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In the fields & out of the massa’s way

Kym Platt sent me an article in the LA Times on blogger Field Negro. His blog is one of my regular reads and here he reveals himself as an attorney. I’ve noticed lately more and more bloggers are coming out or starting out with their real names. Maybe they have begun to realise the importance of what they have to say and the power of the media itself. What I really like about Field Negro aka Wayne Bennett is his no holds barred anti-racist stance.

“I am black, and what affects my race affects me,” says Bennett, who also works part-time in criminal defence. “I feel that I am exposing things that people, black and white, try to hide. In my own way I am trying to force an honest debate and open dialogue.”

I see some echoes of Malcolm X in his distinguishing between those in the massa’s house and those in the fields. But Bennett has gone a step further and invented a third category the “patio negro”. I love that phrase, makes me think of all those black footballers with the blondies in tow and we can add to that the new man on the block Lewis Hamilton. His examples are guess who?

He cites Illinois Sen. Barack Obama as a prime example. Tiger Woods, too. “You will be cheering like hell for him to beat all those old white men this weekend at Augusta,” Bennett wrote in April, “but. . . there is the white wife, the passionate obsession for being viewed as a color neutral icon, and all that white love.”

I was talking with a friend here in London a couple of weeks ago. She has been in London at university and is now working and was complaining about how difficult it was to find a male partner – she reckoned that at least 75% of young Black men at university and work were dating and would only date white women so for her she was pretty much left with little choice. Its not a case of her wanting to be in a relationship but just depressing to know that her brothers prefer to date white women rather than their sisters – and this in 2007.

I digress – check out Field Negro – he just won the readers’ choice for “Best Political/News Blog” in the Black Weblog Awards – and also is part of Afrosphere. Congrats and keep on blogging.


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