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10th Carnival of Positives

The 10th Carnival of Positives is over on Slimconomy – the name refers to a wasting the wasting disease common with AIDS.

The categories are: Film, Health and Fitness, International, Personal Accounts, Politics, Spirituality, Support and 3 video shorts:

and Miss Empowe(RED) presents a documentary SistahGirl: Black Women and HIV/AIDS

project featuring the lives of HIV positive Black women from the US, with some traveling on an unprecedented journey to meet HIV positive African women activists to exchange ideas about prevention, treatment, physical, and spiritual healing.

Plan International – You Tube: Impact of HIV on children in Uganda

and Malak: Words and Silence

This film shows a woman who has HIV/AIDS interacting in her community and society without ever speaking a word. The film shows how she listens to other peole’s concerns and thoughts, meanwhile, all the time, we are faced with the reality of her own existence, taking medication, the different things she must live with, without ever getting a chance to speak to others about her own difficult life. Throughout the film she is silent but in the end she decides to speak