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In a cage without bars

The lives of immigrants in Spain, the US, UK and pretty much everywhere else

Via Racewire

This week as I sat at home watching television, I felt I was watching Children of Men all over again. But it wasn’t a film. It was the nightly news on the Spanish language station.

The stories were about racism, deportations and human beings treated inhumanely. Today when I logged onto the major Spanish networks (Univision and Telemundo), these were the video stories:

In Spain, a man talking on his cell phone about hating immigrants spit in the face of an Ecuadorian woman and then kicked her in the face.

Also in Spain, cops attacked a Peruvian couple. One of them reportedly said, “Look at this immigrant piece of shit.” The attack was caught on a cell phone video camera.

On the border with Canada, Miguel Sanchez and his wife and 4 children (including a 3-month-old baby) said they’d left Arizona hoping to find a friendlier immigrant climate in Canada. An estimated 3,500 Mexicans are asking for political asylum in Canada.

In Oklahoma, where a bill has been introduced that would make it illegal for someone to give an undocumented immigrant a ride home, an immigrant man asked, “How can it be that an animal has more rights than an immigrant?”

Got no job? blame the immigrant. Bacteria filled hospitals? Blame the immigrant. Kids cant write? Blame the immigrants. Want a cheap and cheerful Granny minder? Get an immigrant!