANESE. Ah 5th in the series which was predominately white. It would be racist not to include balck people when the game is situated in Aftica!

    Welcome to the internet.

  203. Bastian

    Hell, so you think the T-Virus is also a racist because he does not attack black people?
    Ridiculous… know why everyone bashed her? Because she said all Zombies should be white people. That was some stupid gibberish and she’ll have to live with it.

    Thanks a lot for amusing me.

  204. Darz Mol

    Resident Evil 4 was set in Spain and was full of spanish zombies. I’m from Spain, and like many other spanish players, we didn’t see any problems. We played the game and enjoy it.

  205. Hello to all, they are Italian and I do not know to speak well English. They are a player from many years and I have played all the Resident Evil, they are not racist and I condemn racism but I condemn also the ignorance of who defines Resident 5 Evil a racist game. If someone of you want it has them plays to you will know well that until Resident Evil Outbreak the 2 for PlayStation 2 zombie they were all white men. Understood? WHITE MEN. You say to preach the equality, then he tries not to find stupiden pretests in order to create tension and to foment exact hatred… you are carrying hatred with the excuse of a simple one videogame… you see again your position please. Bye


  207. Spag

    Although I agree with the majority of comments so far, I have to say the abuse and bad language aimed at the blogger is unnecessary and any racial comments are not needed.

    This also brings up the point of double standards.

    Resident Evil 4 was set in an unfamiliar location to the rest of the series (like 5 is) and contains locals that have been infected by a virus (like in 5) the main character must work with some of these locals, and kill those that have been infected to prevent harm to the main character and his companions (just like in RE5) and everyone in the location is of one racial group (Hey! Just like in RE5!)

    So if it was a no-issue running around a hispanic village killing mexicans/rural spaniards, how come this new game, with almost identical settings and themes, can be considered racist if the main targets have simply been switched from spaniards to africans?

    RE4 wasn’t racist, why is RE5?

    Also, although my faith in humanity is becoming increasingly lowered, I am pretty sure that there isn’t a single person in the entire world who would think “Hey, this looks fun! I’m going to go find me some guns, kit up, book a flight to Africa and start killing locals!”

    And it saddens my heart that you have reffered The Columbine Shooting in the second blog post as something that was inspired by video games.

    Oh and also, the reason you have so many comments is because a number of news sites from across the world have linked to this blog with such news headings as “Resi 5 Racist!
    Well that’s according to an African women’s blog. It is safe to say the world has gone mad.”
    ( etc. etc.

    So your blog is not popular, it’s just so appauling that it’s even hit news websites.

  208. Blah blah

    yeah cool… I from Poland. That little county in the middle of europe. Kyms defence looks like our goverment… “doesn’t matter what argument you have I AM RIGHT and make NO mistakes, YOU are allways wrong” and gamers say: “doesn’t matter what argument you have I AM RIGHT and make NO mistakes, YOU are allways wrong”… its pointless like polish politics. Fact is one… that is a damn game, and a wrold you live in is called Earth. In real life there is NO place for american political correctness.

    Plese… stop seeing rasism evrywhere. Besides… Kym… you made capcom, good bit of job. Free promotion you see… game will now sell better…

    And a bad result, of your fact manipulation is that even if you (sadly) still belive in your theory, you alone propagate “hate to black people”, and people will now see a racism, right there where no one other would imagine… Lucky you… great job… Ku-klux-klan should give ya a medal…

    its all bigotery ;/

  209. Ark

    August 1st, 2007 at 5:49 am

    Yes… I am more comfortable with the zombies being white. In fact, ALL zombies should be white from this day forth.


    Now that is a pretty racist thing to say right there. What really supprises me about this post is the amount of attention this has gotten. It is interesting to note that for all the anti-racism rhetoric on this blog the writers of this blog either make no attempt to or actively espouse anti-white racism.

    As a gamer my self (although not a RE fan) I am very impressed with how out spoken the gaming community can be on such issues and how eloquent and educated some of their opinions can be. As well as how ignorant and racist some of their opinions can be. But then again, it is a very diverse community.

    I must blog about the maelstrom this has stirred up some time. 🙂

    Truly fascinating.

  210. A setting does not determine prejudice.

    Lets say Canada had an Eskimo tribe that has been plagued with zombies. They cannot be saved because it would be racist to shoot the infected ones.



  211. Anonymous

    Let’s solve racisim by reversed rasism.

  212. Anonymous

    Let’s solve racisim by reversed racism.

  213. Anonymous

    Let’s solve racism by reversed racism.

  214. Redfield