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where sugar is not so sweet

Cane cutters 2007

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Human rights advocate Sonia Pierre (born in the Dominican Republic of Haitian parents) discusses the plight of Haitians in the DR such as denial of citizenship to those born in the DR of Haitian parents.

WHEN Sonia Pierre won an international human rights award last fall, there were two diametrically opposite reactions here: “Way to go!” and “Oh, no!”

Ms. Pierre is the Dominican Republic’s most polarizing human rights advocate, a dark-skinned woman who says she can only dream of a country in which her color – and the skin tone of hundreds of thousands of other Dominicans like her who are of Haitian descent – is a non-issue.

Sugar Babies: A film documenting the trafficking of Haitians into the the Dominican Republic

Thanks to Emeka Okafor for the link to Sonia Pierre